My husband and I recently relocated from San Diego to Menifee Valley (Sun City)...We came in search of land and affordable prices (and NEW h...

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My husband and I recently relocated from San Diego to Menifee Valley (Sun City)...We came in search of land and affordable prices (and NEW homes). And we found it. We love our new development - Amberwood, by Lennar. And so far have loved everything but the bugs that the area has to offer. We're young - early 30's - recently married and are enjoying the slower lifestyle, the amazing sunsets, and the air conditioning.

The one thing that we feel Menifee is missing is a Dog Park! Our 65-lb, 6 month old Great Pyrenees agrees! While we were fortunate enough to have purchased a home on a 13,000 sf lot, we know that most new homes do not have such large lots. Even as it is, we don't let Borrego (after the desert) out into the backyard because right now it's a pile of compacted clay and rocks (and nails the builders left over). When we are ready to let her in the yard (i.e. when the backyard is done in say...2010) we will still want a dog park.

And our co-schoolers at puppy training in Temecula agree.

Socialization is not only great for the puppies, it's great for the humans. As my husband and I know very few people up in the area, it would be a great way to meet people who are (dog-obsessed) similar to us.

We've even debated opening our own puppy park...and would love to gauge what others in the community would think of having something like that available to them.

It seems to me that with all the development happening now, that one developer might agree with the idea and put one in for the community? Or at least, help out a community in securing a location and permits?

We're interested in hearing everyones thoughts! Please post or email directly to

UPDATE (Apr 2, 2007): Todd has since launched an effort to start a private dog park. For more information, read these articles...


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  1. There's no "off-leash" dog park anywhere around here. The only thing closest to that is a dog-friendly park (Murrieta Glen Arbor) in Murrieta, on the corner of Nutmeg and Jackson. I believe there are poop-bags there.

    I read an article in the Californian, maybe a year ago, that there were plans to build a dog park in Temecula. Haven't heard anything else about it.

    Otherwise the two closest off-leash parks is one in Corona, (Butterfield Stage Trail Park), on Butterfield Drive, opposite of the airport. Bring your own waterbowl.

    The other is in San Marcos, directly across the street from North County Yamaha, on Montiel Rd.

    There's supposedly another in Escondido, but have never been there.

    Probably the best off-leash park in the Inland Empire is Baldy View Dog Park, in Upland (a.k.a. "Upland Pupland") It's a longer drive, but has lots of shade, very big park, facilities, and lot's of dogs there, including a special fenced off area just for small and shy dogs.

    If you newlyweds are planning to go to a dog park, and want some company, let me know. Lisa and I take our two dogs to Corona or Upland now and then. Contact me.

  2. Thanks for all the great comments that were sent to me via email. Todd and I will definitely check the suggestions out. Especially the Upland park!

  3. there is a dog park in escondido. way out on valley parkway going towards valley center. not too bad either. there's (3) fairly large areas with grass joined together by gates if you want to go from one area to another. there is water spickets available (with drinking buckets) and bags to collect refuse. check it out.

  4. I found this thread looking for the same thing - I own a pet sitting/dog walking service in Temecula and was looking for ye ol' neighborhood dog park and I am surprised that there isn't one. I am originally from North County San Diego where there are a few. We now commute to Escondido for our romps with our own dogs, however, this is a bit far for our clients' pets. Would it be out of the question to possibly start a campaign to get one out here? The city is growing with each passing day, as are the homes with dogs. It would be wonderful to have a place where all the woofs could run! In the meantime, if anyone needs a dog walker to burn off some of that steam ... but that's for another post... :)

  5. Well guess WHAT? Ask and you shall receive... right after I hit "post", I went off to search about the prospects and today's paper reads:

    We're getting a dog park - yeah!!

  6. Follow the progress of Temecula Dog Park at

  7. Temecula finally has its first off-leash dog park. The temporary fences have been put up at Redhawk Community park. For now, there is no plumbing and there are no waste bags inside the fenced area, but it's still a great place to take your dog. Eventually, permanent fencing and plumbing will be put in.

  8. Does anyone know when the margarita dog park is scheduled to open???

  9. I live in Murrieta by the dog park off Jackson and Nutmeg. It is a great dog park with a lot of friendly people. Most people let their dogs off leash. If you want to let your dog run with other dogs usually in the afternoon 4 to 6 on the weekdays or 8 to 10 in the morning, 3 to 6 in the evenings on the weekends seem to have the most dogs and people.

  10. I know of another Dog Park and that's in Rubidoux. Its a nice a big park. It has 3 sections. one's for pups, the other is for small dogs and lastly a section for big dogs. Its shaded and has benches. Its on Mission Blvd. Its about 25-30 min away from Menifee. Kinda of far. I've only been there once with my dogs but I grew up in that Neighberhood, very nice. Take 60 west to 91 south (like going to Galleria Mall) but exit Mission blvd. and go right.. Its about 5miles from freeway. Its right below Mtn Rubidoux, right before the canal. to the left. Good luck i hope i was able to help.

  11. Aldergate dog park 28688 aldergate drive cross streets are menefee and Newport just two miles east of the 215 freeway and Newport road exit. It is bigger than the temecula redhawk dog park and 5 times bigger than the temecula Margarita community dog park all amenities but no separation of small and large dogs



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