WalMart in Menifee?

I have heard of plans to build a WalMart, Costco and Lowes off of Newport Rd., across the freeway from Target. Has anyone else heard this or...

I have heard of plans to build a WalMart, Costco and Lowes off of Newport Rd., across the freeway from Target. Has anyone else heard this or is it a rumor? If so, is it likely our taxes will go down?


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  1. I heard this from a patient of mine. Apparently, a friend of his works at Target and that is the word over there. Who knows how accurate it is?

  2. I've heard rumors of specific store names being mentioned, such as the ones Eric named. The reality is that nothing is public right now.

    There are indeed big-box stores being slated for the corner of Newport and Haun, but no names are being mentioned.

    The reason is because these stores don't want to invite competition. For example, if news got out that a particular store-brand is going build in that area, then competitors of that store will likely follow suit, thinking that store has inside information on a hot market.

    So as it is now, the planners in Riverside County are negotiating with specific brands, but the names are supposed to be kept secret.

  3. Do we have any idea as to what the timeline for this project is? How soon they plan to start? Perhaps Julie could provide some insight. She seems to have her finger on the pulse around here.

  4. Hi guys!
    There is absolutely nothing conclusive about these big boxes having signed on the dotted line. These are currently rumors...but as I will let you know when I hear for sure.
    Also.... Taxes will never go down when business moves in, especially now when they are trying to prove there is enough money to incorporate into a city.

  5. I too have heard of aome names that would be coming in soon... The current company I work for has apparently already purchased the land. However if I am not will be nothing but a lot for at least 2 years, maybe more. I really hope walmart does not come into this area... If it does it would most certainly be a superwalmart...and i want none of that.

  6. i am a sun city / menifee resident, i feel it would be in the said companies interest to cater to the local area of menifee, the local target store offers sub standard service, the lake elsinore walmart is filthy , and clerks are rude and hardly speak english , murrieta walmart no parking , and terrible odor, and always packed. i think it would be great for the locals of menifee, saving time and gas driving to murrieta.. declining to drive to lake elsanore, or perris location due to filth and or safety reasons.. stop beating around the bush riverside co, im sure there is something in it for you we know your hands are always in the kitty as being one of the most currupt counties in southern calif, for just once think of the people and bring us in a local store...

  7. The Lake Elsinore Walmart is a hell of a lot cleaner that the fricken Murrieta Walmart. And yeah they do speak english maybe you just can't hear. It's McDonald's associates that hardly speak English. And do you have any clue what the associates at Walmart go through everyday? HOw busy they are? It's not like they are trying to be rude. You just ain't got a flippin' clue. You're just like everyone else opens their fricken mouth without thinking, and without putting yourself in their shoes. Walmart has a stronger sense of family values than any Target or K-Mart out there. Target and K-Mart couldn't careless but Wal-Mart loves their people because we are the most reliable and most useful.

  8. To the wal-mart lover, if they love their employees so much, is that why there are 2 million women suing them, and constant allegations of them changing payrolls for people? Anyway, I doubt that Wal-Mart is going to open in that area because a Target Supercenter has already been confirmed, and the one East of the 215 is closing when the Supertarget opens in the Summer of 2008 or 2009 (Tentative).

  9. reguarless of weather we like or dislike specific stores comming to Menifee, gas will continue to go up in price and for this I welcome and look fwd to the rumor of such stores comming to are wounderful little city because it will help all of us save money on GAS. Bring it what we don't need is 50,000 more homes but yet when we need to buy something we have to drive to Murrieta, Temecula or Lake Elsinore. Hell yes, I can't wait plus are young kids could find employment without the need to comute. Oh, could we get are own Theater?

  10. To anonymous:You do not want a walmart in your neighborhood. Especially the 24 hr. store.It lowers the neighborhood's standa