Changes at MSJC Enrollment for the Fall Semester

Back to school time is quickly upon us college bound students. I will give you a few minutes to soak it in... For those in disbelief, yes, i...

Back to school time is quickly upon us college bound students. I will give you a few minutes to soak it in... For those in disbelief, yes, it is almost that time of the year; time for the fall semester at Mount San Jacinto Community College.

If you are new to the college this semester there are a few things you need to know. For instance, if you decide you would like to park in the parking lots at the college, you must have a parking permit—this costs $20, and is located on the college's website, in your MSJC blackboard under Student Eagle Advisor. You first look for it under “Purchase Parking Permits, ASB sticker/other fees; select the semester you require it for then pay for it under “Make a Payment” and voila, you are done!

Also, note that unit fees will go up to $36 a unit effective this Fall semester as well. Make a Payment is where you will pay for your classes if financial aid does not cover the unit fees.

Those of you that do not wish to purchase a parking permit, you can park around the college on La Piedra by the church or sidewalks. Be aware though that if you are caught in the parking lot with no parking permit you will be fined $20.

However, there is something new to the college this semester. Under the Make a Payment link, you will notice there is now a $6.00 fee you are required to pay. What is this for you may ask? This is for the RTA GoPass. There was a vote in reference to GoPass to see if it should still be considered free, or if there should be a fee. The students voted back in the spring semester for a $6.00 fee for the next 5 YEARS. Every student must pay this fee, and will receive a special card and sticker that they can pick up at the main office at Enrollment Services. This still does the same thing as the GoPass sticker does, except it is on a special card that is swiped on the bus where the fee is waived. This new fee must be paid within 4 days after registering for classes or an “outstanding” will be on your record that you must pay. This fee will not be covered by financial aid or waived.

BE AWARE, students who drop all courses for the semester will be considered ineligible for the RTA GoPass program and their card will no longer work when swiped. Students who have paid this fee may visit any of the various campuses to pick up their card, and old student I.D. cards with GoPass stickers attached will not be valid to ride the bus. You MUST have this new card in order to ride the bus.

For ride start/end dates students should go to the webpage and view the Fall 2011 important dates’ calendar - also good for refund dates. Those of you who may want to take the bus; I have included the routes to and from the MSJC campuses.

You may also find these routes on the MSJC home page when you search for “Go Pass.”...

Routes to and from MSJC campuses include:
Route 31