Royal American Financial Advisors Show Client Appreciation with Family Fun Day

At Newport Commons on Saturday afternoon, July 9 th , Royal American Financial Advisors put on a “Ro...

At Newport Commons on Saturday afternoon, July 9th, Royal American Financial Advisors put on a “Royal American Family Fun Day” to show client appreciation and to bring their clients a wonderful day of genuine family fun.

A section of the Newport Commons parking lot was coned off and decorated with an array of activities for people of all ages. Around 60 individuals consisted of local families made their appearance to enjoy good food, good music, a raffle and fun family games.

Royal American Financial Advisors show a deep dedication to their clients and care more about their clients’ well-being over anything. The “Royal American Family Fun Day” was one marvelous way to demonstrate that. “We have a duty to our clients that we take very seriously,” said Investment Coach, John Borger. "We have a deep dedication to our clients and this Family Fun Day is just one of the ways we demonstrate that."

Investment Coach Scott Buchanan expressed that the Family Fun Day is another way to reach out to their clients in a relaxed and fun way. “We want to provide ongoing education so that investors who are just regular people don’t get lead astray,” Buchanan stated. “We encourage and coach on a daily basis. It’s our love and our passion,” he added.

In the crowd of vernacular individuals, Felicitas was able to describe her commendable experiences with Royal American Financial Advisors. “They’re wonderful people who treat you like a human being. They are very concerned with you and they always keep in touch with you,” Felicitas declared. After finding the company sporadically while reading a magazine, Felicitas claims she is very happy to be a client of Royal American Financial Advisors.

The “Royal American Family Fun Day” was a complimentary all-inclusive event. The afternoon started off with a barbecue at the food tent which provided everyone with a delicious assortment of foods and beverages such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, pasta salad, fruit, chips, cookies, soda and water. The surrounding areas were filled a large variety of all-age related activities.A jolly jump, Velcro jump, human-sized chess set, and mini-golf arrangement were open for all attendees to play with. Also in the midst of these entertaining endeavors, a dunk tank game was compiled for a good laugh. