Lake Menifee Women's Club's First Annual Purse Auction

On Tuesday night, July 12th, members and guests of Lake Menifee Women’s Club united together at Whea...

On Tuesday night, July 12th, members and guests of Lake Menifee Women’s Club united together at Wheatfield Park Community Center to participate in their First Annual Purse Auction. Lake Menifee Women’s Club is a prospering club for local women who reside in Menifee to take part in social events that benefit specific causes. Their First Annual Purse Auction’s leading focus was to help raise money to donate to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.

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Ivette Taylor, club treasurer and auctioneer for the evening, stated, “Our goal is to create a fun environment for our members. For our nonmembers, we want to show how much fun it is to be here and give back to the community.” Lake Menifee Women’s Club presented the idea of getting more women involved to help improve the community. The club provides events like the Annual Purse Auction in order to draw them into administering a helping hand.

The evening launched off with a brief amount of mingling and a serving of light snacks and beverages such as vegetables, dip, crackers with cheese, cookies, soda, water, and wine. At this time, women with purses available for donation brought them up to the front of the room for display. A large variety of around 70 purses were kindly donated by women and guests of Lake Menifee Women’s Club to be left up for auction. All attendees were given a raffle ticket upon registration to take part in the raffle held at the end of the auction.

purse auctionThe auction then proceeded after the room accumulated nearly 30 participants. 18 purses were successfully sold before a brief intermission took place. During this time, Club President Gloria Hetland was able to say a few words about Lake Menifee Women’s Club’s motivation for such events. “We, as members of our community are to help our community,” Gloria affirmed, “Our priority is to give back to people.” Lake Menifee Women’s Club strives to utilize their ability to improve the community.

As the purse auction continued, an additional six purses were sold to conclude the night’s auction. The purses remaining were available for sale to any individuals interested in purchasing. In addition to the purse auction a raffle was held to end the night. Three gift baskets filled with a collection of enticing treats were available as raffle prizes. Lake Menifee Women’s Club made a $500 profit by the end of the night. In addition to the $500 raised, the club donated another $500 of its own funds. All proceeds made were bestowed to Loma Linda’s Children Hospital.

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