Construction Will Expand Left Turn Lanes on Newport Road

Looking eastbound on Newport Road at the cross street Haun Road, one can see how the left turn lane ...

Looking eastbound on Newport Road at the cross street Haun Road, one can see how the left turn lane coming from the other direction is restricted by a wide center median.
Construction is expected to begin next week on the Newport Road left turn pocket extension to Haun Road, the City of Menifee announced in a press release.

The $158,000 project will extend the left turn pocket lane on westbound Newport Road for cars turning southbound onto Haun Road. This will be done by removing the existing concrete median, installing new pavement, and restriping the traffic lanes.

Currently, motorists waiting to turn left onto Haun Road back up along Newport Road, creating traffic congestion for those continuing westbound on Newport Road. The extended turn lane pocket will help to alleviate this congestion.

"Improving Menifee’s infrastructure and reducing traffic congestion is one of our primary goals," said City Manager Bill Rawlings. "While we have various transportation projects under design, fixing the turn lane on Newport Road is important because it will greatly improve traffic flow on one of our busiest traffic arteries immediately."

Construction will occur at night, between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., to minimize disruption to traffic flow. Motorists will notice electronic billboards announcing the project and are reminded to reduce their speed and use extra caution while traveling through the construction zone.

The project contractor is STI, Inc. The project is expected to take up to four weeks, with completion slated for the end of November.

For more information about this project, please contact Rob Johnson, Senior Manager, Community Improvement, at or (951) 672-6777.


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  1. It is great that the left turn lanes from Newport to south Haun are being redone. At the same time the light timing on the left from Newport to south Haun also need to be looked at as well. I can not count the times I have been traveling east on Newport and the light turns green and at least 2 or 3 cars turning left onto south Haun blow thru the red and nearly cause an accident.

    1. It would also help to get enforcement out there to stop the people who 'grid lock' the intersection, oh but wiat the PD here is not into enforcement, I know that all too well, Holland Road west of Murrieta is proof of their enforcement.
      Oh but I bet the donut shops and convenience stores never get robbed.

    2. Last week a motor cop and two cruisers were sitting on the north shoulder of the east bound lanes of Newport Rd. on the overpass of the 215. They appeared to be targeting the motorist that ignore the "No right turn after 4pm" restrictions on northbound Haun Rd. These violaters add to the congestion of that traffic area.

      I guess they do some traffic enforcement.

    3. No... all that did was cause more congestion. Drivers shouldn't have to pay for tickets just because the city doesn't provide adequate roads. The no turning between the hours of 4 & 6 just adds more congestion to Haun road because people can't turn right. We have the highest property taxes in the area, where is this money going if not to approprate roadways??

  2. At the same time, they should remove that whole median and create a thru lane there for getting on northbound 215, instead of having to get stuck in traffic that is trying to get over the bridge. But that would make too much sense for a city to solve too many problems at once.

    1. 12:48p You brought a smile to my face today!

  3. My understanding is that the Newport/215 interchange project will solve all of the issues stated here by creating through traffic lanes and dedicated far right lane freeway on-ramps (like Clinton Keith and Los Alamos in Murrieta). I also read where the City has already dedicated $17 million dollars to this project and is working toward a final design. These major projects take forever, but forever may be finally around the corner ...

  4. To 3:04 PM, the Newport Bridge project is not going to help much considering that about 90% of the traffic never enters or exits the freeway.

  5. s a start but its not enough. Something needs to be done with east bound traffic. Also another thoroughfare over the 215 between Scott and Newport would be nice... something like the overland pass in temecula. Newport road really needs to have another lane added, and better nramps like they did on wincherster and the 15. There also needs to be a barrier of some sort preventing people from zipping ahead and moving into traffic from the onramp lane. That's a good part of why traffic is so bad and causes gridlock.



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