Menifee City Council Makes 11 Nominations to Fill Vacancy

An appointing process to fill the late Fred Twyman’s seat on Menifee City Council was set into motion July 29 during a special meeting. After spending a week weeding through applications, council members selected 11 candidates to be interviewed for the current vacancy.

Applications were made available to residents after city council opted for an open process to choose a new council member rather than hold another election. The council took more than 20 applications into consideration, and each member made three nominations.

One applicant – retired fast food district supervisor Ellen Schnoor – was selected by both Tom Fuhrman and Darcy Kuenzi. Fuhrman also picked rancher Marc Miller, and brand and business communications manager Susan Kristjansson. Kuenzi’s other two were geologist Chad Warren and executive director of March Joint Powers Authority, Lori Stone.

Mayor Wallace Edgerton chose retired teacher Phoeba Irey, Hemet maintenance supervisor Charles Heintz, and the current chairman of Menifee Planning Commission, Chris Thomas.

John Denver selected semi-retired real estate appraiser Ted Wegener, restaurateur Darci Castillejos, and general contractor Matt Liesemeyer.

A list of the council's 11 nominees who will be interviewed Aug. 2.

Those who applied but weren’t selected were Anthony Amatulli, Jeff Barber, David Iosif, Peter Fogarty, Randall Freeman, Dominick Jacobs, Louis Mazei, Rita Peters, George Rackstraw, Carol Sullivan, and Donald Swain.

Each nominee will have something different to offer city council, if elected. Stone said on her application, “I believe my background in local government and my strong multi-generational ties in Menifee could bring a fresh, broad perspective to city council.” Heintz wrote, “We need to make our city a destination rather than a corridor on the way to somewhere else.” Wegener said, “I’d like to keep business local,” and proposed a program that would waive building permit fees if owners use local contractors and buy their materials locally.

The nominees will be interviewed during the next city council meeting on Aug. 2 and an appointment will be made that night. Candidates will be called up to the stand randomly to give their five-minute speech. Each council member will have three minutes to ask them questions afterwards. Once all candidates are interviewed, council members will each be given a ballot to rank their top three choices. Those selections will be read aloud, tallied on an easel for the audience to see, and a winner will be determined.

If the outcome isn’t clear, the council will go through a series of tiebreakers.

Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce Mixer Hosted By Bonnie's Hair Stop

On August 3rd at 5:30 PM, a Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce Mixer will be held at Bonnie's Hair Stop. Here, surrounding businesses are provided with a professional yet lively environment for networking and business promotion. Hot dogs, chips, soda, and shaved ice will be served and vouchers may also be purchased at the Mixer. Chamber members enter for free and for all non-members, the cost is $10. Make your business known and network with the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce.

For more information contact:
(951) 672-1964

Darci Castillejos - Committment to Service

When Darci Castillejos went to her husband Mike and said she wanted to join the Navy, she feared he would think she’d gone crazy. A Menifee resident since 1989, married for 12 years with two small children, and working for Bank of America, Darci felt a calling; a calling to serve. Now, 16 years later, she is the Asst. Officer in Charge, AOIC, of NCHB3, Surface Company Bravo. As a U. S. Navy Reserve Chief Petty Officer leading 32 sailors in their cargo handling mission, she and her crew move cargo for other military units.

“The best part about being in the Navy is service to my country, helping my sailors achieve their goals and to advance, and to assist them in their careers. It’s not about me anymore.”

This week, Darci submitted her application to serve on the Menifee City Council, to fill the seat left vacant by the passing of Vice Mayor Fred Twyman.

A former city council candidate in 2008, Darci is no stranger to service. She has been on the Board of Directors for her HOA for twenty years, served as a Girl Scout Leader for six years, and belonged to the Menifee Valley Middle School PTSA for three years, serving one year as President. She became involved in Sun City Chamber, serving as President before the splitting of the Chambers, then the first Chairman of the Board after reuniting in 2008. During that time, in 2005 she became involved in Cityhood, eventually becoming the Vice President of MVIC, the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee. She also served on GPAC, the General Plan Advisory Committee for the city.

“Organizations can become stale, and need new leadership. I’ve done a great many things, but in a quiet way. I’m not too much of a talker publicly, especially in a leadership role. I think that’s mostly because I don’t feel a need to toot my own horn. The goal is to accomplish things, not who gets credit for it.”

Currently Darci serves as the Treasurer of the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard, having been on the board in a number of roles for the past seven years, three years as President. She also is the Treasurer for the Menifee Action Group and Treasurer for the Coalition for Good Governance. Still finding the time to earn a living, she and Mike opened French Valley Cafe in 2000 and built the restaurant from the ground up. Her military duties require her to do 2 weeks a year, and one weekend a month, but she has some flexibility, and can choose when she does annual training.

Submitting her application to serve on the city council was not a step that she took lightly. Her committment to the city she loves has driven her along this path for many years.

“I would like to see Menifee as a city of neighbors; people who can agree to disagree civilly, where we preserve our unique character and rural flavor, while providing needed improvements, infrastructure, cultural, retail, and entertainment opportunities. I’d like to see us similar to Irvine; a well planned, well thought out city providing the right amenities, necessities, and providing for the needs of the citizens, all citizens, past, present and future. Respect our past, but look toward the future. This is why I’ve been so committed, to serve the city of Menifee, even before it was a city. ”

“One of my goals would be for Menifee to have a comprehensive trail system. It would give the youth the ability to ride bikes, the adults to jog or walk safely, and it would serve all residents equally. A trail system would create recreational opportunities for our youth and would promote a culture of fitness. At the same time, we would be taking that into a community improvement plan.”

“Of course, I want to encourage economic development, and bring jobs, retail and entertainment to Menifee. But what I hope we can build together is a real community that cares about each other, and to be neighbors. That is what drew us to the community, neighbor helping neighbor. That’s why I have been involved with so many of the local organizations , because we have a responsibility to one another. I am committed to Menifee; this is my home! I want to serve.”

Planning Commissioner Marc Miller has plans for Menifee City Council

marc miller
Marc Miller
Menifee Planning Commissioner Marc Miller will be one of many applicants vying for the vacant seat on city council this Friday. As an active community member and farmer, Miller said he possesses the time and dedication to move the city forward.

“I’ve been involved since day one,” said Miller, who spent years on the community economic development council that lead Menifee to cityhood. He bought Menifee Valley Farms in 1995 after earning a degree in business and working in the electronics, aerospace and medical industries. He was appointed to planning commission in 2009 by the late councilmember Fred Twyman.

“We were both open towards quality, not quantity,” Miller said of the similar views he shared with Twyman, whose seat he’s competing to fill. “If you build the city right, they will stay.”

Miller believes that the correct way to construct Menifee would be to follow the citizens’ vision. “They’ve laid out the template,” he said, adding that city council should present residents with a map that locates where development will take place. “The public has to know where this is going to occur, if this is going to occur, and at whose expense it is going to occur.”

In the future Miller would personally like to see business and rental parks, a quality downtown, open spaces, trails, and custom and sustainable homes. He is also in support of solar and wind energy instead of power lines. “We have to be innovative in our research and development,” he said.

