Photograph of Menifee's Boat

Ted Davis of Sun City submitted this photo of the boat in Menifee, visible along the I-215.

"I've passed this site a million times going south on 215 and it almost always gets my glance. Anyway, I got closer and shot some pictures. I had one enlarged to a 11 x 14 and framed it and gave to my son who had just moved into his new apt near the Menifee Valley Hospital. He said 'pop send this to the city' , they might enjoy it as much as we have."

Thanks Ted!


  1. I was standing in line at the "Block" a mall in the City of Orange and spoke to another lady in line who said she used to live in Menifee and still owned property , she asked me if I had seen the boat off of the 215 FWY ,of course who hasn't , she said she owns the land where that boat sets. Wow, what a small world , I have been here since 1994 so I know I have driven passed that boat a few times

  2. I've lived in Menifee since 1979. I was just a child when we moved here. It has been there as long as I can remember and as a kid the I imagined that boat was Noah's Ark and that is where it landed and has been since the flood! LOL It looked much larger to me then, and there were a lot of wild animals around here, so it seemed very logical to me at the time! :)

  3. Its not a boat from what I have been told. I have been told it is a mold for a boat

  4. your probably right

  5. I believe it's a mold for swimming pools, that's what an old timer around here told me years ago...


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