Latest Information on Scott Road and Antelope

Scott Road and Antelope traffic problem is one of the highest priorities for Supervisor Stone's office. I talked to Mr. Russ Garrett who told me that the office is working closely with the City of Murrietta to place a light signal at this intersection. This light signal will be paid for by Hugh Investments (owner of the shopping center) and is scheduled to be up in October, 2005. In the interim, Stone's office is coordinating with the CHP/Sheriff Department for Community Service Officers to be trained in which to direct traffic in this area. This should be in effect very shortly.

There will be a new Community Facility District (CFD) designation to widen Scott Road to 4 lanes from the 215 to Briggs Road. Eventually the plan will be to widen Scott Road from the 215 to the 79, 6 LANES.

The reason behind all of this road congestion is that the previous County Administration required little infrastructure of the developers when their projects were approved. They did not have the foresight to realize that once you build, more will come. Now the past has caught up with us, Supervisor Stone is trying to get these issues fixed as fast as possible.


  1. Scott Rd and Atelope isn't so much the problem as the On/Off ramps are for the 215...that is what backs up the traffic, those two stop signs on the bridge....this is a newport rd repeat from a few years past... And any word on the 215 being widened anytime soon? I heard eventuallly 8 lanes, 4 each side and the 15 to go to 10 lanes 5 each side. Somebody told me a while back that 2020 was when this was to take place...somebody please tell me this is wrong....


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