The types of development Miller is opposed to are multiple-use buildings, where residents live on top and businesses work down below. “I don’t think the reality is here,” he said, arguing that structures like that are more suitable for beach cities. “But maybe years down the road when we run out land.”

Other issues Miller feels strongly about are foreclosures, firefighting, and code enforcement. In between emergency calls he would like to see city firefighters abate weeds and socialize with the public. He believes code enforcement should be complaint driven only and that “they shouldn’t be driving around looking for problems.” To avoid more foreclosures, he suggests developers “build what reality sets,” and base their prices off the median income of Menifee residents.

To solve these problems and more that city council is confronted with, Miller said that if he won the seat he would apply the Five W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. “I want to address the issues, bring things to light, and I want answers,” he said.

Besides being on planning commission Miller also serves as chairman for the Antelope-Menifee Rural Center and as treasurer for the Riverside County United Communities. When he is not dedicating time to the community, Miller works on his farm where he raises emus, llamas, peacocks, cockatiel, koi and more.

“I’d have fun on city council,” he said. “I’d make sure everything that comes in front of me would benefit the people.”

Hole-In-One for Antelope Square

Continental East Development, a locally-based real estate development company focusing on commercial and large residential properties, revealed this week that Hole-N-One Donuts & Bagels will be the most recent addition to Antelope Square. Hole-N-One Donuts & Bagels will join shopping center anchors, Walgreens and Jack in the Box, as well as Schieffer Real Estate Group as initial tenants to the newly acquired shopping center. On the border of Murrieta and Menifee, Antelope Square is an 84,000 square foot retail shopping center ideally located on the southeast corner of Scott Road and Antelope Road, providing excellent access and exposure to approximately 24,500 cars traveling past Scott Road per day.

“We are so excited to announce Hole-N-One Donuts & Bagels as our newest tenant at Antelope Square. They have been well received in the community at its original location in Murrieta and we anticipate an even greater success as they expand to Antelope Square,” said Lydia Percia, Vice President and Co-Founder, Continental East Development. “We have no doubt that with the continued growth in population to the neighboring cities, Antelope Square and its central location is in an ideal position to assist customers with their shopping, dining and additional business needs.

Hole-N-One Donuts & Bagels chose the 1200 square foot Antelope Square space as its second Murrieta location due to its proximity to Menifee and Sun City and hopes to open its doors as soon as possible. Hole-N-One offers fresh baked donuts, bagels, croissants and muffins and also serves coffee drinks, including hot and iced cappuccinos, and fresh fruit smoothies.

Hole-N-One will be open Monday through Friday 4:30am to 5pm, Saturday 5am to 5pm, and Sunday 6am to 2pm. These hours have been established in order to best serve the residential community as well as the new Loma Linda University Medical Center and Mount San Jacinto College.

Rising to the challenge within the community, CED is striving to provide new food services along with other desired amenities that will help boost business in the area instead of forcing locals to shop and dine elsewhere. CED has revised Antelope Square’s previous development plans and changed the large location that was once slated as a bank pad to a much needed drive thru coffee shop and cafĂ©/bistro with outdoor seating. The result will be an ideal spot for business lunch meetings and weekend dining with the family or a casual night out. New expansion plans have been submitted to the City of Murrieta. Subject to the City of Murrieta’s approval, ground breaking is projected to take place late summer 2011.

No Secret Ballots - Residents Await Positive Outcome

The Menifee City Council, amid a hail of grumbles, groans, and occasional cheers, approved an application process to fill the vacant council seat during their meeting on July 19.

The open process, which was introduced by Councilwoman Darcy Kuenzi, outlined an opportunity for residents to submit applications and have each council member choose three applicants to interview. The chosen applicants would be interviewed in a public forum, only answering questions from the council, but in a public meeting. The council would rank each applicant, turning in a score sheet for each one. After the council completes interviews during an afternoon meeting on August 2, they will take a recess and reconvene later for their regularly scheduled meeting. During that meeting the applicant with the highest score will be appointed by the council.

However, the process was heavily criticized by a small contingency of residents.

The July 20 article in The Californian entitled MENIFEE: City Seeks Applications to Fill Council Post states that "each council member would use a secret ballot to rank their top three choices for the job," which had many residents up in arms. In a second article in The Californian entitled EDITORIAL: Special Election Unacceptable, the writer states, "relying on a secret ranked ballot of council members," only added fuel to the fire for these angry residents. A third angry editorial written by Greg August in The Californian used the word "secret" 7 times. Furthermore, City Hall received a barrage of angry emails regarding their concerns over "secrecy".

However, City Attorney Karen Feld refuted those claims and clarified with this statement; "We are not using secret ballots. They were discussed at the meeting but the city council did not agree on it. The city council gave an overview of how they wanted the process to go and staff was charged with working out the details and technical requirements. We have listened to the residents' concerns and believe that the process will satisfy them. It meets all the legal requirements as well as fitting in line with Council direction. You will find that this process will be as open as possible."

It is so unfortunate that the misunderstanding and miscommunication of just a few can culminate in the distress of many. Councilwoman Kuenzi stated time and time again her desire for a fair and open process, one in which every resident who was interested had the opportunity to apply. Yet, as is so often the case, a small vocal group of residents focus on a misunderstanding and taint the entire process. In an attempt to maintain transparency, to unify the community, and to keep the process fair to all residents, Councilman Denver and Councilwoman Kuenzi held their ground, and are now once again vilified.

After hearing from many of our readers, many have suggested an amendment to the process. With the ranking process being the issue, the suggestion is that each council member openly rank their top picks after the application process, speaking only of the benefits their nominees bring to the table. They would only discuss their own nominees, why they have chosen them, and what their nominees have to offer Menifee. There would be no discussion of another council member's nominees.

A greater concern we've heard from our readers is the amount of discourse involved with this appointment. Not necessarily among the City Council, but with the small group of narrow-minded residents who look to vilify certain members of the council, and use this situation as a soap-box from which to preach their own politics. In addition, other news publications have seemingly used this situation to stir the pot and boost readership without fully understanding the dynamics of this matter.

Based on our review of actual emails sent by this small vocal group of residents to City Hall on this matter, these residents are eager to jump to conclusions without letting this situation unfold naturally. This is an open, public process, one in which the residents will have an opportunity to be heard. This small group of residents are inundating City Hall with repetitive emails that cost residents thousands of dollars in staff time to respond.

Grand Enigmas of Investing, Part 3

Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC, based here in Menifee, brings another weekly video on investing your money.

"Grand Enigmas of Investing, Part 3", Mark explains that forecasts are useless. Some investors believe that if they have a forecast of the future, they can extract huge extra returns from the markets. The fact is just because you get lucky and get the forecast right, does not mean you will get the direction of the market right. Check out this video and find out why it is impossible to use forecasts to reliably predict market direction in an effort to extract huge extra returns over your lifetime.

John Borger and Scott Buchanan of Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC provide investor education to help investors avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes, increase their potential returns, and take a more prudent approach to investing and growing their wealth.

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Paul David puts service above self as new Menifee Rotary Club President

Paul David is president of the Menifee
Rotary Club and general manager of the
Menifee Valley Athletic Club.
Menifee resident Paul David is a man of many responsibilities. As the newly elected president of the local rotary club, he will spend his yearlong term tackling the community’s countless needs.

