Selecting a Positive Leader for District 3

The following is a paid political message from Bill Zimmerman for City Council - District 3

Voters in District 3 will be asked to choose between two candidates for Menifee City Council.

It may come down to who voters identify with most.

Mr. Edgerton, the incumbent, a 79- year old political science teacher, who has been a politician for years. His record in Long Beach is worth looking in to. Described by the Californian Newspaper as an “ornery maverick”, he has built walls between himself and his fellow Council members. This divisiveness has caused the city’s reputation to suffer. Edgerton just moved to District 3 approx. three months ago to remain in power.

Voters are pleased to know there is a more positive choice:

Bill Zimmerman, a 23-year resident, who is raising his family here in District 3, avoids typical politics. Bill has been more of a “grass roots” leader, helping to establish many local service organizations that improve our city’s Quality of Life.

As a Planning Commissioner, Bill has a track record of respecting colleagues and members of the public. It is time for a change on the Council to end the divisiveness, and improve Menifee’s reputation.

Edgerton’s Bogus Information:

Recent mailers were sent to voters, paid for by Wallace Edgerton. These postcards listed reasons not to vote for Bill, although Edgerton knew the information was false.

“It is sad that he has chosen to tell lies about me. I’m confident the people of Menifee won’t be fooled by Edgerton’s false information”, said Bill Zimmerman.

Voters are encouraged to search Google and look into each candidate’s track record over the years. Edgerton has many telling articles from his days as a developer-funded politician in Long Beach. Zimmerman has fought hard to ensure that new development is safe, well designed and compatible with surrounding neighborhoods. He has listened, and represented us in a responsible way.

Since Incorporation:

In 2008, voters chose Edgerton. He was the only candidate who had prior experience. Many expected that he would bring new ideas, and champion efforts for the new city.
Can you think of any programs brought by Edgerton?

Moving Forward:

Bill Zimmerman has lived in Menifee over 23 years. He has seen traffic get worse each year. Just like you, Bill is frustrated with the overpass bridges, and has made improving our mobility his main focus.

“My opponent has had four years as Councilman. He has not mentioned bridge traffic until he saw my signs” said Bill.

Menifee is a wonderful place to live. It is safe and beautiful. Let’s keep it that way.

“I will stay focused, and I pledge to work hard to bring those amenities”, says Bill Zimmerman.

Oasis Maids Wishes You a Happy Halloween

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For more information about Oasis Maids please visit
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Pumpkin Festival Fun for Oak Meadows Fifth Graders

On Friday, all five lucky fifth grade classes at Oak Meadows Elementary School had the opportunity to participate in an all-out pumpkin festival. The idea was to combine fun and learning. Mission accomplished.

Each student received a pumpkin that they proceeded to carry out experiments with for the duration of the festivities. Incorporating both science and math aspects of classroom type activities, students hypothesized whether a pumpkin would sink or float when submerged in water and then got to experiment to actually see for themselves.

Each class went on to estimate and measure the circumference, estimate and determine the weight, and finally estimate and count the number of seeds in their pumpkin.

Students learned about the history of pumpkins and interesting pumpkin facts before enjoying a delicious looking spread of all pumpkin inspired treats, including pumpkin pie and toasted pumpkin seeds, provided by the parents.

Maybe this is the best time of year.

Darcy Kuenzi Sees a Bright Future For Menifee

The following is a paid political message from Darcy Kuenzi for Mayor

Menifee city councilwoman
Darcy Kuenzi, serving the
community since 1992.

I am running for Mayor because I believe that Menifee has a bright future. We deserve leadership that fosters and encourages our small businesses, addresses our transportation needs, protects the diversity of our neighborhoods, and keeps our city safe.

Our tight knit community is a place where we give our neighbors children rides to school, we enjoy the company of our church members, we volunteer together, we cheer together at youth sporting events, and we band together when a resident faces challenges. Our community is a safe, enjoyable place to live and I will keep it that way if I'm elected as your Mayor.

Darcy and her adopted dog Wilson,
with Elizabeth Marsden at
Sun City Canine event.

The City recently completed a record number of nine improvement and enhancement projects which are focused on improving residents’ quality of life. A spokesman for the City Manager recently gave a presentation to the City Council saying, "The budget that you approved has allowed us to add staff which has helped us in moving forward with these projects." The City Council has been focused like a laser on increasing home values by improving our community to attract new residents.

