Darcy Kuenzi Sees a Bright Future For Menifee

The following is a paid political message from Darcy Kuenzi for Mayor Menifee city councilwoman...

The following is a paid political message from Darcy Kuenzi for Mayor

Menifee city councilwoman
Darcy Kuenzi, serving the
community since 1992.

I am running for Mayor because I believe that Menifee has a bright future. We deserve leadership that fosters and encourages our small businesses, addresses our transportation needs, protects the diversity of our neighborhoods, and keeps our city safe.

Our tight knit community is a place where we give our neighbors children rides to school, we enjoy the company of our church members, we volunteer together, we cheer together at youth sporting events, and we band together when a resident faces challenges. Our community is a safe, enjoyable place to live and I will keep it that way if I'm elected as your Mayor.

Darcy and her adopted dog Wilson,
with Elizabeth Marsden at
Sun City Canine event.

The City recently completed a record number of nine improvement and enhancement projects which are focused on improving residents’ quality of life. A spokesman for the City Manager recently gave a presentation to the City Council saying, "The budget that you approved has allowed us to add staff which has helped us in moving forward with these projects." The City Council has been focused like a laser on increasing home values by improving our community to attract new residents.

Menifee queens greet councilwoman
Kuenzi at a regional event.

So despite what you hear from my opponent Scott Mann and his largest campaign contributor Jeff Stone, the Menifee city government is not "…government at it's worst." And these positive improvement projects in our community would never be accomplished if my fellow Councilmembers were "...simple minded politicians." My opponent and his campaign contributors speak with the same divisive rhetoric we see from Congress that leaves us frustrated and causes gridlock. Attacking our city government is not an agenda that will move this city forward.

Darcy and her family enjoy
living the rural lifestyle.

Menifee is still that small rural town we all remember and a place where new residents get a small town feel. Our city has large farms, ranches, horse properties, equestrian activities, and rural areas. These are the areas I have always fought to protect while serving on our City Council since 2008 while at the same time attracting new business, increasing tax revenue, and creating local jobs that equals responsible growth.

Menifee has always been challenged with traffic congestion because of our location. I worked to secure funding for the design of the Holland Road freeway overpass; because you wanted it and I listened. I'm dedicated to helping ensure the I-215 freeway expansion and that both Newport Road and Scott Road Interchange projects move forward to ease commuter traffic.

In a time when so many families are struggling financially in this economy we need a leader who respects their fellow community members, a leader who speaks positive about our city, a leader who is focused on working together, and someone who has proven experience.

Darcy discussing senior issues
with the staff members
at the Kay Ceniceros Center.
I promise you, if elected Mayor I will:
•  Listen to your voice and respect your opinion.
•  Stay focused on traffic improvements.
•  Maintain a high standard of public safety.
• vSustain a balanced budget with reserves.
•  Meet the needs of our seniors and our kids.
•  Ensure our city is working efficiently.
•  Create a positive image that attracts business and jobs.
•  Complete Community Improvement projects that increase home values.
•  Serve my term and not abandon you, the residents of Menifee, to seek a higher post.

Time is drawing near for you to make a decision about the future of our city. Menifee has come a long way in the past four years since cityhood and the decisions we're facing are tougher than ever. The coming years will dictate how our young city matures and we need a leader who truly listens to the residents.

When you visit the ballot box on November 6, vote Darcy Kuenzi for Mayor.

I believe in Menifee and I love Menifee. As your Mayor, I will represent our shared vision of a better future. If you have any questions, please call me at (951) 961-9042 or send me a note at darcyk@email.com.


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