“Our motto is service above self,” David said of the 30-member Menifee Rotary Club that has been providing assistance to the area for 48 years. “We’re a service organization catering to the local community.”

David explained that this neighborhood association is an extension of Rotary International, a nonprofit organization that was originally founded to put an end to polio. Instead of focusing entirely on global needs, the Menifee Rotary spends its energy on community, vocational, and youth projects as well.

These service projects include fundraising for various causes, awarding student scholarships, making donations to academic programs, hosting signature city events like the Mayor’s Ball, providing hands-on work within the city, and more. They also host foreign exchange students and participate in a clean water project in Africa.

The club is especially dedicated to helping children and adolescents succeed. Menifee Rotary annually gifts dictionaries to third graders within the Menifee school district, hosts competitive music and speech contests, and sends students to a leadership training camp. “It’s one of the most rewarding things we do as Rotarians,” said David.

He stressed the importance of providing youth with academic outlets and rewards. “That’s our next generation,” said the father of two. “We have a responsibility to expose them to these different opportunities that are out there.”

David was originally approached to join rotary one and a half years ago. He said he agreed to be a part of the club because he “found this to be one of the most organized ways that money actually gets where it’s supposed to go.”

As the new president of rotary David has a list of 70 goals to accomplish. “My top three goals would be to look for qualified Rotarians, to get the word out about rotary, and to get more youth involved,” he said. He is currently planning to relaunch the club’s website to provide the public with more information.

When David isn’t spending his free time in rotary he works as the general manager and operator of the Menifee Valley Athletic Club with his wife Christine, who is the spa director there. “I feel that my main goal at the athletic club is to provide direction in terms of health, wellness and nutrition,” he said.

In between managing David enjoys getting to know his customers. “One of my most favorite and fun things to do is talk to people,” he said. This is one of the ways that Menifee Rotary learns about the community’s needs.

The club is always on the lookout for more local projects. “Menifee Rotary really wants to connect with our community,” said David. “We would love to be burdened with a to-do list.”

Paul David
Elevate Fitness
29683 New Hub Dr, Suite D
Menifee, CA 92586
(951) 301-4499

Donahue Schriber Completes $1.2 Billion Balance Sheet Recapitalization

countryside marketplaceDonahue Schriber, the owner of Menifee's "Countryside Marketplace" shopping center, announced earlier today that it had successfully completed the final piece of a $1.2 billion balance sheet recapitalization.

The recapitalization occurred through several transactions. The final piece was a $365 million refinance with a bank syndicate led by Bank of America and also included Wells Fargo Bank, U.S. Bank, PNC Bank, Union Bank and City National Bank.

The loan refinances a portfolio of 31 of Donahue Schriber's assets, including Countryside Marketplace. The new financing has a term of five years with a built-in option for a two-year extension, a lower interest rate and eliminates many restrictive covenants.

In addition, the Company's major investors, the New York State Teachers' Retirement System and the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Strategic Property Fund, converted their $188 million of preferred stock and accrued dividends into shares of common stock. They have also committed to provide the Company $100 million of additional common capital for future growth opportunities. Included in the recapitalization total is the $248,545,000 ten-property refinance with Allstate Life Insurance Company that closed May 31, 2011.

The recapitalization is described by Donahue Schriber Chairman and CEO Patrick S. Donahue as one of the most important events in the Company's 42-year history. "The Bank of America loan restructure is the last big piece of putting the Company's balance sheet in order, securing our position as a leader in the retail real estate industry. We could not have done any of this without the confidence and support of our Major Shareholders, NYSTRS and J.P. Morgan Strategic Fund. We're grateful to them, to Bank of America and to the other banks in the syndication that share our vision," stated Mr. Donahue.

Bank of America Market President and Region Executive Allen Staff Jr. said, "We're very pleased to continue our strong relationship with Donahue Schriber. They are a solid company with a bright future."

Bank of America and its predecessor banks have been the leading financial partner since the formation of Donahue Schriber's private REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) in 1997.

Scott Mann To Run for School Board

Records published by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters shows that former Menifee City Councilman Scott Mann has filed paperwork to run for a seat on the Menifee Union School District Board of Trustees.

Two seats are up for ballot this cycle, both being held by Bob O'Donnell and Rita Peters. O'Donnell has already filed for reelection.

Mann had previously been employed by the Menifee Union School District as a Risk Manager, and then went on to serve as assistant superintendent of finance at a school district in Del Mar.

The election is scheduled for November 8, 2011.

City Council Meets Public Halfway in Redistricting Decision

A compromise in the debate over redistricting Menifee was reached Tuesday evening when City Council met the public’s demands halfway. Council members were all in favor of appointing a citizens committee to work with a consultant in the process of redrawing borders.

National Demographic Corporation was hired by the city earlier this year to determine if their four districts complied with federal law that states each area must have equal population. According to the 2010 census provided by the corporation, the city is unbalanced and must adjust their boundaries to avoid potential lawsuits.

Redistricting would only make minor adjustments to each area’s population, but the council and public were divided on how it should be accomplished. “This has been very destructive for us as a council,” said Mayor Wallace Edgerton.

One of the city’s redistricting options is to continue working with the demographic corporation, who would provide council with a plan for $18,500. An alternative proposal to save money was made to the council by Menifee resident Anne Pica, the woman who authored the city’s current district system. She encouraged in-house districting with a citizens committee aided by a consultant.

Council members questioned how reliable a committee would be in dealing with a redistricting procedure subject to judicial challenge. They voiced their concerns about how much time and money it would take to train citizens to use demographic software, and how correct the results would be.

The council came to agree that a professional should be present to approve or alter the new adjustments, even if a committee was appointed. Mayor Edgerton was in favor of continuing with National Demographic Corporation to oversee the committee, but other council members were uncomfortable with the cost.

Councilman John Denver settled the debate with a suggestion of negotiating the expenses. “As a compromise, lets appoint a committee of citizens with a professional and get it as cheap as we can.”

President of National Demographic Corporation Douglas Johnson arrived as the meeting adjourned. He and the city manager will discuss the details for the council’s next plan of action, which will be presented Aug. 2 during their next meeting.

DUI Checkpoint Scheduled for this Saturday, July 23

Menifee Police Department's Traffic Unit announced that they will be conducting a another DUI/Driver's License checkpoint this Saturday, July 23, at an undisclosed location within the city between the hours of 6:00 p.m to 2:00 a.m.

It'll be the fourth time this month that Police have conducted either a DUI checkpoint or Saturation Patrol. In the three prior events, authorities arrested nine for DUI, along with twenty-five citations and/or arrests for driving without a license, or with a suspended license. Twenty-eight vehicles were towed, and fourteen citations for other violations.

Statewide, overall traffic deaths declined by 23 percent, from 3,995 in 2007 to 3,081 in 2009. Total traffic fatalities are at their lowest levels in six decades. DUI deaths declined by 16 percent, from 1,132 in 2007 to 950 in 2009, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

Alcohol impaired deaths still make up the largest category of overall vehicle fatalities , with 31 percent of all deaths being caused by a drunk driver.

"A DUI checkpoint is a proven-effective method to lower this totally preventable crime." a Menifee Police Department memo states. "Our objective is to send a clear message to those who are considering driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol and/or drugs; if we catch you driving buzzed, drunk or impaired by drugs, you will go to jail."

