Selecting a Positive Leader for District 3

The following is a paid political message from Bill Zimmerman for City Council - District 3 Voter...

The following is a paid political message from Bill Zimmerman for City Council - District 3

Voters in District 3 will be asked to choose between two candidates for Menifee City Council.

It may come down to who voters identify with most.

Mr. Edgerton, the incumbent, a 79- year old political science teacher, who has been a politician for years. His record in Long Beach is worth looking in to. Described by the Californian Newspaper as an “ornery maverick”, he has built walls between himself and his fellow Council members. This divisiveness has caused the city’s reputation to suffer. Edgerton just moved to District 3 approx. three months ago to remain in power.

Voters are pleased to know there is a more positive choice:

Bill Zimmerman, a 23-year resident, who is raising his family here in District 3, avoids typical politics. Bill has been more of a “grass roots” leader, helping to establish many local service organizations that improve our city’s Quality of Life.

As a Planning Commissioner, Bill has a track record of respecting colleagues and members of the public. It is time for a change on the Council to end the divisiveness, and improve Menifee’s reputation.

Edgerton’s Bogus Information:

Recent mailers were sent to voters, paid for by Wallace Edgerton. These postcards listed reasons not to vote for Bill, although Edgerton knew the information was false.

“It is sad that he has chosen to tell lies about me. I’m confident the people of Menifee won’t be fooled by Edgerton’s false information”, said Bill Zimmerman.

Voters are encouraged to search Google and look into each candidate’s track record over the years. Edgerton has many telling articles from his days as a developer-funded politician in Long Beach. Zimmerman has fought hard to ensure that new development is safe, well designed and compatible with surrounding neighborhoods. He has listened, and represented us in a responsible way.

Since Incorporation:

In 2008, voters chose Edgerton. He was the only candidate who had prior experience. Many expected that he would bring new ideas, and champion efforts for the new city.
Can you think of any programs brought by Edgerton?

Moving Forward: