Cars found vandalized in Menifee

I received a report from a "concerned Menifee resident"...

I've got some disturbing news to report.

While driving to church this morning along Ridgemoor Rd. I noticed a car parked in the street along the curb with it's driver side window smashed in, and a pile of glass below on the street. To my surprise a second, third and fourth car were in the same condition. I'm not sure news like this ever makes it to the Press Enterprise. I just thought some other residents would like to be aware. I know crime happens everyday; it's just a little upsetting to when it happens so close to home.

- A concerned Menifee resident.
I saw something similar to this a couple of years ago. A car had been parked for several days along La Ladera St., about where the new park is being built. One day while driving past it, I noticed it's windows were smashed. That hit home to me, because this was in my neighborhood. Actually, Ridgemoor Rd. is close to me also.


  1. This happened in my neighborhood probably a year ago. I live in the John Laing homes off La Ladera. Tuesday, I drove to the gym by way of Potomac ( Sun City)and they had a car with its window broke.

  2. I'll keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

  3. Just called the Highway Patrol about a car on Antelope Rd, north of Newport, with smashed windows. They will check it out.

  4. The menifee lakes community seems to have less crime because they have private security and a police department right next to them and the Community Center. The level of police enforcement in that area is similar to Murrieta. It seems that that community has a grip on the crime in their area. I know higway patrol will not come out for car burglaries or window smashes in the area. I have been told by Lake residents that they enjoy having a police sub station next to their homes. Why is the west side not getting that service?