Menifee Poet Unveils New Book with a Book Signing Event

pamela wagstaff book

City of Menifee Now Seeking Applicants for City Council

The City of Menifee is seeking applications from residents to replace the late Fred Twyman's city council seat.

Last night at the city council meeting, the council voted unanimously to conduct an open, public process to appoint a new city council member.

The decision came after both Mayor Wallace Edgerton and councilman Tom Furhman nominated Planning Commissioner Marc Miller to the council. However, the motion failed when neither councilmembers John Denver nor Darcy Kuenzi would supply a third, and deciding vote.

At that point, the council entertained ideas on how to appoint a councilmember, to which Kuenzi offered a proposal.

"I was able to do a lot of research on this matter", said Kuenzi. "There have been a dozen other cities that have lost a councilmember due to death or some other reason. Cities like Pleasanton, Norco, Rancho Mirage, Davis, Concord, all went through some kind of open, public process."

Kuenzi's proposal would have residents submit applications to become a city councilmember. Applications would be accepted starting tomorrow, July 20, through July 28. On the following day, July 29, councilmembers would review all applicants, and each would select up to three to move into a select group interviewees. On August 2nd, the city council would interview those select group of applicants before a public audience. Finally, each councilmember would assign a score to each applicant. The applicant with the highest combined score of all councilmembers will be appointed.

Kuenzi went on to add that the council may want to add certain conditions to the newly appointed councilmember, including if that member has the right to appoint a new Planning Commissioner. However, that addition met some argument.

Marc Miller was appointed to the Planning Commission by Fred Twyman. Whoever replaced Twyman on the council would have the power to replace Miller on the Commission with someone else. A long discussion ensued on whether the new councilmember should have such power or not.

At one point, Fuhrman offered a motion to prohibit the new councilmember from having the ability to appoint a new planning commissioner, thereby protecting Miller's seat. However Karen Feld, the City Attorney, explained that there's a city ordinance empowering a city councilmember with appointing a planning commissioner. At that point, the council voted to allow the new councilmember to replace Miller if he or she chooses.

The evening's discussion did not go on without input from the public. Eleven people took the podium, some demanding that Marc Miller be appointed to council, one person endorsing Carol Sullivan, and others advocating some kind of application process. Alyssa Twyman, Fred Twyman's daughter, took to the podium and spoke on behalf of her mother Carolyn Tywman, recommending either Marc Miller or Chris Thomas, another planning commissioner, be considered, explaining that both shared Twyman's views.

But the discussion finally ended with all four councilmembers voting unanimously in favor of Kuenzi's proposal.

Anyone wishing to become a city councilmember should contact City Hall starting tomorrow, July 20, and submit an application. They have until July 28 to do so.

Contact City Hall at (951) 672-6777, or visit them at 29714 Haun Rd. Menifee, CA 92586.

One Dead and One Injured from Gunshots in Menifee Last Sunday

Last Sunday, July 17, 2011, at about 11:15 p.m., officers from the Menifee Police Department responded to a reported assault with a deadly weapon in the 31300 block of Melvin Street, Menifee.

Upon their arrival they found two subjects suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. A 68 year old adult male was declared deceased at the scene and an adult female was injured. The officers immediately provided emergency medical aid at the scene and summoned Cal-Fire and American Medical Response ambulance service. The injured female was transported to a local hospital and is receiving treatment for what is believed to be non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators from the Menifee Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff's Department Central Homicide Unit responded to the scene and assumed the investigation, which is still ongoing. The identity of the decedent is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

The Menifee Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff's Department would like to encourage anyone having information regarding the incident to contact Investigator Sam Flores with Menifee Police Department at 951.210.1000 or Investigator James Campos with the Sheriff's Central Homicide Unit at 951.955.1700. You can also make an anonymous tip by calling the Sheriff's Homicide Tip Line at 951.955.2777

The Grand Enigmas of Investing, Part 2

Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC, based here in Menifee, brings another weekly video on investing your money.

"The Grand Enigmas of Investing, Part 2", Mark explains that activity does not equal control. This is a huge enigma for investors. In many areas of life, we feel if we just do something we will get control over the situation. Some investors believe that they can just forget about diversification and rebalancing, and just buy and sell, and buy and sell, and this will help them control their investment portfolio. This can be extremely costly behavior. Check out this short video and find out the correct actions to stay in control to increase your lifetime return potential.

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Marc Miller Being Urged to Replace Fred Twyman on City Council

This Tuesday, July 19, the city council is scheduled to discuss how it plans to fill the vacant city council seat left by the late Fred Twyman. Thus far, the city hasn't proposed any ideas on what the process should be, though residents have inundated City Hall with their own opinions.

Menifee city councilmember, Darcy Kuenzi, has an idea however.

"I think there should be an application process, and then a public forum where city councilmembers together can interview applicants in front of a public audience" she explained in an interview with Menifee 24/7. "Let's allow residents to submit applications, and let's have an open, public process to sift through applicants and name someone."

The city council has 60 days from the date of Fred Twyman's passing to name a successor, according to California Code, placing the deadline by August 15. The State, however, does not specify how cities should do so. The council plans to officially discuss the process this Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a handful of vocal Sun City residents have fired off numerous e-mails to the City Manager in recent days. We obtained copies of those e-mails. At least two residents demanded that Fred Twyman's seat be filled by someone who shares Twyman's views. The Californian, reported on July 8 that councilman Tom Fuhrman supports Marc Miller to replace Twyman. Marc Miller was appointed to the Planning Commission by Twyman.

In addition, comments posted on The Californian website indicate that some residents want Marc Miller rushed into Twyman's seat without having any kind of public process. . .

"The nomination should be the person that represents Councilman Twyman's vision for the city, and that would be his selection for the Planning Commission. In honor of Fred's memory, that would be the logical, and most honorable choice."

"I don't see why a successor has to be discussed through e-mail", Darcy Kuenzi responded regarding Marc Miller's name. "Let's have an application process where anyone can apply. Let's have an open interview with the entire council, and let's have the public attend. That's the fair way to do it."

Menifee is not the first city tasked with having to replace a city councilman. Norco, Rancho Mirage, Davis, Concord, Pleasanton are examples of those that have gone through the process. "Those cities all held some kind of open, public process of finding a replacement", Kuenzi added.

Another option on the table is having a public vote, but the soonest an election could be scheduled would be April 2012 in order to afford candidates enough time to file papers, raise money and campaign. "That option is very costly", Kuenzi went on to say. "We don't want to spend another $100,000.00 on an election."

In addition, Twyman's seat expires in 2012, meaning whoever wins that election will only have half a year to serve.

"My colleagues on the council should be considerate to having an open process so that's it fair and transparent," Kuenzi added. "We should follow good governance principles. I have faith that my colleagues will do the right thing and support an open process."

Residents are invited to attend the City Council meeting on July 19, at 7:00pm, at City Hall, 29714 New Hub Drive, in Menifee, and provide their input.

Senate Bill 458 Provides Needed Relief for Short Sellers

Friday, July 15th, 2011, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 458. SB 458 provides the assurance that the agreed upon short sale payment is to be considered as full and final satisfaction of the debt, extended to include Junior lien holders (2nd, 3rd… etc).