Menifee queens greet councilwoman
Kuenzi at a regional event.

So despite what you hear from my opponent Scott Mann and his largest campaign contributor Jeff Stone, the Menifee city government is not "…government at it's worst." And these positive improvement projects in our community would never be accomplished if my fellow Councilmembers were "...simple minded politicians." My opponent and his campaign contributors speak with the same divisive rhetoric we see from Congress that leaves us frustrated and causes gridlock. Attacking our city government is not an agenda that will move this city forward.

Darcy and her family enjoy
living the rural lifestyle.

Menifee is still that small rural town we all remember and a place where new residents get a small town feel. Our city has large farms, ranches, horse properties, equestrian activities, and rural areas. These are the areas I have always fought to protect while serving on our City Council since 2008 while at the same time attracting new business, increasing tax revenue, and creating local jobs that equals responsible growth.

Menifee has always been challenged with traffic congestion because of our location. I worked to secure funding for the design of the Holland Road freeway overpass; because you wanted it and I listened. I'm dedicated to helping ensure the I-215 freeway expansion and that both Newport Road and Scott Road Interchange projects move forward to ease commuter traffic.

In a time when so many families are struggling financially in this economy we need a leader who respects their fellow community members, a leader who speaks positive about our city, a leader who is focused on working together, and someone who has proven experience.

Darcy discussing senior issues
with the staff members
at the Kay Ceniceros Center.
I promise you, if elected Mayor I will:
•  Listen to your voice and respect your opinion.
•  Stay focused on traffic improvements.
•  Maintain a high standard of public safety.
• vSustain a balanced budget with reserves.
•  Meet the needs of our seniors and our kids.
•  Ensure our city is working efficiently.
•  Create a positive image that attracts business and jobs.
•  Complete Community Improvement projects that increase home values.
•  Serve my term and not abandon you, the residents of Menifee, to seek a higher post.

Time is drawing near for you to make a decision about the future of our city. Menifee has come a long way in the past four years since cityhood and the decisions we're facing are tougher than ever. The coming years will dictate how our young city matures and we need a leader who truly listens to the residents.

When you visit the ballot box on November 6, vote Darcy Kuenzi for Mayor.

I believe in Menifee and I love Menifee. As your Mayor, I will represent our shared vision of a better future. If you have any questions, please call me at (951) 961-9042 or send me a note at

Chamber of Commerce Sponsors Poker 'Turkey-Ment'

Supervisor Jeff Stone Endorses Scott Mann for Mayor

The following is a paid political message from Scott Mann for Mayor


I am proud to have helped lead the effort to make Menifee a city with a promising future. I have always believed that the citizens of Menifee displayed tremendous pride in establishing local control. Under the protections afforded a city, they are better able to govern themselves with enhanced public safety services, a new general plan that respects the rural lifestyle that many wish to maintain, nurturing new local jobs, and enhancing the quality of life for seniors and young alike.

Unfortunately, what we have witnessed recently is government at its worst, with council members who refuse to set an example of collegiality and professionalism. In my twenty years of public service, I have always respected not only those that agree with me, but also those that disagree with me. Demonizing those that disagree with you is nothing more than petty politics by simple minded politicians. That’s the problem we have in Menifee right now.

It is shameful that the GPAC committee recommendations, a product of countless volunteer hours with broad public input, were torpedoed by the present Council majority. This new general plan, the blueprint of how the new City of Menifee would develop, will be lost because the current Council catered to special interests that only see Menifee as a cash cow.

For these reasons, I am supporting Scott Mann for Mayor, a decorated Navy hero who has served our Country valiantly. With his graduate degree in Business administration, Scott will work to bring the City Council together as a team, to encourage controlled growth that balances the needs of the citizens and their quality of life.

Vote for Scott Mann on November 6th!


Melissa Melendez for State Assembly

The following is a paid political message from Melissa Melendez for State Assembly - 67th District

Navy Veteran, Small Business Owner, Successful Mayor

Our state and country are hungry for new leadership. That’s why I ran for City Council in 2008 - to make a difference. Now, I’m running for the State Assembly because I know we can do better in Sacramento. In Lake Elsinore, we got the job done. We established an annual tax holiday, saving our local job creators over $100,000 in fees, we reformed public pension benefits for city employees, and we lead the nation in implementing tough immigration policies such as E-Verify at the local level.

