I'm always curious to see what's happening around town with regards to redevelopment and improvements. The civil engineering firm that I work for (headquartered in Escondido) is currently undergoing an expansion to the Inland Empire. On Sept. 6th we are opening our second office off of Murrieta Hot Springs Road in Murrieta. One thing that I've noticed on my numerous trips to the new location is how exceptional Murrieta is in posting signs that let the community know just what improvement is happening and when it's expected to be finished. This is a great opportunity for passers-by to see how their tax dollars are being used.

Is there a place where we can find out what development and improvement projects are currently under way in Menifee/Sun City?


  1. Riverside County has "branch office" in Menifee, designed to serve the people in the Menifee Valley, and they have information to this effect. Their contact info is here.

    You can also attend the monthly Menifee Municipal Advisory Committee. This is kinda like a "city council" of sorts, though it has no legislative authority. It's more like a community get together, where a group of appointed residents of Menifee Valley, listen to your problems, formulate solutions, and report back to Supervisor Stone. Use the link I gave above to find out about these meetings.

  2. You can also contact the Menifee-Sun City Chamber. We are have an exceptional economic development committee that works closely with Supervisor Stone's office. We do know what is currently going on. Contact us at 951-723-8511.