Last year, Senate Bill 931 was passed which protected homeowners from 1st lien holders, but now SB458 extends this to cover 2nd and tiertiary lienholders.

This is such a relief for many individuals who have contemplated a short sale, but worried about the bank coming after them for the deficiency.

Number of MENIFEE Homes in Default

According to CORELOGIC (the tax portal Riverside Realtors can access for property tax information):

There are 524 properties in our area flagged as having an Auction Date set to occur within the next 21 days in these zip codes:

243 (92584)

66 (92586)

108 (92587)

107 (92585)

There are 384 properties currently flagged as “pre-foreclosure” (Notice of Default filed)

138 (92584)

85 (92586)

91 (92587)

70 (92585)

I had never before seen so many more Auction dates than Pre-foreclosures. We are also seeing an escalation of foreclosure activity by the banks recently, so if you are in this situation (or you know someone who is) be sure to contact a Realtor who is experienced with the foreclosure and short sale process to see what options are available to you. (Note: even if you have an Auction Date, it may not be too late to try to get a short sale submitted, and the Trustee Sale date postponed)


Although people are striving to become better informed about this process, there is still a lot of misinformation going around about short sales and foreclosures.

For example, the two biggest fears I see people having regarding short sales are still: paying taxes on a bank issued 1099, and the bank coming after them for the difference between what they owe and price the house will sell for.

1. Receiving a 1099 and paying additional taxes to State and Federal

The paying of additional Federal taxes (1099 for the loan deficiency) went away* with The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, and is set to remain in effect until 12/31/12

The paying of additional State taxes (1099 for the loan deficiency) went away* when California conformed to the Act on 4/12/2010 through Senate Bill 401

2. That the bank that the bank will come after them for the loan deficiency

Obtaining a full and final satisfaction of the trust deed should always be part of the short sale negotiation with the lender.

However, effective 1/1/2011, the concern about a deficiency judgment after a short sale on a 1sttrust deed, went away** with SB 931 going into effect

AND NOW, with the passing of SB 458 on 7/15/2011, the concern about a deficiency judgment after a short sale on a 2nd , 3rd, etc. Trust Deed just went away**


It is pretty clear now that, for most people, if you can’t afford to hold onto your house, or obtain a successful loan mod, the ABSOLUTE BEST THING TO DO IS A SHORT SALE. And don't wait until it's too late!

Lenders are getting their act together, and we are seeing an escalation of foreclosure activity by the banks recently. If you are in this situation (or you know someone who is) NOW IS THE TIME to contact a Realtor who is experienced with the foreclosure and short sale process to see what options are available to you. (Note: even if you have an Auction Date, it may not be too late to try to get a short sale submitted, and the Trustee Sale date postponed)

"Distressed homeowners tend to just bury their heads in the sand" according to June DeMott, Assistant Vice President in the California Short Sale Department, who I met last week. She's right. I see this time and time again ... too many times, people waiting until the last minute and then scurrying around trying to do something about it at the last minute.

I confess. That's exactly what I did almost 3 years ago when I was losing my home that I had put almost $70,000 down on. I buried my head in the sand for several months before trying to get a loan mod (got denied), and trying to short sale (didn't work). I am thankful to be in great place right now, but I remember how hard it was going through all those different processes. It's not easy. But you need to try. You don't want to regret later that you didn't try a loan mod, or that you didn't try a short sale. It is good that the government has put laws like this in place to try to make it at least a little easier for a fresh start for those who try and succeed.

There IS a light at the end of the tunnel, but "y'all gotta git through that tunnel first"!

*Please check with your tax professional to make sure you qualify for this.

**There are a few stipulations to the SB 931 and SB 458 that you will want to review to make sure you qualify. For example, if you decide to get mad and tear up your house before you leave it, this is called “bad faith waste”, and there is no deficiency protection.

For links to these Senate Bills & Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act go to our website:

Tony Amatulli at French Valley Cafe, an Interview

tony amatulliOne thing's for certain, when you meet Tony Amatulli, you don't forget him.

The 52 year old owner of Amatulli Auto Parts has a big smile with red rosy cheeks, a friendly and gentle demeanor, and a firm handshake. After being mentioned in The Californian last week as a possible choice to take over Fred Twyman's city council seat, I wanted to get to know the man.

I waited for him a few nights ago at French Valley Cafe during karaoke night. I heard someone say, "Hey Tony!". I looked towards the door and there he walked in, a big guy with a big grin on his face. I could tell he was a regular here, everyone greeted him. Just like an episode of "Cheers!" And after having listened to him belt out rendentions of Frank Sinatra's "The Summer Wind", and Dean Martin's "That's Amore", I learned he can sing too.

I asked him how his name got mentioned in the papers as a choice for city council. "I didn't even know I was mentioned in the papers", he said with a chuckle. "It wasn't until the next day when people started telling me about it."

"If you get picked to be on the city council, would you accept?" I asked him. "Absolutely" he replied.

In 2008, when Menifee cityhood came up for ballot, Amatulli ran for city council. He didn't make it, placing 14th in a field of 19 candidates. I asked him why he ran for council.

"I didnt think there was enough diversification when I found out who was running." he explained. "My store used to be next to the Ponderosa, and I was part of the Perris Chamber and the Sun City Chamber. I got more involved with the Chamber and I became part of the Board and got to know all those people well. And a lot of those people were part of the cityhood effort, and then those people ran for city council. I figured there's got to be more people than the same old people. So I threw my hat into the ring."

Amatulli grew up in Riverside, a graduate of Notre Dame High School, and spent three years studying at Cal Poly Pomona. He bought his auto parts store in 1983, and then relocated to Menifee in 2000, having bought five acres with his brother. He now lives on an acre of that land.

"I always felt that Menifee didn't have an identity", he went on to say. "Temecula has its wineries, but what does Menifee have? Let's attach something to it, whether it be golf courses, or arts. I remember listening to Bill Rawlings (Menifee City Manager) say that Menifee residents spend $10 to $11 million a year in Temecula. I was astounded! I think we need more activities in Menifee. It's amazing the discrepancy on the money residents spend outside Menifee."

"We can't have 60 to 80 thousand people driving to work in San Diego or Orange County", he continued. "I've always felt that for people to enjoy their homes, they have to see them, and how can you if you're away from home 11-12 hours of the day? We need a job base here, we need a tax base."

As for improving the roads and bridges in Menifee, Amatulli seems to think it should be the city's top priority. "That's something I ran on in 2008. We need more roads and better roads. It doesn't matter how many lanes we widen the freeway, we have to find other ways to get to Perris or Murrieta, without getting on the freeway."

"Are you for slow growth?" I asked Tony. "No. But I am for growth that benefits everyone, particularly for the residents who are already here. We have something like 80,000 people in Menifee. That's a really big town. But we don't have enough shopping and dining to keep their dollars in Menifee."

I also asked him his thoughts on the Town Center project proposed by Regent Properties, a mixed use development of homes, stores, businesses, arts, sports, targeted for the corner of Newport Rd and Haun.

"When I was part of the Chamber, I reviewed the Regents proposal, and I think its the right idea for Menifee." he explained. "We need places where people can live, work and shop in the same place. You have stores and restaurants on the bottom floor, doctors and law offices on the second floor, and residences on the top. It cuts down on traffic and keeps more dollars in Menifee."

