Harvest Festival Learning for Callie Kirkpatrick Kinders

Autumn is officially upon us. How do we know? Because the weather is finally getting cooler, and, lucky elementary students are enjoying Harvest Festivals galore.

On Friday, Oct. 19, all three kindergarten classes at Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School got to take part in a few fun hours of Harvest festivities. The focus was on fall and autumn with all the activities revolving around this seasonal theme.

"Due to the rigorous curriculum, we have lost a lot of the hands-on fun in the classroom, so this (harvest festival) is one way we can bring fun back into kindergarten and learning," said room 1 teacher Sheila Johnson.

The kinders participated in pumpkin bowling, farm puppets and learning about sounds, making patterns with leaves and apples, and yummy snack stations, all while wearing paper scarecrow hats.

Students snacked on popcorn while making hands complete with candy corn fingernails. Also on the menu were cheese and cracker eyeballs. Faces were painted and many pictures were taken. As you can tell by the smiles, a lot of fun was had.


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