Menifee Property Manager Seeks Local Homeowners In Need of Tenants

Menifee Property Manager Melody Sheridan of Diamond Key Properties is in the market for local estate...

Menifee Property ManagerMenifee Property Manager Melody Sheridan of Diamond Key Properties is in the market for local estates in need of tenants. She and her associates offer a full-fledged management service to help landlords rule their roost while they’re away.

“Our property management service will take care of everything,” said Sheridan, who has been overseeing estates for years. “We’ll undertake the day-to-day operations for homeowners leasing their property in Menifee.”

These operations include tenant screening, maintenance and repairs, timely rent collections, regular property inspections with photos, and more. “We offer a number of different services to really help out our customers,” she said.

Diamond Key Properties can also provide landlords with a free market analysis of rents and sales comparables, move-in and move-out documentation with photos, monthly and yearly statements, direct deposits, as well as tenant online payment options for quicker rent collections. They’ll even handle evictions when necessary.

This Menifee property manager guarantees prospective clients that her associates will find them suitable tenants. “We make sure that the individuals who rent from our customers are qualified and responsible,” said Sheridan, whose associates run extensive background checks on potential renters. “We want things to go off without a hitch.”

Diamond Key Properties provides their expertise in property management at a reasonable rate. “Our prices are very competitive, and there are no hidden fees,” said Sheridan. Customers pay a one-time tenant placement fee once a qualified renter is selected to lease their property. From there on landlords are charged a small monthly fee for property management on a monthly basis.

“Diamond Key Properties is dedicated to delivering excellent service,” said Sheridan. “As part of our property management service, our goal is to provide customers with adequate tenant placement so that they don’t have to do it on their own.”

If you are in need of a Menifee property manager visit Diamond Key Properties at or call (951) 442-2118 for more information.


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