Dog Park Plans Move Forward

I wrote a year or so back about the lack of a community dog park in the Menifee /Sun City area and am very grateful for the overwhelming sup...

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I wrote a year or so back about the lack of a community dog park in the Menifee/Sun City area and am very grateful for the overwhelming support I received.

I'm finally moving forward with my plans to establish a privately run non-profit dog park in our community. Currently, I am in the very initial phase - information gathering and applying for non-profit status.

If there is anyone with experience forming a non-profit or who has a legal background as it relates to non-profit entities and would be willing to help, I can be reached via email at

I'm looking forward to finally putting this plan in motion and giving our "best friends" a place to roam (off leash) in their own community.


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  1. I am absolutely in favor of your quest. I wish I had some knowledge of where to begin. You are giving hope to this community. Thank you.

  2. Cool. My wife and I take our dogs to La Ladera Park, but have to keep them on leash. We'd love an off-leash park in Menifee. You might try one of the two Chambers of Commerce here. They have contacts they can put you in touch with.

  3. Thanks for all the support! I actually got a call from Larry Ross - a planner with the Couny of Riverside and he directed me to Joe Tronti in the 3rd District.

    Mr. Ross was great and ver supportive! I can actually see this really coming together!

    I will definitely contact the chambers of commerce as well. That's a great idea!

  4. Great! Keep us posted on the developments, and let us know when you're taking donations.

  5. Hi all! I'm not sure if it's an "official" dog park, but there is a fenced in portion of a park by my home, at the end of Menifee Road (across from Freedom Crest Elementary) where several people I know take their doggies and let them run around and play with each other. It's hilarious to watch the dogs interact. Go check it out!!

    Cynthia Aina



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