What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is very simply business organization created to change or improve the economic climate of area. It is supported by business membership dues and through fundraisers along with contracts with government entities. A chamber is not a part of any government and often serves as an advocate for the business. We protect the free enterprise system that keeps America vital and strong.

We serve as the community's information resource center as well as the business referral system. When people are looking to relocate to an area, they call the chamber to get information or demographic information. We are proud to refer our members to the community because we know our members have invested their money and time in our chamber and therefore are not
"fly by night" businesses that will scam our residents.

When businesses are looking to relocate into our area, we help them decide if Menifee Valley is the best place for them. We work closely with Supervisor Stone's office to make sure we get the quality business that our resident's are looking for.

Our Chamber wants to bring high quality jobs to the community so that they can purchase goods and services from our members. That in turn provides sales tax dollars which provides funds for the roads, the schools, social services and of course, government. It's a never ending cycle and one in which we take very seriously. I hope that explains what we are all about!


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