I am honored to have served our country for 10 years in the U.S. Navy as a Russian translator for intelligence-gathering missions at the height of the Cold War. I was also chosen to be one of the first women to fly aboard an EP-3 Renaissance aircraft. After serving in the Navy, I started my own successful small business.

In 2008, I was elected to the Lake Elsinore City Council. In 2010, as Mayor, I led the city through a number of reforms to improve the way government conducts business. Every policy decision that crosses my desk is put to the test of whether it increases transparency, ensures government accountability, and exemplifies fiscal prudence.

I met my wonderful husband Nico while we were both serving in the Navy. We’ve been married for 15 years, and have five amazing children. I was president of the local PTA, president of our Homeowner’s Association, and a member of the American Legion and the Lake Elsinore Woman’s Club.

Together, I know we can get the job done in Sacramento. I know we will get California’s economy back on track, improve our education system and protect our quality of life.

On November 6th, I ask for your vote to represent California’s 67th Assembly District.

Heritage Beats Lakeside; Paloma Valley Loses in OT

Isaiah Morrow rushed for 148 yards and two touchdowns and Sione Takitaki rushed for 121 yards and two scores Friday night to lead the Heritage High School football team to a 48-21 victory over host Lakeside.

The win sets up a showdown with Elsinore High next Friday for the Sunbelt League title. Both teams are 4-0 in league play. That game will take place at Heritage beginning at 7 p.m.

Quarterback Mat Bradshaw passed for 63 yards for the Patriots, including a 27-yard touchdown pass to Jacori Pace. Matt Palmer added to the winning cause with a 22-yard interception return.

In another game involving a Menifee high school football team, Paloma Valley lost a 21-14 decision to visiting Temescal Canyon.

Temescal Canyon tied the game at 14-14 with a 24-yard touchdown pass from Sean Trimble to Kanan Castro with two minutes remaining. Paloma Valley (6-3, 1-3) had a chance to pull out the victory, but Diego Reutter missed a 27-yard field goal attempt with two seconds left.

Dawson Lindeman scored the only touchdown of overtime for Temescal Canyon. On the next possession, Lindeman recovered a Paloma Valley fumble to preserve the victory.

Art Gallery Reception Set for Nov. 4 at Ceniceros Center

Elevate Fitness '10-Day Blasts' Get Porter on Right Track

Before and after pictures of Christine Porter show the difference an Elevate Fitness workout program can make.
Elevate Fitness studio in Menifee continues to make a difference in people's lives, as this testimonial from 37-year-old Christine Porter indicates:

Back in June, I just happened to see an ad on Facebook for a gym just down the road from my house. They were offering 10-day Summer Fitness Blasts on Monday through Thursday from 6-6:30 a.m. What a perfect time for this busy mom … get up early, go workout and be back before my kids even wake up.

I’m a full-time mom of two young boys, ages 3 and 4 ½, and some very active dogs (I’m a part-time dog trainer, too). I decided it was time to stop making excuses and give myself a wonderful birthday present and get back into working out. Why not, right?

I committed to do the first 10-day session with the hope of doing all five sessions. And I did just that -- rain or shine, sore or tired -- didn’t matter. I showed up every morning, ready to work my butt off and enjoy my time away from home.

I didn’t miss a single day, and I have the staff at Elevate Fitness to thank for motivating me to get out of bed and get moving.

Beyond the Summer Fitness Blast sessions, I wanted more, and so I’ve continued working out at Elevate -- sessions with Gonzalo and group classes when my hubby is home to watch my kids. I’m absolutely addicted to the way the trainers at Elevate teach and push you to do more than you think you can… but in a very good way.

Since I started working out at Elevate, I’ve lost about 10 pounds, dropped two pant sizes, and gained some good muscle. I’ve never felt so strong, especially my legs and core. But I’m not done yet. I still have more work to do -- and I can’t wait to do it all.

And this from Elevate Fitness owner Paul David:

Christine really impressed us when she joined our 10-Day Blasts. She showed up early each time, put in the work, and stayed later to get extra work done. The 10-day blasts were designed for those with a busy schedule -- a 30-minute Total Body workout using kettlebells and free weights twice a week and Metabolic training the other two times per week.

Core Training was included each time. Christine responded really well to the short blasts. It was very gratifying to watch her body literally lean out and change weekly -- all with just 30 minutes four times a week. After a summer of doing this, she decided to increase her workouts and started training with Coach Gonzalo and her strength and conditioning levels improved that much more.

It's been fun training Christine and watching her stay committed to getting herself not just healthy but in really top condition. Stay Lean, Christine. You've been Elevated!

Elevate Fitness
29683 New Hub Drive
Suite D
Menifee, CA 92586
Hours: 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday; 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday

Heritage High Theater Group Presents 'Born Yesterday'

Church Members Trick or Treat for Community Cupboard

Several community churches will be inviting their members to don costumes, grab their trick or treat bags and knock on their neighbor’s doors this Halloween, asking for cans instead of candy to benefit the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard.

The idea was first tried out last year by a small group of members of Faith Lutheran Church. All in the group were seniors who knocked on doors in their neighborhood. The response was very positive and the trick or treaters had a wonderful time of it.

This year, groups from Faith Lutheran Church, Sun City United Methodist Church, St. Vincent-Ferrer, the Menifee Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, and Grace Bible Church plan to join in this event.

People of all ages are welcome to participate by contacting their participating church or calling the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard at 951-301-4414 for details.

The Menifee Valley Community Cupboard is a non-profit 501c3 which provides emergency food assistance at no cost to the local community. Those in need who live in the 92584, 92585, 92586 and 92587 zip codes may come to the Cupboard for help.

City of Menifee Plans Veterans Day Celebration, 5K Run

The City of Menifee will honor United States military veterans during a
weekend-long Veterans Day celebration on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 10 and 11, in Wheatfield Park, 30627 Menifee Road at La Piedra Road.

The weekend kicks off with the second annual Veterans Day Memorial 5K run on Saturday,
Nov. 10, at 8 a.m. The chip-timed race begins in Wheatfield Park and traverses an extremely rugged hill course up and over Bell Mountain. Military personnel and equipment will be on display in the park during the event.

Racers may pre-register at and all participants will receive a commemorative dog tag and race t-shirt. The race is a fundraiser for the veterans memorial at Wheatfield Park, with all entry fees being donated for its development and ongoing maintenance. Race day registration will be available.

The weekend festivities continue in Wheatfield Park on Sunday, Nov. 11 with the city’s annual Veterans Day event beginning at 10 a.m. This free event, developed in partnership with the city’s veterans memorial committee, features a ceremony to honor and celebrate all veterans. The Veterans Day event will also feature military equipment on display in the park, and city staff has been coordinating with March Air Force Base to arrange a fly-over during the event.

Families may also honor veterans and military personnel currently serving the United States Armed Forces through the city’s military banner program. The banners, which may include a photo, are hung from city light poles on busy Menifee streets to honor veterans and those currently serving who reside or have an immediate family member who resides in Menifee. Banners cost $100, including installation.

For more information on Veterans Day events or banners, contact Rob Johnson, Senior Manager, Community Improvement at or (951) 672-6777.

Convenient DMV Services, Without the Actual DMV

Right Turn Insurance in Menifee offers many services and amenities; perhaps the most convenient of these are their DMV services. Since Menifee does not have an actual DMV office, Right Turn offers a one-stop option for many of the same services but without the two-hour wait, the screaming children, or the grumpy folks in line.

Right Turn even offers coffee and pastries all day, any day so your “DMV” experience is pleasant and even memorable. No appointment is necessary, so you can stop in to take care of business or pick up your registration tags when it’s convenient for you.

How easy it is to put off sending in registration forms, only to realize your fee is due tomorrow and you need new tags. Not to worry. Right Turn can process and renew your registration right in its Sun City office. Simply bring in your current registration and the Vehicle Registration Renewal form you received in the mail from the DMV and you can walk out with up-to-date tags.

Right Turn can also take care of all your change of ownership needs -- transfers, title transfers, and release of liability, so selling your car to a private owner is no headache at all. Stop in for assistance with filling out the correct forms and they’ll be processed on the spot.

