Local Neighborhood Watch

I recently emailed the kind Lieutenant Herrera and asked him about neigborhood
watch programs in Menifee. He was kind to give me some information
Please see the information below if anyone is interested in setting up a local
Neigborhood watch program.

Thanks- Eric Madrid


Some parts of Menifee do participate in Neighborhood Watch programs.
If your neighborhood desires to become involved, please call Deputy
Nelson Guzman at 940-6242 and he will be able to assist you. I, as well as
Deputy Guzman are available to come speak to gatherings of your
neighbors if you can arrange a meeting.


Peter J. Herrera, Lieutenant
Riverside County Sheriff's Department
Perris Station


  1. I thought we had police in Menifee. I see alot of police activity on the east side of the freeway, near Bell Mtn Middle School, Target and Ralphs Shopping Center. There are always police stopping folks that dont look like they belong in Menifee and look very scary. I think it is so active on that side because of the teenagers flooding the Target Plaza.