Supervisor Jeff Stone Endorses Scott Mann for Mayor

The following is a paid political message from Scott Mann for Mayor


I am proud to have helped lead the effort to make Menifee a city with a promising future. I have always believed that the citizens of Menifee displayed tremendous pride in establishing local control. Under the protections afforded a city, they are better able to govern themselves with enhanced public safety services, a new general plan that respects the rural lifestyle that many wish to maintain, nurturing new local jobs, and enhancing the quality of life for seniors and young alike.

Unfortunately, what we have witnessed recently is government at its worst, with council members who refuse to set an example of collegiality and professionalism. In my twenty years of public service, I have always respected not only those that agree with me, but also those that disagree with me. Demonizing those that disagree with you is nothing more than petty politics by simple minded politicians. That’s the problem we have in Menifee right now.

It is shameful that the GPAC committee recommendations, a product of countless volunteer hours with broad public input, were torpedoed by the present Council majority. This new general plan, the blueprint of how the new City of Menifee would develop, will be lost because the current Council catered to special interests that only see Menifee as a cash cow.

For these reasons, I am supporting Scott Mann for Mayor, a decorated Navy hero who has served our Country valiantly. With his graduate degree in Business administration, Scott will work to bring the City Council together as a team, to encourage controlled growth that balances the needs of the citizens and their quality of life.

Vote for Scott Mann on November 6th!



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