What about those random issues you run into that would take forever to fix at the DMV, like replacing lost documents or filing your vehicle for nonoperation? Right Turn can help with those things, too. They can reprint lost registration or lost titles and have you on your way in no time.

Right Turn Insurance is the most convenient way to go to the “DMV.”

Right Turn Insurance
26878 Cherry Hills Boulevard
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 672-3533

Website: Right Turn Insurance
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 - 4
Saturday by appointment

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Local Students Compete in Ping Pong Tourney at Paloma Valley

Menifee students competed in a ping pong tournament last Saturday at Paloma Valley High School. The final came down to a Bell Mountain Middle School student vs. a Paloma Valley High School student.

Caleb Yuan, an eighth grader (pictured in the dark sweatshirt), defeated 10th grader Mohamed Thabatah (third from left), 11-7, 9-11, 11-9, 11-9 to take the win. According to Reagan Williams, a Paloma Valley math teacher who coordinated the event, the next contest will be around Christmas time.

Cub Scouts to Collect Food Donations for Community Cupboard

Cub Scout Pack 374 will be collecting food this Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 27-28, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Ralph's Grocery Store, located at the corner of Newport Road and Antelope Road.

Donations will benefit the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard. For more information, contact Betty Marino at 812-783-9848 or

Sun City United Church of Christ to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

United Church of Christ in the Sun City community of Menifee will celebrate its 50th anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 4. This is the oldest church in the Menifee area and will celebrate this milestone with special festivities.

Located in the Sun City Core at the corner of McCall and Sun City Blvds., United Church of Christ will commemorate the historic date with a special service starting at 9:30 a.m. Everyone in the community is invited to attend.

The program will include special guests and former pastors Rev. John Will and Rev. Hal
Lingerman, who will speak on their most memorable experiences at UCC. In addition, Rev. Libby Tigner of the Southern California-Nevada UCC Conference will address the group and perform a rededication of the 350-seat sanctuary.

An informal reception including light refreshments will follow in the recently redecorated Fellowship Hall. A short musical program is planned, featuring the church’s choir, led by
music director Eckart Seeber. The children’s choir will also entertain the group.

Clara Fredenberger, the only surviving charter member of the church, will be honored for her years of service. She turns 98 in early November.

“I served on most of the committees over the years, and was the first organist,” Fredenberger recalled. “The women all wore hats and gloves, and we took turns greeting each Sunday.”

Several of Fredenberger's relatives plan to help her celebrate the special day.

On Nov. 24, 1962, 117 people from various Congregational, Evangelical and Reformed
Churches met at the Sun City Civic Association’s Webb Hall for the first service of what is now the United Church of Christ. It was the first Community Church to be organized in Sun City, a
master-planned community developed by Del Webb for active 55+ seniors.

As people from various religious denominations moved to Sun City, the membership grew to 204 individuals, who would become the “charter members” of the United Church of Christ. Fredenberger fondly remembers being “member number 130.”

Throughout the years, more than 1,500 people have affirmed their membership to UCC. Pastor Teo Tawagon, acting senior pastor, is excited about the prospects for growth of the
church now that Sun City is part of Menifee.

"We have seen a recent increase in membership of both families with children, as well as seniors who are looking for a new church home," he said. "The UCC denomination is an ‘open and affirming’ church that welcomes all people who want to celebrate the word
of God."

For more information on the event, contact the church office at 951-679-1149. The
United Church of Christ is located at 26701 McCall Blvd.

Family Seeks Information About Accident Involving Menifee Boy

A Menifee family is asking the public for information related to a bicycle accident Tuesday in which a 13-year-old boy was found unconscious in the middle of Menifee Road.

Sheila Curtis said her son was riding his bike home from Bell Mountain Middle School Tuesday afternoon. Some time between 3:12 and 3:30 p.m., he woke up face down in the middle of Menifee Road, at the top of the hill between Craig Avenue and Garbani Road. Curtis said the boy recalled waking up to find a woman standing over him.

According to the boy, the woman and a man helped him to the side of the road and waited with him briefly. The adults eventually left, however, without calling 911 or providing any further assistance.

