A Popular Sentiment about Menifee & Sun City

An anonymous person posted the following comment on our "About" page. I removed it from the About page, and put it here so that i...

An anonymous person posted the following comment on our "About" page. I removed it from the About page, and put it here so that it can be discussed on its own. I think it reflects a popular sentiment among Sun City residents.
I am curious as to why Menifee doesn't have it's own Chamber of Commerce in Menifee? Is there some reason why they are attached to Sun City's Chamber? I have lived in the "core" for 3 years and have a feeling that outsiders would like to take Sun City over and let anyone and everyone live here. What is the story here?

- Anonymous
The fact is that Both Menifee and Sun City (and Quail Valley too) are effectively one community, as defined by the Local Area Formation Committee (LAFCO), the state agency in charge of helping communities incorporate into cities. If Menifee should incorporate, Menifee, Sun City, and Quail Valley will all fuse into one city.

But that doesn't mean Sun City will cease to exist. Sun City will still be Sun City, and it will still have its "55 and better" age requirement.

If Sun City is under any kind of threat, it is from the folks in charge of governing its rules and regulations. I'm not saying that certain unnamed individuals are posing problems, but rather, that these people have the ability to keep Sun City as it is, and also of course, the home owners who elect them.

As for the Chambers of Commerce, they have no governmental powers. So, they are not contributing to anything going on in Sun City. Certainly the County takes an interest in the two Chambers, but only because the people in the Chamber are eager to help the County achieve its goals. But there's no need to worry about the Chambers.

As for outsiders taking over Sun City, obviously you and the rest of the Core have the say in who gets to buy a home there. But as for all the teens and loud cars making noise up and down McCall and Bradley, well there are two issues going on...

1. The Sheriff doesn't have the funds to provide additional policing for Sun City and Menifee. Basically what we've got, is a little sub-station in Perris, and whatever CHP car that happens to be driving along Newport at the time. So, you can talk to Supervisor Stone about that.

2. All these young families moving into Menifee, and hogging up the tables at Coco's, are just regular folks who needed affordable homes. You and the people who bought homes in Sun City can't complain about this, because you were all newcomers at one time as well. Everyone here is a contributor to the crowding.


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