WANTED: Light at Scott Road!

As I sat on the corner of Antelope and Scott, I wondered how much gas I was wasting because of the lack of stop lights on the corner. I had some stop light envy as I noticed the lights near the gas station, about 30 yards from where they should be. I then took my "wondering" a step further. I assumed that in a given month, an average person could easily burn 1.0 gallon minimum or 2.0 gallons maximum of excess gas waiting for their turn at the stop sign. Assuming only 5000 cars pass through that intersection during rush hour, I calculated that at minimum, 5000 to 10,000 gallons of excess gas are consumed due to lack of a stoplight. At $2.75/GALLON, that is $13,750 to $27,500 per month in excess gas costs or $165,000 to $330,000 yearly.This does not take into account the value of our time. In addition, as the year progresses, the number of cars will surely increase, as will our wait time. I am about ready to stand on the corner and take up a collection for a stoplight! Any volunteers? :))

We urgently need to have a light placed at that intersection! I am assuming that would be the responsiblilty of the county's transportation department. It would be nice to have a timeframe and specific date given to us as to when we could expect this light.

PS: Increasing the number of lanes on the 215 FWY should be top priority. Our city's growth and home prices may depend on it.


I'm always curious to see what's happening around town with regards to redevelopment and improvements. The civil engineering firm that I work for (headquartered in Escondido) is currently undergoing an expansion to the Inland Empire. On Sept. 6th we are opening our second office off of Murrieta Hot Springs Road in Murrieta. One thing that I've noticed on my numerous trips to the new location is how exceptional Murrieta is in posting signs that let the community know just what improvement is happening and when it's expected to be finished. This is a great opportunity for passers-by to see how their tax dollars are being used.

Is there a place where we can find out what development and improvement projects are currently under way in Menifee/Sun City?

Let's Talk

The Menifee-Sun City Chamber sent this to its members in response to the recent negative articles. I thought that the community deserved a response too.

garbage canAs you may know, we are in the news! Headlines from local newspapers include Conflict Erupts Over Funding and Stone Rebuked For Choosing One Group Over Another. It’s unfortunate that we have to spend time on this but your involvement and continued support in the Menifee-Sun City Chamber is important and we want to be sure that we are communicating with you.

All of this coverage in the newspapers stems from a request from Supervisor Stones’ office for funds to be donated to our Chamber at the recent Board of Supervisors meeting of August 23, 2005.
www.boardofsupervisors.co.riverside.ca.us for details of the request. Follow the link below to the complete request: http://www.clerkoftheboard.co.riverside.ca.us Look under 8/23/05 Item 3.107.

Please note there were 15 other individual organizations under consideration for funding including the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce.

As noted in the articles, there were opponents to the donation at the meeting. We will not spend time commenting on their efforts, but you can safely say that we are one of the two groups that simply don’t agree. We will mention that asking for the funds or having the Supervisor give us funds as designated in the proposed 3.107 Agenda item was NOT improper by any means.

While the $30,000 would be very much appreciated, we are not, as pointed out by one newspaper, "a fledgling" chamber of commerce. We are solvent and have contingency plans in motion.

"Fledgling"? I took time to look up the definition. The word "new" sounds much better than fledgling!
Main Entry: fledg·ling
Pronunciation: 'flej-li[ng]
Function: noun
1 : a young bird just fledged
2 : an immature or inexperienced person
3 : one that is new

Technically we are a new company but we are not immature and we are certainly not inexperienced!

It is our cumulative experience that enable us to meet our goals and weather any storm. Remember, we have grown to almost 200 members in a very short period of time. We are drawing on that knowledge and maintain a positive approach that keeps the focus on our members, their growth and developing our community. We refuse to be distracted from our mission.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this note or other items. As always, your membership is the reason why we exist and we always look forward to hearing from you.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" – Margaret Mead

Now, let's get down to business!
Have a great Menifee-Sun City Day!
Julie Johnson, Pres./CEO,
Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce

Murrieta Marketplace

As I was driving down Antelope Rd. and Scott, I noticed the sign on the corner of the 7/11 said " Murrieta Marketplace". I suppose the border of Menifee stops at Scott Road?

City of Menifee Home Builder Blog

I have "erased" my old message board (sorry to those who posted) and created a new blog where Menifee residents and future residents can discuss the pro and cons of their specific home builders. I encourage everyone to get involved and post so we can maintain high quality homes in our communitiy. Feel free to discuss any problems you may have had and whether they were resolved.


Hybrid Cars

I was doing some research on Hybrid cars. I found an interesting article where some people have been modifying their hybrids and claim they can get up to 250 mpg. I am certain that the high price of gas has caused a lot of us to think if hybrids are the way to go. I am one of them. I would be happy with anything over 30 mpg. at this point.

also look at: www.hybridcars.com for more information on other models. They list all the available and soon to be avail. hybrids.

