WANTED: Light at Scott Road!

As I sat on the corner of Antelope and Scott, I wondered how much gas I was wasting because of the lack of stop lights on the corner. I had ...

As I sat on the corner of Antelope and Scott, I wondered how much gas I was wasting because of the lack of stop lights on the corner. I had some stop light envy as I noticed the lights near the gas station, about 30 yards from where they should be. I then took my "wondering" a step further. I assumed that in a given month, an average person could easily burn 1.0 gallon minimum or 2.0 gallons maximum of excess gas waiting for their turn at the stop sign. Assuming only 5000 cars pass through that intersection during rush hour, I calculated that at minimum, 5000 to 10,000 gallons of excess gas are consumed due to lack of a stoplight. At $2.75/GALLON, that is $13,750 to $27,500 per month in excess gas costs or $165,000 to $330,000 yearly.This does not take into account the value of our time. In addition, as the year progresses, the number of cars will surely increase, as will our wait time. I am about ready to stand on the corner and take up a collection for a stoplight! Any volunteers? :))

We urgently need to have a light placed at that intersection! I am assuming that would be the responsiblilty of the county's transportation department. It would be nice to have a timeframe and specific date given to us as to when we could expect this light.

PS: Increasing the number of lanes on the 215 FWY should be top priority. Our city's growth and home prices may depend on it.


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  1. Scott Road and Antelope will have a light there in October. They are doing a mutual contract with the City of Murrieta. The cost of the light is the responsibility of the new shopping center which they are paying. You should be seeing traffic directors (human) on the street shortly. The Sheriff & Highway Patrol are in the process of training the people as we speak. Relief is on its way. Supervisors office is really working hard on this to make it happen.

  2. I am glad that a traffic light is in the works at that intersection, I hope the county takes a look at the intersection at Scott and Murrieta too. I moved in Menifee last Nov of 2003 and since then I noticed a dramatic increased of commuters using Scott/Bundy Canyon Rd for 15/215 access and conditions are getting worse. With the number of housing and commercial developments in Menifee, the county should look at the major roadways in Menifee and install traffic lights to prevent traffic congestion and reduce commuter drive-time cause by Four-Way Stop Signs; Menifee is changing too fast for Four-Way Stops Signs.

  3. Where is the traffic light that was to be installed at Scott Rd and Antelope? It's now December!!



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