Tony is the oldest of five kids. His parents are Democrats, but he's a conservative, and he's spent the last 30 years of his life selling auto parts. "I've always been a customer service kind of guy", he said. "There are times I feel the burden of business, but then again I'm still here. My doors are still open. That's what I see for Menifee. We gotta take care of the people who live in our city. Treat them like you would anyone else."

"Why do you think you'd make a good city councilman?" I asked Tony. He answered, "I always felt I was good at listening to both sides of the issue before making a determination. I want to hear what people have to say."

Suspect Arrested for Diesel Fuel Theft From Menifee Construction Site

Yesterday Menifee Police arrested 41 year old David Alan Box from Lake Elsinore after observing him pumping diesel fuel from of a forklift into a 300 gallon fuel cell in the bed of his pickup truck at a construction site on the corner of Railroad Canyon Rd and Normandy Road.

Box was charged with theft of diesel fuel, possession of stolen property, and violation of a court imposed probation for previous fuel thefts, and booked into the Southwest Jail. His white 1991 Ford F-250 pick-up truck, along with fuel tank, was impounded.

david alan box
Metal theft, construction equipment thefts, and fuel thefts are on the rise according to Menifee Police Department's Special Enforcement Team. To combat the recent increases, the Department has stepped up its efforts.

Anyone with any additional information about the suspect or any persons working in conjunction to engage in the theft of diesel fuel from construction equipment or semi-trucks is encouraged to contact the Special Enforcement Team at (951) 210-1000.

Lake Menifee Women's Club's First Annual Purse Auction

On Tuesday night, July 12th, members and guests of Lake Menifee Women’s Club united together at Wheatfield Park Community Center to participate in their First Annual Purse Auction. Lake Menifee Women’s Club is a prospering club for local women who reside in Menifee to take part in social events that benefit specific causes. Their First Annual Purse Auction’s leading focus was to help raise money to donate to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.

menifee purse auction
Ivette Taylor, club treasurer and auctioneer for the evening, stated, “Our goal is to create a fun environment for our members. For our nonmembers, we want to show how much fun it is to be here and give back to the community.” Lake Menifee Women’s Club presented the idea of getting more women involved to help improve the community. The club provides events like the Annual Purse Auction in order to draw them into administering a helping hand.

The evening launched off with a brief amount of mingling and a serving of light snacks and beverages such as vegetables, dip, crackers with cheese, cookies, soda, water, and wine. At this time, women with purses available for donation brought them up to the front of the room for display. A large variety of around 70 purses were kindly donated by women and guests of Lake Menifee Women’s Club to be left up for auction. All attendees were given a raffle ticket upon registration to take part in the raffle held at the end of the auction.

purse auctionThe auction then proceeded after the room accumulated nearly 30 participants. 18 purses were successfully sold before a brief intermission took place. During this time, Club President Gloria Hetland was able to say a few words about Lake Menifee Women’s Club’s motivation for such events. “We, as members of our community are to help our community,” Gloria affirmed, “Our priority is to give back to people.” Lake Menifee Women’s Club strives to utilize their ability to improve the community.

As the purse auction continued, an additional six purses were sold to conclude the night’s auction. The purses remaining were available for sale to any individuals interested in purchasing. In addition to the purse auction a raffle was held to end the night. Three gift baskets filled with a collection of enticing treats were available as raffle prizes. Lake Menifee Women’s Club made a $500 profit by the end of the night. In addition to the $500 raised, the club donated another $500 of its own funds. All proceeds made were bestowed to Loma Linda’s Children Hospital.

lake menifee womens club

Menifee Property Manager Seeks Local Homeowners In Need of Tenants

Menifee Property ManagerMenifee Property Manager Melody Sheridan of Diamond Key Properties is in the market for local estates in need of tenants. She and her associates offer a full-fledged management service to help landlords rule their roost while they’re away.

“Our property management service will take care of everything,” said Sheridan, who has been overseeing estates for years. “We’ll undertake the day-to-day operations for homeowners leasing their property in Menifee.”

These operations include tenant screening, maintenance and repairs, timely rent collections, regular property inspections with photos, and more. “We offer a number of different services to really help out our customers,” she said.

Diamond Key Properties can also provide landlords with a free market analysis of rents and sales comparables, move-in and move-out documentation with photos, monthly and yearly statements, direct deposits, as well as tenant online payment options for quicker rent collections. They’ll even handle evictions when necessary.

This Menifee property manager guarantees prospective clients that her associates will find them suitable tenants. “We make sure that the individuals who rent from our customers are qualified and responsible,” said Sheridan, whose associates run extensive background checks on potential renters. “We want things to go off without a hitch.”

Diamond Key Properties provides their expertise in property management at a reasonable rate. “Our prices are very competitive, and there are no hidden fees,” said Sheridan. Customers pay a one-time tenant placement fee once a qualified renter is selected to lease their property. From there on landlords are charged a small monthly fee for property management on a monthly basis.

“Diamond Key Properties is dedicated to delivering excellent service,” said Sheridan. “As part of our property management service, our goal is to provide customers with adequate tenant placement so that they don’t have to do it on their own.”

If you are in need of a Menifee property manager visit Diamond Key Properties at or call (951) 442-2118 for more information.

North Golf Course in Sun City Revitalizes Its Putting Greens

Sun City North Golf Course has rolled out an emerald carpet that’s turned surrounding courses green with envy. After a major cosmetic project teed off last year, the 18-hole stretch now offers some of the best greens in town.

North Golf Course Superintendent Carlos Ulloa was hired in July 2010 to rehabilitate the course’s neglected putting greens. “When I got here a lot of the greens were dirt,” he recalled. “It was unacceptable.”

Ulloa applied his 16 years of experience in golf course keeping to the nearly yearlong undertaking that restored North Course’s lackluster greens and fairways. “I guess the previous superintendent was just watering the greens and using the cheapest fertilizer,” he said.

north golf course sun city
Local golfers say North Golf Course of Sun City has some of the best putting greens in the area.

Revitalization of the greens began by forming a fertilizer regiment to provide the nutrient deficient soil with vital elements such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. A growth regulator was used to kill weeds and cover bald spots within the course. As grass began to sprout, it was vertically mowed to allow air, water and fertilizer to seep into the soil. A light top dressing of fine grain sand was added to firm the greens.

It took Ulloa almost eight months to cultivate grass healthy enough to withstand weather conditions and customer traffic. He grew Bent/Poa for the greens, and Bermuda for the fairways.

“Carlos really turned the greens around,” said North Golf Course General Manager Jim Spooner. “They were in terrible shape.”

A wholesome green is key to a good round of golf, as well as a necessity for a golf club’s success. “Revitalizing the greens actually gained us new business,” said Spooner. “Our revenue has picked up because of it.”

north golf course greens keeper
Superintendent of North Golf Course, Carlos Ulloa, stands outside of his office where he keeps
the tools and machinery used to maintain the grounds.

In order to keep the golf balls rolling, Ulloa follows a routine to prevent spongy grass and ensure smooth putting greens. He fertilizes every two weeks, and twice a year he aerates or ‘punches the greens’ using a machine to poke holes into the ground and remove old soil. He sprays fungicide onto the grass regularly to combat diseases, and waters the greens every evening for 15 minutes.

