Work Continues on Encanto Apartments Complex in Menifee

Developers and construction crews are moving forward in the early building stages of the Encanto Ap...

Developers and construction crews are moving forward in the early building stages of the Encanto Apartment Homes, a 180-unit complex the developer describes as "pioneering the luxury apartment market in Sun City."

Initial groundwork is taking place at the site, located on Encanto Road just south of McCall Blvd. on the east side of Interstate 215. An city administrative approval package including plans for landscaping, fencing and entrance monuments was completed this week.

The website of Frost Communities, the developer, describes the complex as including a multi-purpose sport court; pool, wading pool and spa; barbecue area; movie theater; clubhouse; tot lot; gym; and business center. Each apartment comes with an appliance package including washer/dryer, microwave, and refrigerator.

RGP Planning and Development Services, the development consulting firm on the project for Frost Communities, is awaiting approval of building permits. There is no completion date listed for the project.

Plans call for an eight-foot combination block and plexiglass wall along Interstate 215 for sound mitigation.

According to Carmen Cave, community development director for the City of Menifee, the project was approved by Riverside County in July of 2006, prior to the city's incorporation. It is part of the Riverside County Integrated Plan, which Menifee inherited upon becoming a city.

Cave said that previous reports describing the Encanto project as "low-income housing" are incorrect. Only 20 percent of the apartment units will be designated as "affordable" housing, she said, and that is only because of a stipulation in the construction loan obtained by the developer.

"For financing purposes, they elected to have 20 percent of the units be affordable housing," Cave said. "That pegs the rent at a certain level."

According to Cave, the builder will charge $650 to $800 per month for the one- and two-bedroom units designated as affordable housing. Rent on the remaining 80 percent of the units will range from $1,000 to $1,400 per month for one- to three-bedroom apartments.

"This is not Section 8 housing or low-income housing," Cave said. "This was one of the projects approved by the county before incorporation, and they still have the land use entitlement. City incorporation did not negate that."


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  1. We have heard Ann Pica and Wally Edgerton making public statements about this project being Section 8 housing, etc.

    Thanks Mr. Spoon for doing research and printing the true facts.

    The city should provide different housing options for every lifestyle, in the appropriate places.

  2. anon, You really need to get your facts right, Wally has been around for some time and certainly if anyone would know about this particular site it would be Wally! He was NOT talking about this site. As for different housing options, they're all over the city, right within the same area off Bavaria is a large HUD's complex, the new massive apartment complex that just went up off Newport is another. Please, drive around and do your own homework.

  3. This is the complex that Wally is talking about. What is so bad about this complex? We have a college in this city, and something like this provides opportunities for students to live close to the campus and not have to commute from all over SW Riverside County. Affordable does not equal Section 8.

  4. 9:23p This complex was approved long before we were a city so, right there Wally would certainly know this is NOT a section 8 complex. No student is going to be able to afford $1,000-1400 apartment! Are you kidding me! IF you drive south on Antelope you will see a lot of apartments for rent that actually the students 'can' afford, This new complex is luxury, now why in the world would a student care about luxury apartment at a high cost? Simply isn't even logical....

  5. Did you not even read the article? The affordable units are $650 to $800, something that a part-time student could afford.



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