Sun City Redevelopment Survey

The Riverside County Economic Development Agency is looking into ways to fund improvements in the Sun City/Quail Valley Community. One solution could be the adoption of a redevelopment plan, which would create a flexible source of revenue without raising taxes.

Redevelopment is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into existing communities which are in need of social, physical, environmental or economic assistance and are lacking new investment and private enterprise. Over time, communities without the infusion of these resources may become "blighted". For example, key businesses and jobs move out of the area, residential neighborhoods show signs of age, or social amenities close down along main streets.

We need your input and want to hear from you regarding projects or areas that you could be covered under the redevelopment.

Please take a minute to review the areas of redevelopment and rank them in importance to you. If there is something that is not listed, please provide the information under "other". Rank as least important: 1 to Most Important: 5.
If Sun City were to become a part of the redevelopment plans, we would like to the focus to be on:

1. Attracting new jobs and businesses _______
2. Create more affordable housing _______
3. Stimulate private reinvestment in local neighborhoods and businesses_____
4. Reduce crime _____
5. Stimulate development of downtown improvement programs _____
6. Stimulate private investment and help rehabilitate homes and businesses ____
7. Build or improve roads, utilities and public facilities ______
8. Preserve open space______
9. Transform hazardous waste sites (called brownfields) into productive uses ____
10. Create, adopt and/or implement specific plans ______
11. Initiate and fund comprehensive planning efforts ______


Please e-mail this to or fax back to 951-723-8513. Many thanks for weighing in your opinion! The chamber promises to get this information into the hands of the right people who will make the difference in Menifee Valley.


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