Suspect Arrested for Diesel Fuel Theft From Menifee Construction Site

Yesterday Menifee Police arrested 41 year old David Alan Box from Lake Elsinore after observing him ...

Yesterday Menifee Police arrested 41 year old David Alan Box from Lake Elsinore after observing him pumping diesel fuel from of a forklift into a 300 gallon fuel cell in the bed of his pickup truck at a construction site on the corner of Railroad Canyon Rd and Normandy Road.

Box was charged with theft of diesel fuel, possession of stolen property, and violation of a court imposed probation for previous fuel thefts, and booked into the Southwest Jail. His white 1991 Ford F-250 pick-up truck, along with fuel tank, was impounded.

david alan box
Metal theft, construction equipment thefts, and fuel thefts are on the rise according to Menifee Police Department's Special Enforcement Team. To combat the recent increases, the Department has stepped up its efforts.

Anyone with any additional information about the suspect or any persons working in conjunction to engage in the theft of diesel fuel from construction equipment or semi-trucks is encouraged to contact the Special Enforcement Team at (951) 210-1000.


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  1. So glad they caught this man. Diesel fuel theft is a horrible crime. It really hits the victims hard in the pockets. Its already difficult enough to stay in business in the construction industry. Kudos and keep up the good work Menifee Police Department Special Enforcement Team on catching these people!!

  2. IF he cant affort diesel he should convert over to BIO-DIESEL and use McDonalds french fry oil it burns the same. Just needs some filtering and a warmer. He would just need Diesel to start the engine is all.

  3. Yep....has happened to me! Didn't realize it at first, just thought I ran out fast but the neighbor across the street would completely fuel up and be totally empty the next day. We got to talking and realized we were being robbed. So glad they caught this jackass!!!

  4. WOW!! to all you people who always say hispanics do this kind of stuff, YOU JUST GOT TOLD!!!!!

  5. I own a small construction company, when stuff comes up missing from a job it cost me more then just the price of materials, kills me on hours and things. People like this need to dealt with to the full ex stint of the law.It kills me to see this happen. I own a few company's and work hard to put food on my table and the 70 or 80 people i employ. But the biggest thing is it is only going to get worse.

  6. About a two months ago I put about 40 bucks in my work truck heading home from work on a Friday (truck was parked all weekend). Then the following Monday, I was driving to work and saw my truck was empty. Initially it didn't hit me, but then about an hour went by and suddenly realized I had been robbed.

  7. I didn't realize diesel theft was so common but it seems like just about everyone in these comments has been robbed at some point. Crazy.



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