Jeff Stone to Speak at Luncheon

For all those who visit Menifee 24/7 regularly, here is an invitation to hear Supervisor Stone speak at the Menifee-Sun City Chamber Luncheon this Wed, August 17, Noon at Boston Billies Restaurant in Sun City. The cost to attend is $15.00/pp. Here's your chance to ask about crime, economic development, traffic and sex offenders! Bring your questions and appetites. Call the Chamber to reserve your seat at 951-723-8511. You do not have to be a chamber member to attend.


My husband and I recently relocated from San Diego to Menifee Valley (Sun City)...We came in search of land and affordable prices (and NEW homes). And we found it. We love our new development - Amberwood, by Lennar. And so far have loved everything but the bugs that the area has to offer. We're young - early 30's - recently married and are enjoying the slower lifestyle, the amazing sunsets, and the air conditioning.

The one thing that we feel Menifee is missing is a Dog Park! Our 65-lb, 6 month old Great Pyrenees agrees! While we were fortunate enough to have purchased a home on a 13,000 sf lot, we know that most new homes do not have such large lots. Even as it is, we don't let Borrego (after the desert) out into the backyard because right now it's a pile of compacted clay and rocks (and nails the builders left over). When we are ready to let her in the yard (i.e. when the backyard is done in say...2010) we will still want a dog park.

And our co-schoolers at puppy training in Temecula agree.

Socialization is not only great for the puppies, it's great for the humans. As my husband and I know very few people up in the area, it would be a great way to meet people who are (dog-obsessed) similar to us.

We've even debated opening our own puppy park...and would love to gauge what others in the community would think of having something like that available to them.

It seems to me that with all the development happening now, that one developer might agree with the idea and put one in for the community? Or at least, help out a community in securing a location and permits?

We're interested in hearing everyones thoughts! Please post or email directly to kj_jester@hotmail.com.

UPDATE (Apr 2, 2007): Todd has since launched an effort to start a private dog park. For more information, read these articles...

New Stater Bros. Store in French Valley

Stater Bros. announced today there will be a ground breaking ceremony for their newest store in French Valley. The store will be located at the corner of Benton Road and Winchester Road, and will be part of the new 16-acre French Valley Village Center. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, August 10, at 10:00 a.m.

Stater Bros. says this store will take up 44,000 sq. ft. of space, and will be their most modernized and most fully serviced store of all...
  • Full service expanded meat department

  • Full Service "fresh" seafood department

  • Full Service Deli

  • Full Service hot bakery

  • Expanded "Garden Fresh" produce Department featuring more than 700 items

  • Floral Department

  • Full Service Stater Bros. Super Rx Pharmacy℠

  • Energy efficient skylights to incorporate the use of day lighting
In addition to a new Stater Bros. Supermarket, the French Valley Village Center will also feature Bank of America, Carl's Jr., and Del Taco.

Sun City Redevelopment Survey

The Riverside County Economic Development Agency is looking into ways to fund improvements in the Sun City/Quail Valley Community. One solution could be the adoption of a redevelopment plan, which would create a flexible source of revenue without raising taxes.

Redevelopment is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into existing communities which are in need of social, physical, environmental or economic assistance and are lacking new investment and private enterprise. Over time, communities without the infusion of these resources may become "blighted". For example, key businesses and jobs move out of the area, residential neighborhoods show signs of age, or social amenities close down along main streets.

We need your input and want to hear from you regarding projects or areas that you could be covered under the redevelopment.

Please take a minute to review the areas of redevelopment and rank them in importance to you. If there is something that is not listed, please provide the information under "other". Rank as least important: 1 to Most Important: 5.
If Sun City were to become a part of the redevelopment plans, we would like to the focus to be on:

1. Attracting new jobs and businesses _______
2. Create more affordable housing _______
3. Stimulate private reinvestment in local neighborhoods and businesses_____
4. Reduce crime _____
5. Stimulate development of downtown improvement programs _____
6. Stimulate private investment and help rehabilitate homes and businesses ____
7. Build or improve roads, utilities and public facilities ______
8. Preserve open space______
9. Transform hazardous waste sites (called brownfields) into productive uses ____
10. Create, adopt and/or implement specific plans ______
11. Initiate and fund comprehensive planning efforts ______


Please e-mail this to info@menifeesuncitychamber.com or fax back to 951-723-8513. Many thanks for weighing in your opinion! The chamber promises to get this information into the hands of the right people who will make the difference in Menifee Valley.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is very simply business organization created to change or improve the economic climate of area. It is supported by business membership dues and through fundraisers along with contracts with government entities. A chamber is not a part of any government and often serves as an advocate for the business. We protect the free enterprise system that keeps America vital and strong.