The boy called his mother on a cell phone and asked her to come pick him up. After receiving treatment, he was found to have suffered a concussion and a broken wrist. He was wearing a helmet at the time.

Curtis said her son does not remember anything from the time he rode away from the stop sign at Craig Avenue to the moment he awoke in the middle of the road. She said the police told her they can't help because no report was filed and they have no way of determining the cause of the accident.

If anyone witnessed anything related to the accident or was one of those who stopped briefly to help, please call Sheila Curtis at 951-775-4014.

Harvest Festival Learning for Callie Kirkpatrick Kinders

Autumn is officially upon us. How do we know? Because the weather is finally getting cooler, and, lucky elementary students are enjoying Harvest Festivals galore.

On Friday, Oct. 19, all three kindergarten classes at Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School got to take part in a few fun hours of Harvest festivities. The focus was on fall and autumn with all the activities revolving around this seasonal theme.

"Due to the rigorous curriculum, we have lost a lot of the hands-on fun in the classroom, so this (harvest festival) is one way we can bring fun back into kindergarten and learning," said room 1 teacher Sheila Johnson.

The kinders participated in pumpkin bowling, farm puppets and learning about sounds, making patterns with leaves and apples, and yummy snack stations, all while wearing paper scarecrow hats.

Students snacked on popcorn while making hands complete with candy corn fingernails. Also on the menu were cheese and cracker eyeballs. Faces were painted and many pictures were taken. As you can tell by the smiles, a lot of fun was had.

Work Continues on Encanto Apartments Complex in Menifee

Developers and construction crews are moving forward in the early building stages of the Encanto Apartment Homes, a 180-unit complex the developer describes as "pioneering the luxury apartment market in Sun City."

Initial groundwork is taking place at the site, located on Encanto Road just south of McCall Blvd. on the east side of Interstate 215. An city administrative approval package including plans for landscaping, fencing and entrance monuments was completed this week.

The website of Frost Communities, the developer, describes the complex as including a multi-purpose sport court; pool, wading pool and spa; barbecue area; movie theater; clubhouse; tot lot; gym; and business center. Each apartment comes with an appliance package including washer/dryer, microwave, and refrigerator.

RGP Planning and Development Services, the development consulting firm on the project for Frost Communities, is awaiting approval of building permits. There is no completion date listed for the project.

Plans call for an eight-foot combination block and plexiglass wall along Interstate 215 for sound mitigation.

According to Carmen Cave, community development director for the City of Menifee, the project was approved by Riverside County in July of 2006, prior to the city's incorporation. It is part of the Riverside County Integrated Plan, which Menifee inherited upon becoming a city.

Cave said that previous reports describing the Encanto project as "low-income housing" are incorrect. Only 20 percent of the apartment units will be designated as "affordable" housing, she said, and that is only because of a stipulation in the construction loan obtained by the developer.

"For financing purposes, they elected to have 20 percent of the units be affordable housing," Cave said. "That pegs the rent at a certain level."

According to Cave, the builder will charge $650 to $800 per month for the one- and two-bedroom units designated as affordable housing. Rent on the remaining 80 percent of the units will range from $1,000 to $1,400 per month for one- to three-bedroom apartments.

"This is not Section 8 housing or low-income housing," Cave said. "This was one of the projects approved by the county before incorporation, and they still have the land use entitlement. City incorporation did not negate that."

Construction Will Expand Left Turn Lanes on Newport Road

Looking eastbound on Newport Road at the cross street Haun Road, one can see how the left turn lane coming from the other direction is restricted by a wide center median.
Construction is expected to begin next week on the Newport Road left turn pocket extension to Haun Road, the City of Menifee announced in a press release.

The $158,000 project will extend the left turn pocket lane on westbound Newport Road for cars turning southbound onto Haun Road. This will be done by removing the existing concrete median, installing new pavement, and restriping the traffic lanes.

Currently, motorists waiting to turn left onto Haun Road back up along Newport Road, creating traffic congestion for those continuing westbound on Newport Road. The extended turn lane pocket will help to alleviate this congestion.

"Improving Menifee’s infrastructure and reducing traffic congestion is one of our primary goals," said City Manager Bill Rawlings. "While we have various transportation projects under design, fixing the turn lane on Newport Road is important because it will greatly improve traffic flow on one of our busiest traffic arteries immediately."

