Seven Names Being Mentioned For Twyman's City Council Seat

The Californian ran an article a few days ago that named as many as seven persons with a chance at getting appointed to the city council se...

The Californian ran an article a few days ago that named as many as seven persons with a chance at getting appointed to the city council seat left vacant after Fred Twyman passed away.

Among those named...

Scott Mann
Carol Sullivan
Dean Deines
Marc Miller
Tony Amatulli
Bill Zimmerman
Chris Thomas

According to the article, it's likely that the city council will appoint someone to fill the vacant seat.

So, if it's done by appointment, that appointee has to win votes from at least three of the four seated council members, Wallace Edgerton, John Denver, Darcy Kuenzi, and Tom Fuhrman.

The article in The Californian gave a lot of press coverage to Scott Mann. However, it seems unlikely he can get three of those four votes. For one, he was defeated by Tom Fuhrman, who was quoted in the article saying that he's actually in favor of appointing Marc Miller. The article also quoted Darcy Kuenzi in such a way to suggest that she wouldn't be giving him the nod either.

Also consider that with the new 2010 Census data available, the city council districts will be redrawn. Whoever gets appointed will likely run for reelection in 2012, when Twyman's seat expires. The four city council members will likely appoint someone who won't conflict with their respective districts.

Which of the names listed above has the best shot of getting at least three thumbs up from the four council members?


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  1. It will be someone other than who is listed above.

  2. none of these....somebody with education, and has city experience

  3. Interesting question.
    My husband and I attend meetings of both Council and Commissions when we can. Two people come to our minds. Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Liesemeyer who are on the Planning Commission stand out as having a professional attitude and ability to handle the job. They have good ideas and do not back down to pushy developers.
    They have city experience, which will be good.

  4. Scott Mann would be the best choice for Menifee, since he is the one who spearheaded the audit which found the financial discrepancies in payments to the consultants, resulting in the resignation of the former City Manager. With all the current financial difficulties the City is facing due to what Governor Brown has done to the tax structure, Scott Mann may be the ONLY choice. Call your council member and remind them of what Scott Mann has done for the City of Menifee, which in this Poster's opinion is save us from another City of Bell SCANDAL.