We serve as the community's information resource center as well as the business referral system. When people are looking to relocate to an area, they call the chamber to get information or demographic information. We are proud to refer our members to the community because we know our members have invested their money and time in our chamber and therefore are not
"fly by night" businesses that will scam our residents.

When businesses are looking to relocate into our area, we help them decide if Menifee Valley is the best place for them. We work closely with Supervisor Stone's office to make sure we get the quality business that our resident's are looking for.

Our Chamber wants to bring high quality jobs to the community so that they can purchase goods and services from our members. That in turn provides sales tax dollars which provides funds for the roads, the schools, social services and of course, government. It's a never ending cycle and one in which we take very seriously. I hope that explains what we are all about!

Latest Information on Scott Road and Antelope

Scott Road and Antelope traffic problem is one of the highest priorities for Supervisor Stone's office. I talked to Mr. Russ Garrett who told me that the office is working closely with the City of Murrietta to place a light signal at this intersection. This light signal will be paid for by Hugh Investments (owner of the shopping center) and is scheduled to be up in October, 2005. In the interim, Stone's office is coordinating with the CHP/Sheriff Department for Community Service Officers to be trained in which to direct traffic in this area. This should be in effect very shortly.

There will be a new Community Facility District (CFD) designation to widen Scott Road to 4 lanes from the 215 to Briggs Road. Eventually the plan will be to widen Scott Road from the 215 to the 79, 6 LANES.

The reason behind all of this road congestion is that the previous County Administration required little infrastructure of the developers when their projects were approved. They did not have the foresight to realize that once you build, more will come. Now the past has caught up with us, Supervisor Stone is trying to get these issues fixed as fast as possible.

A Popular Sentiment about Menifee & Sun City

An anonymous person posted the following comment on our "About" page. I removed it from the About page, and put it here so that it can be discussed on its own. I think it reflects a popular sentiment among Sun City residents.
I am curious as to why Menifee doesn't have it's own Chamber of Commerce in Menifee? Is there some reason why they are attached to Sun City's Chamber? I have lived in the "core" for 3 years and have a feeling that outsiders would like to take Sun City over and let anyone and everyone live here. What is the story here?

- Anonymous
The fact is that Both Menifee and Sun City (and Quail Valley too) are effectively one community, as defined by the Local Area Formation Committee (LAFCO), the state agency in charge of helping communities incorporate into cities. If Menifee should incorporate, Menifee, Sun City, and Quail Valley will all fuse into one city.

But that doesn't mean Sun City will cease to exist. Sun City will still be Sun City, and it will still have its "55 and better" age requirement.

If Sun City is under any kind of threat, it is from the folks in charge of governing its rules and regulations. I'm not saying that certain unnamed individuals are posing problems, but rather, that these people have the ability to keep Sun City as it is, and also of course, the home owners who elect them.

As for the Chambers of Commerce, they have no governmental powers. So, they are not contributing to anything going on in Sun City. Certainly the County takes an interest in the two Chambers, but only because the people in the Chamber are eager to help the County achieve its goals. But there's no need to worry about the Chambers.

As for outsiders taking over Sun City, obviously you and the rest of the Core have the say in who gets to buy a home there. But as for all the teens and loud cars making noise up and down McCall and Bradley, well there are two issues going on...

1. The Sheriff doesn't have the funds to provide additional policing for Sun City and Menifee. Basically what we've got, is a little sub-station in Perris, and whatever CHP car that happens to be driving along Newport at the time. So, you can talk to Supervisor Stone about that.

2. All these young families moving into Menifee, and hogging up the tables at Coco's, are just regular folks who needed affordable homes. You and the people who bought homes in Sun City can't complain about this, because you were all newcomers at one time as well. Everyone here is a contributor to the crowding.

WalMart in Menifee?

I have heard of plans to build a WalMart, Costco and Lowes off of Newport Rd., across the freeway from Target. Has anyone else heard this or is it a rumor? If so, is it likely our taxes will go down?

Local Neighborhood Watch

I recently emailed the kind Lieutenant Herrera and asked him about neigborhood
watch programs in Menifee. He was kind to give me some information
Please see the information below if anyone is interested in setting up a local
Neigborhood watch program.

Thanks- Eric Madrid


Some parts of Menifee do participate in Neighborhood Watch programs.
If your neighborhood desires to become involved, please call Deputy
Nelson Guzman at 940-6242 and he will be able to assist you. I, as well as
Deputy Guzman are available to come speak to gatherings of your
neighbors if you can arrange a meeting.


Peter J. Herrera, Lieutenant
Riverside County Sheriff's Department
Perris Station