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The following is a paid political message from Sue Kristjansson for City Council - District 1 I ...

The following is a paid political message from Sue Kristjansson for City Council - District 1

I was honored to be appointed to the Menifee City Council in August of 2011. I have lived here for 10 years, raised my son here, involved myself in the community and made Menifee my home.

My interest in serving this city has been ever present since moving here in 2002, when I began volunteering in the community. Watching the city in its first few years prompted me to move forward with my intentions to become a part of the public service of this city and I very much would like to continue to serve this community.

I want to serve this community because I see what our beautiful city can evolve into and that is a vision that I would like to see come to fruition. I see a vibrant and inclusive community that provides for the wants and needs of ALL of our residents. We are a diverse community and need to recognize that and plan for it.

We all know that the economy has taken its toll in recent years and with that comes the potential for an increase in property crime. We all want to be safe in our city and that means an increase in law enforcement presence.

I am the candidate who can keep our community safe and that’s why I am also the only candidate in the District 1 race that has been endorsed by the Riverside Sheriff’s Association.

I have a proven record of putting the safety of our residents at the top of my priorities and will continue to do so. Increased police presence, better connectivity to the Countryside Marketplace, recreation and retail are just some of my plans in the next four years.

This is a large city – 50 square miles -- and we have more than enough space to accommodate everyone provided we can strategically plan. District 1 is made up of the Sun City core as well as single family residences, each of which has specific wants and needs. We all need parks and recreation, entertainment and good schools. We can serve everyone and make Menifee a desired community in Southern California, but we need to work hard at that - not from a place of anger, but from a place of vision. I have that vision and I have the experience and the will to do it.

In order to do that, we need people who assess each decision based on the facts and are able and willing to make the tough decisions provided they are in the best interest of the city. I have the courage of my convictions. I have extensive experience in the business community that has already and will continue to serve me well in assessing issues before the council.

In addition to the will and vision to serve you, and my vast business experience, I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a minor in Criminal Justice and an MBA with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. I am a leader and believe that in order to lead, you must listen and serve.

I want to serve District 1 for the next four years because I want to help you live the life you want to live here in Menifee! With your help on November 6th we can begin the hard work of moving Menifee forward!


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