Construction will occur at night, between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., to minimize disruption to traffic flow. Motorists will notice electronic billboards announcing the project and are reminded to reduce their speed and use extra caution while traveling through the construction zone.

The project contractor is STI, Inc. The project is expected to take up to four weeks, with completion slated for the end of November.

For more information about this project, please contact Rob Johnson, Senior Manager, Community Improvement, at or (951) 672-6777.

Sue Kristjansson Wants to Serve Menifee

The following is a paid political message from Sue Kristjansson for City Council - District 1

I was honored to be appointed to the Menifee City Council in August of 2011. I have lived here for 10 years, raised my son here, involved myself in the community and made Menifee my home.

My interest in serving this city has been ever present since moving here in 2002, when I began volunteering in the community. Watching the city in its first few years prompted me to move forward with my intentions to become a part of the public service of this city and I very much would like to continue to serve this community.

I want to serve this community because I see what our beautiful city can evolve into and that is a vision that I would like to see come to fruition. I see a vibrant and inclusive community that provides for the wants and needs of ALL of our residents. We are a diverse community and need to recognize that and plan for it.

We all know that the economy has taken its toll in recent years and with that comes the potential for an increase in property crime. We all want to be safe in our city and that means an increase in law enforcement presence.

I am the candidate who can keep our community safe and that’s why I am also the only candidate in the District 1 race that has been endorsed by the Riverside Sheriff’s Association.

I have a proven record of putting the safety of our residents at the top of my priorities and will continue to do so. Increased police presence, better connectivity to the Countryside Marketplace, recreation and retail are just some of my plans in the next four years.

This is a large city – 50 square miles -- and we have more than enough space to accommodate everyone provided we can strategically plan. District 1 is made up of the Sun City core as well as single family residences, each of which has specific wants and needs. We all need parks and recreation, entertainment and good schools. We can serve everyone and make Menifee a desired community in Southern California, but we need to work hard at that - not from a place of anger, but from a place of vision. I have that vision and I have the experience and the will to do it.

In order to do that, we need people who assess each decision based on the facts and are able and willing to make the tough decisions provided they are in the best interest of the city. I have the courage of my convictions. I have extensive experience in the business community that has already and will continue to serve me well in assessing issues before the council.

In addition to the will and vision to serve you, and my vast business experience, I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a minor in Criminal Justice and an MBA with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. I am a leader and believe that in order to lead, you must listen and serve.

I want to serve District 1 for the next four years because I want to help you live the life you want to live here in Menifee! With your help on November 6th we can begin the hard work of moving Menifee forward!

Menifee 24/7 Seeks Information on Local Halloween Events

Halloween is almost here, and many local groups are planning special activities. Menifee 24/7 would like to know about your Halloween events so we can publicize them here.

If you are hosting a haunted house, a church Halloween Party or other Halloween event to which the public is invited, please email doug@cleardigitalmedia with the details. If your Homeowners Association has special activities planned, we'd like to know.

We will collect the information and publish a list of these events in the next few days. If you have photos or a flier to promote your event, please include them in your email as a .jpg file.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

5th Annual SoCal Chef Open Benefits Oak Grove Center

Monday night marked the 5th annual SoCal Chef Open held at Pechanga Resort and Casino in their Grand Ballroom to benefit the Oak Grove Center For Education, Treatment, and the Arts. The Oak Grove Center is a nonprofit organization in Murrieta helping to rebuild the lives of at-risk children and their families through education and healing.

Each year the Chef Open committee invites select standout chefs from around the Inland Empire to compete in an all out cooking competition for the prestigious title of Top Chef, awarded by the public’s tally of votes. The Judge’s Pinnacle Award is also awarded based on presentation, creativity, taste, and the use of locally sourced ingredients.

