Go Pass Helps MSJC Students Save Money on Gas

Gas prices are rising, once again. Gas has gone from $3.12 a gallon to now almost $4.00 a gallon! Wi...

Gas prices are rising, once again. Gas has gone from $3.12 a gallon to now almost $4.00 a gallon! With the economy the way it is today, my job has put me on call...with a college student budget, gas cuts my paycheck almost under half—when I have work that is. Not only that, but my boyfriend also uses my car because it takes less in gas than his does, so we try to save our money when we can. However, with gas prices rising, it makes managing money a lot worse. So what is a college student to do with this crisis?

The answer is the Go Pass. Mt. San Jacinto College has incorporated a new way for students to get to and from their many campuses! The Go Pass is free, but it is per semester only. Therefore, every new semester you will have to go to the enrollment services office to pick up another one. The good thing about Go Pass is that not only do you not spend money on gas, but also the RTA will take you anywhere free of charge, for example, to work, the mall, or school—as long as you have the Go Pass on your current Student I.D. card.

This has to be one of the best ideas I have ever heard of. Hassle free parking; count me in! Parking is awful on the campus! The RTA will alleviate all students from having to wait for a parking spot. I know it takes me 20 minutes sometimes! Not sure, which bus stops to go too? If you type in www.MSJC.edu/GoPass, it has the routes right on the page! Route 61 is the bus I would take. In addition, if you are not sure of the pickup or drop-off times, the RTA transit website http://www.riversidetransit.com/home/index.htm will tell you what bus route you need, the pickup times and the drop off times. This website also will inform you of any delays or cancellation in bus routes.

The Go Pass is a great idea. I received mine a few weeks ago. Do your wallet a favor, save the money for other things. Who knows, from using the bus you could save yourself a ton of money each month.


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