“As long as your greens are good, customers will come because that is your bread and butter,” said Ulloa. He is currently earning a certificate in Turf Management at Mt. San Jacinto Community College.

North Golf Course is located at 26660 McCall Blvd. For more information visit or call (951) 679-5111.

Hot Country Night To Benefit Canine Support Teams, Sunday, August 14

Canine Support Teams, a 501(c)(3) non-profit group that trains service dogs for the disabled, will be holding a fundraiser on August 14, 2011 to benefit the PAWZ for Wounded Veterans Program. “HOT Country Night... Benefiting Those Who Have Served Our Country” is being held at the Wooden Nickel Ranch, 25690 Holland Road, Menifee, CA 92584 on Sunday, August 14, 2011 from 4pm to 8pm.

The public is invited to enjoy good food, good music and good times, all for a good cause. The family event offers a barbecue, face painting, service dog demonstration, raffle and silent auction items, dancing, and live music featuring The Silverados.

Ticket prices are Adult $20 in advance or $25 at the gate and kids under 12, $15 in advance or $20 at the gate.

Canine Support Teams currently has approximately 15 wounded veterans waiting for a trained assistance dog. With the average cost of $15,000 to train a service dog, the non-profit group is constantly seeking funds.

To learn more, visit, or see the flyer posted here...

The City Gets An Opportunity to Dress Up An Unsightly Cellphone Tower

If all goes well, the City of Menifee may get a chance to conceal a rather tall, unsightly, cell phone tower as a tree or windmill.

Yesterday, the Planning Commission listened to representatives from Metro PCS, a pre-paid wireless communications company, seeking to add its own antennas on an existing cellphone tower.

The tower, located 25770 Bundy Canyon Road, was originally placed there in 2000 with approval from the County of Riverside, back before Menifee had become a city. Since then, the City of Menifee adopted requirements on cellphone towers, particularly that they cannot exceed 70 feet in height.

But this particular tower is nearly 107 feet tall, having been grandfathered in before the city adopted any requirements.

City Hall wanted to deny Metro PCS' application on grounds that the tower is out of compliance, even though it was grandfathered in, thereby putting pressure on the tower's owner, American Tower Corp, to replace it with a shorter tower, or force Metro PCS to erect an additional tower.

However Metro PCS didn't want to erect its own tower citing costs, and preferred to utilize available space on this existing tower.

metro pcs cell tower
Metro PCS claimed it has approximately one million users throughout the greater Los Angeles area, which it considers Menifee to be a part of. They exhibited a chart showing how much lack of coverage Metro PCS customers in Menifee experience, versus how much improved coverage they'll get if allowed to place their antennas on this cell tower.

"This is also a safety issue" claimed a representative of Metro PCS. "We have the opportunity to improve 9-1-1 coverage in this area."

The five members of the Planning Commission discussed issues and options including alternate cell tower locations and increased electric and magnetic fields. But after Metro PCS explained they already evaluated alternate locations and that adding their antennas to the tower would not pose any additional EMF hazards, the Commission seemed divided on finding a resolution.

"I'd rather see five users on a tower than put up five more towers", planning commissioner Bill Zimmerman spoke. "Let's find a workable solution: the best case scenario is where Metro PCS can increase its coverage, and the City has an opportunity to turn this tower into something more visually appealing."

Zimmerman went on to ask representatives of Metro PCS and American Tower Corp if they'd be willing to present plans to decorate the tower as a tree, windmill, or water tank. Bonnie Blair, legal counsel for American Tower Corp responded that they'd be willing to work with city staff to find a solution, but that cosmetic changes Zimmerman suggested could cost as much as $500,000.00.

Commissioner Mark Matelko argued that, "Two wrongs don't make a right", referring to the cell tower already being out of code. Zimmerman responded back, "Even if we deny this application, the tower is still going to be there. At least we now have the opportunity to make it look better."

In the end the Commission voted to delay their decision, giving Metro PCS and American Tower Corp another two weeks to present plans to make cosmetic changes to the tower. On August 8th another hearing will take place.

Existing Metro PCS coverage in Menifee (white area represents no coverage).

Improved Metro PCS coverage in Menifee if allowed to place their antennas on tower.

Photograph of Menifee's Boat

Ted Davis of Sun City submitted this photo of the boat in Menifee, visible along the I-215.

"I've passed this site a million times going south on 215 and it almost always gets my glance. Anyway, I got closer and shot some pictures. I had one enlarged to a 11 x 14 and framed it and gave to my son who had just moved into his new apt near the Menifee Valley Hospital. He said 'pop send this to the city' , they might enjoy it as much as we have."

Thanks Ted!

Seven Names Being Mentioned For Twyman's City Council Seat

The Californian ran an article a few days ago that named as many as seven persons with a chance at getting appointed to the city council seat left vacant after Fred Twyman passed away.

Among those named...

Scott Mann
Carol Sullivan
Dean Deines
Marc Miller
Tony Amatulli
Bill Zimmerman
Chris Thomas

According to the article, it's likely that the city council will appoint someone to fill the vacant seat.

So, if it's done by appointment, that appointee has to win votes from at least three of the four seated council members, Wallace Edgerton, John Denver, Darcy Kuenzi, and Tom Fuhrman.

The article in The Californian gave a lot of press coverage to Scott Mann. However, it seems unlikely he can get three of those four votes. For one, he was defeated by Tom Fuhrman, who was quoted in the article saying that he's actually in favor of appointing Marc Miller. The article also quoted Darcy Kuenzi in such a way to suggest that she wouldn't be giving him the nod either.

Also consider that with the new 2010 Census data available, the city council districts will be redrawn. Whoever gets appointed will likely run for reelection in 2012, when Twyman's seat expires. The four city council members will likely appoint someone who won't conflict with their respective districts.

Which of the names listed above has the best shot of getting at least three thumbs up from the four council members?

Changes at MSJC Enrollment for the Fall Semester

Back to school time is quickly upon us college bound students. I will give you a few minutes to soak it in... For those in disbelief, yes, it is almost that time of the year; time for the fall semester at Mount San Jacinto Community College.

If you are new to the college this semester there are a few things you need to know. For instance, if you decide you would like to park in the parking lots at the college, you must have a parking permit—this costs $20, and is located on the college's website, in your MSJC blackboard under Student Eagle Advisor. You first look for it under “Purchase Parking Permits, ASB sticker/other fees; select the semester you require it for then pay for it under “Make a Payment” and voila, you are done!

Also, note that unit fees will go up to $36 a unit effective this Fall semester as well. Make a Payment is where you will pay for your classes if financial aid does not cover the unit fees.

Those of you that do not wish to purchase a parking permit, you can park around the college on La Piedra by the church or sidewalks. Be aware though that if you are caught in the parking lot with no parking permit you will be fined $20.

However, there is something new to the college this semester. Under the Make a Payment link, you will notice there is now a $6.00 fee you are required to pay. What is this for you may ask? This is for the RTA GoPass. There was a vote in reference to GoPass to see if it should still be considered free, or if there should be a fee. The students voted back in the spring semester for a $6.00 fee for the next 5 YEARS. Every student must pay this fee, and will receive a special card and sticker that they can pick up at the main office at Enrollment Services. This still does the same thing as the GoPass sticker does, except it is on a special card that is swiped on the bus where the fee is waived. This new fee must be paid within 4 days after registering for classes or an “outstanding” will be on your record that you must pay. This fee will not be covered by financial aid or waived.

