Pumpkin Festival Fun for Oak Meadows Fifth Graders

On Friday, all five lucky fifth grade classes at Oak Meadows Elementary School had the opportunity to participate in an all-out pumpkin festival. The idea was to combine fun and learning. Mission accomplished.

Each student received a pumpkin that they proceeded to carry out experiments with for the duration of the festivities. Incorporating both science and math aspects of classroom type activities, students hypothesized whether a pumpkin would sink or float when submerged in water and then got to experiment to actually see for themselves.

Each class went on to estimate and measure the circumference, estimate and determine the weight, and finally estimate and count the number of seeds in their pumpkin.

Students learned about the history of pumpkins and interesting pumpkin facts before enjoying a delicious looking spread of all pumpkin inspired treats, including pumpkin pie and toasted pumpkin seeds, provided by the parents.

Maybe this is the best time of year.


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