This year a total of 12 local chefs competed including;

• Chef Francesco Cusimano from Rustico Ristorante Pizzeria
• Executive Chef Andrew Selz from Cellarz 93
• Executive Chef Steve Stawinski from Wilson Creek Winery
• Chef Daniel Chong-Jimenez from Pechanga Resort & Casino
• Chef Ramon Garcia from Grapes & Tomatoes
• Chef Sharon Cunningham from Table Talk Catering
• Chef Michael Allen Cragg from Temecula Catering
• Chef Pantipa Kunanupatham from Tasty Thai Cuisine
• Chef Toribio Martin from The Lazy Dog CafĂ©
• Chef Rosie O’Connor from Provecho Grill
• Chef Rene' Ehmcke from The Gambling Cowboy
• Chef Chris Baily from Baily’s Old Town Temecula

Monday’s event brought in over 450 hungry people who all tasted and cast their votes for the best tasting culinary creation. The 2012 People’s Choice Award went to Executive Chef Andrew Selz from Cellarz 93 for his expertly created crabcakes and spicy aioli.

The 2012 Judge’s Pinnacle Award was presented to Chef Francesco Cusimano from
Rustico Ristorante & Pizzeria for the best overall presentation, creativity, taste and bonus points for using locally foraged produce or proteins. He served up a homemade pappardelle pasta, made using local organic eggs from the Temecula Farmers Market, topped with wild boar ragu and garnished with aged romano cheese for a dish that taste like the “splendor of Autumn.”

This year’s Chef Open was especially intriguing in that Menifee’s own Rosie O’Connor from Provecho Grill was invited to cook and compete. While Provecho didn’t take home the top title the executive judging committee commended them for having the “most passion for their food”. Provecho served up tastings of their famous chicken enchilada in a smoky sweet mole sauce and the Pambazo sandwich.

Bunco Party Set to Raise Funds for Relay for Life Menifee

Heritage High beats Paloma Valley for City Bragging Rights

Heritage High School football players celebrate at midfield with the Menifee City Championship trophy.
When it was over, Jamal Morrow was all smiles.

"We've been in that situation before; it didn't faze us," the senior running back said about the Heritage High football team's comeback from a late deficit against crosstown rival Paloma Valley Friday night. "That's when it's winning time."

That's exactly what it was for the Patriots, who rallied from a 13-10 deficit with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to defeat Paloma Valley 24-13 before a capacity crowd at Marion Ashley Stadium.

Ashley himself presented the city championship trophy at midfield to the Patriots, who overtook a strong Paloma Valley team with a solid ground game in the final period.

Heritage running back Sione Takitaki picks up a first down
in the fourth quarter.
Morrow, who already had rushed for more than 1,300 yards coming into the game, gained 227 more and scored two touchdowns Friday night. That helped the Patriots improve their season record to 7-1 and kept them in first place in the Sunbelt League with a 3-0 mark.

It wasn't easy, however. Paloma Valley (6-2, 1-2) took a 13-10 lead late in the third quarter when quarterback Brent Boehm ran in from 1 yard for a touchdown. At that point it looked like the Wildcats, who had struggled to find offense in the first half, might finally be putting it together.

Soon after, however, Heritage put together one of its familiar ground drives, marching from its own 35-yard-line to the end zone, capping it off with an 8-yard run by quarterback Mat Bradshaw. Logan Netter added the PAT kick for a 17-13 Heritage lead.

Paloma Valley tried to answer with a drive of its own but lost its last opportunity to regain the lead when Boehm was intercepted by Heritage's Nick Avne on a tipped pass with 3:17 remaining. Moments later, Morrow scored the second of his two TDs with a 6-yard run.

Paloma Valley coach Bert Esposito meets with his players
during a timeout.
In the second quarter, Morrow raced 85 yards down the left sideline for a touchdown, adding to his already impressive numbers this year.

"Paloma Valley has a great defense, but our O line really stepped it up," Morrow said. "We went to work late in the game and just took it to the house."

Heritage coach Kraig Broach said the scoring drives in the fourth quarter were typical of Heritage's punishing ground game.

"We were just gonna pound it," he said. "That's what we do. It was a physical game, but I have to give credit to the players. I'm happy with how hard they worked tonight."

The game began on an emotional note when local dignitaries joined Heritage officials in honoring the memory of Donovan Adams, a standout Heritage football player who graduated last June and was killed in a car accident soon after. His mother and other relatives were presented with his No. 2 jersey. On hand for the event were Menifee Mayor John Denver, Superintendent of Schools Jonathan Greenberg and Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley.

Members of Donovan Adams' family were presented with his No. 2 jersey in a pregame ceremony.