Planning Commissioner Marc Miller has plans for Menifee City Council

marc miller
Marc Miller
Menifee Planning Commissioner Marc Miller will be one of many applicants vying for the vacant seat on city council this Friday. As an active community member and farmer, Miller said he possesses the time and dedication to move the city forward.

“I’ve been involved since day one,” said Miller, who spent years on the community economic development council that lead Menifee to cityhood. He bought Menifee Valley Farms in 1995 after earning a degree in business and working in the electronics, aerospace and medical industries. He was appointed to planning commission in 2009 by the late councilmember Fred Twyman.

“We were both open towards quality, not quantity,” Miller said of the similar views he shared with Twyman, whose seat he’s competing to fill. “If you build the city right, they will stay.”

Miller believes that the correct way to construct Menifee would be to follow the citizens’ vision. “They’ve laid out the template,” he said, adding that city council should present residents with a map that locates where development will take place. “The public has to know where this is going to occur, if this is going to occur, and at whose expense it is going to occur.”

In the future Miller would personally like to see business and rental parks, a quality downtown, open spaces, trails, and custom and sustainable homes. He is also in support of solar and wind energy instead of power lines. “We have to be innovative in our research and development,” he said.

The types of development Miller is opposed to are multiple-use buildings, where residents live on top and businesses work down below. “I don’t think the reality is here,” he said, arguing that structures like that are more suitable for beach cities. “But maybe years down the road when we run out land.”

Other issues Miller feels strongly about are foreclosures, firefighting, and code enforcement. In between emergency calls he would like to see city firefighters abate weeds and socialize with the public. He believes code enforcement should be complaint driven only and that “they shouldn’t be driving around looking for problems.” To avoid more foreclosures, he suggests developers “build what reality sets,” and base their prices off the median income of Menifee residents.

To solve these problems and more that city council is confronted with, Miller said that if he won the seat he would apply the Five W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. “I want to address the issues, bring things to light, and I want answers,” he said.

Besides being on planning commission Miller also serves as chairman for the Antelope-Menifee Rural Center and as treasurer for the Riverside County United Communities. When he is not dedicating time to the community, Miller works on his farm where he raises emus, llamas, peacocks, cockatiel, koi and more.

“I’d have fun on city council,” he said. “I’d make sure everything that comes in front of me would benefit the people.”


  1. Are you going to do a story on all who are applying?

  2. I'm a retired Firefighter, as I remember we didn't just sit around waiting for an emergency..We did weed abatement, business fire inspections, station and school show and tells, drills, certifications and showed up to City functions when requested on a regular base. Just going to the store turned into a show and tell.

  3. "base their (developers) prices off the median income of Menifee residents". Why would you do that? We need to encourage those with higher skill sets, education, and culture to come here, if not, we will become another Perris, or Moreno Valley. Don't tie the hands of developers. His statement about the five W's worry me, didn't they go out of 'style' around 1960, I don't know anyone in business refers to the five W's. We need somebody with a future insight and real time business sense, and to me, this article leads me to believe otherwise.

  4. I think everything that Mr. Miller said is the view of the majority of the residence in the city of Menifee. We want a person who will question development with the five W's because that is what is missing from this city council. None question anything they approve or read up on it with maybe the exception of Tom Fuhrman. We have plenty of people with higher skill sets, eduction and culture in the city of Menifee and they moved to this area because the price of homes was in the range of median income of Menifee residents and there own. Build homes in the price range people can afford and they will come and buy them. Marc Miller has the perfect approch to the betterment of the city of Menifee.

  5. QUESTION: If government dictates the price of housing isn't that technically "government or subsidized" housing?

    Similar to rent control in Santa Monica! Or, section 8 housing where rent's are limited and subsidized with government vouchers to pay the restricted rent.

    America is a free-market system and, in my opinion, a government official should not have a predisposed policy of limiting the free market; dictating what a business/business owner can charge for a product or service thereby limiting income. Rather, the price (of a home) should be driven by the market and supply & demand.

    This idea from Miller sounds too liberal for my liking. And it appears he's speaking out of both sides of his mouth: on one hand he wants to restrict home prices based on median income yet, on the other he's opposed to apartments.

  6. I used to work for the fire dept as well, and you're absolutely correct about what firemen do when NOT fighting a fire. I think this portrays exactly what is wrong in bringing folks in who have no clue what our services do, like code enforcement should only handle complaints! How many complaints will keep the guy busy every day. He appears not to know about the city and what folks do all day. Just bez your friends of friends doesn't necessarily mean your qualified for the position.

  7. Everything sound find until I got confused about being opposed to what are multiple-use buildings, where residents live on top and businesses work down below. “But maybe years down the road when we run out land.” And then saying your for open spaces, trails, and custom and sustainable homes. He is also in support of solar and wind energy instead of power lines. “We have to be innovative in our research and development,” he said.
    Right now we all are struggling to keep up with high prices do everything especially when you have kids a home-base business is a great way to be there for your kids save on another lease,utility deposits plus bills,childcare and gas or driving around pulluting the air. Home-base businesses help people with a foreclosure and single parents. We need to help people effort to stay in Menifee and frankly I think what makings Menifee is that there is both worlds here. That you feel relaxed to enjoy it in a civilized way.

  8. Not sure what Miller means when he says "the citizens have laid out the template".
    Where is this template? Can he provide please.

    What does Miller mean by "we need to be innovative in our R&D"?
    What department at the city does R&D?

    Miller mentions his "opposition to mixed-use devt.", which is Smart Growth Planning strategy. He is opposed to sustainable practices that educated land planners agree are both responsible policies, and enviromentally sound principles.

    This reader is also curious as to what Menifee's Code Enforcement team, as well as our local firefighters think of Miller's comments regarding their methods of operation.

  9. to 1:41PM I think the template he is referring to is the one the GPAC committee put together this past year on future growth. I don't believe we have a research and development dept, he most likely means planning dept. mixed use development is a very old and proven concept, you know your grandparents might have lived over the drug store, and then own the drug store beneath them. TO MY way of thinking, this looks like someone who drives to work, gets out of his parked car, walks into his office and sits down. Then reverse this in going home. His comments about the Fire dept and Code enforcement are very naive for someone who works here. just sayin......