BE AWARE, students who drop all courses for the semester will be considered ineligible for the RTA GoPass program and their card will no longer work when swiped. Students who have paid this fee may visit any of the various campuses to pick up their card, and old student I.D. cards with GoPass stickers attached will not be valid to ride the bus. You MUST have this new card in order to ride the bus.

For ride start/end dates students should go to the webpage and view the Fall 2011 important dates’ calendar - also good for refund dates. Those of you who may want to take the bus; I have included the routes to and from the MSJC campuses.

You may also find these routes on the MSJC home page when you search for “Go Pass.”...

Routes to and from MSJC campuses include:
Route 31 | Beaumont, Banning to San Jacinto & Hemet Valley Mall
Route 32 | Hemet Valley Mall to Mt. San Jacinto College - San Jacinto
Route 61 | Sun City, Menifee, Murrieta, Temecula
Route 74 | San Jacinto, Hemet, Winchester, Menifee, Sun City, Perris
Route 79 | Hemet, Winchester, Temecula

Knife Fight in Quail Valley Leads to Life Threatening Injuries and Arrest

Yesterday, July 11, 2011, about 2:30 PM, officers from the Menifee Police Department responded to a 9-1-1 call in reference to an assault with a deadly weapon that had just occurred on the 23000 block of Circle Drive in Quail Valley.

When they arrived on the scene, they found a 28-year-old male with a severe leg wound. Officers learned that a fight had occurred between a 19-year-old male and the 28-year-old suspect. During the fight, the 28-year-old male pulled out a knife and attempted to stab the 19-year-old. During the attempt, the 28-year-old suspect cut his own leg with the knife, and then stabbed the 19-year-old several times. The victim was gone from the location upon officers' arriving. The suspect was treated at the scene and transported to the hospital.

A short time later, officers learned that the 19-year-old male had arrived at Menifee Valley Hospital with stab wounds. An officer responded to the hospital to interview the victim. Both the suspect and victim had possible-life threatening knife wounds and were treated at the hospital.

The 28-year-old male was arrested and charged with 664/187 PC – Attempted Murder and 245 PC – Assault With a Deadly Weapon.

If anyone has information regarding this or other incidents, they are encouraged to contact Deputy James Updike from the Menifee Police Department at (951) 210-1000.

Royal American Financial Advisors Show Client Appreciation with Family Fun Day

At Newport Commons on Saturday afternoon, July 9th, Royal American Financial Advisors put on a “Royal American Family Fun Day” to show client appreciation and to bring their clients a wonderful day of genuine family fun.

A section of the Newport Commons parking lot was coned off and decorated with an array of activities for people of all ages. Around 60 individuals consisted of local families made their appearance to enjoy good food, good music, a raffle and fun family games.

Royal American Financial Advisors show a deep dedication to their clients and care more about their clients’ well-being over anything. The “Royal American Family Fun Day” was one marvelous way to demonstrate that. “We have a duty to our clients that we take very seriously,” said Investment Coach, John Borger. "We have a deep dedication to our clients and this Family Fun Day is just one of the ways we demonstrate that."

Investment Coach Scott Buchanan expressed that the Family Fun Day is another way to reach out to their clients in a relaxed and fun way. “We want to provide ongoing education so that investors who are just regular people don’t get lead astray,” Buchanan stated. “We encourage and coach on a daily basis. It’s our love and our passion,” he added.

In the crowd of vernacular individuals, Felicitas was able to describe her commendable experiences with Royal American Financial Advisors. “They’re wonderful people who treat you like a human being. They are very concerned with you and they always keep in touch with you,” Felicitas declared. After finding the company sporadically while reading a magazine, Felicitas claims she is very happy to be a client of Royal American Financial Advisors.

The “Royal American Family Fun Day” was a complimentary all-inclusive event. The afternoon started off with a barbecue at the food tent which provided everyone with a delicious assortment of foods and beverages such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, pasta salad, fruit, chips, cookies, soda and water. The surrounding areas were filled a large variety of all-age related activities.A jolly jump, Velcro jump, human-sized chess set, and mini-golf arrangement were open for all attendees to play with. Also in the midst of these entertaining endeavors, a dunk tank game was compiled for a good laugh. Many were able to participate in a Barrel Toss Game and Spin-the-Wheel Game both set up for winning raffle tickets. These two games specifically targeted practical financial situations faced in the real world so that clients and their families could learn more about investing while playing and having fun. Children were also able to get their face painted and receive balloon animals throughout the day.

At 1:00 PM, more than half of the crowd stepped inside one of the buildings for the Reptile Show. Children and their parents were taught interesting facts about reptiles in an interactive presentation while getting to touch some of the animals. A Comedy and Magic Show followed at 2:00 PM. The closing celebration was a gratuitous raffle to win prizes for all who participated. Royal American Financial Advisors created a delightful atmosphere for all families to enjoy which in turn made a beneficial impact to the company's customer satisfaction.

For more information on Royal American Financial Advisors visit:

The Grand Enigmas of Investing, Part 1

Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC, based here in Menifee, brings another weekly video on investing your money.

"The Grand Enigmas of Investing, Part 1" explores the things that are hard to understand for investors. As an investor, you must be able to resolve these enigmas in your mind to be successful over your lifetime. In this series of enigmas (part 1 of 4) Mark explains Enigma #1: Past superior performance of a fund manager is not predictive of future superior performance...

John Borger and Scott Buchanan of Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC provide investor education to help investors avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes, increase their potential returns, and take a more prudent approach to investing and growing their wealth.

You may contact them at (951) 679-2065, or check out their website at:

LifeStream Blood Drive Held In Honor of Fred Twyman

lifestream bloodYesterday at Countryside Marketplace, a LifeStream Blood Drive was held from 10 A.M to 3 P.M. to honor the late Fred Twyman, a Menifee City Councilman and Paloma Valley High School teacher. The Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce and the staff of Paloma Valley High School joined forces in order to make the blood drive possible.

Twyman was known for administering blood drives offered for kids attending Paloma Valley High School every school year. In his love for helping others, Fred Twyman accumulated around 43,000 units of blood all together from his years of monitoring blood drives.

blood donorsOn a hot Friday afternoon, friends, family, chamber members, and local citizens attended the blood drive to show appreciation of Twyman and the deeds he accomplished for the community. Three LifeStream trucks were set up in the shopping center parking lot along with tents for registration and a waiting area. With all the efforts put into the day, LifeStream collected over 45 units of blood donations from over 50 individuals. All individuals who donated blood were provided with snacks, refreshments, a resting area, and a Baskin Robins "Pint For A Pint" coupon awarding donors with a free pint of any flavor of ice cream. Donors also received pencils engraved with the words "Fred Twyman III 1965-2011".

Fred Twyman will always be recognized as an accomplished citizen who wanted to help others grow and thrive. In donating blood, you are helping others do so. Members of the City Chamber and Paloma Valley High School wanted to present that idea to our community in administering this blood drive in honor of Fred Twyman.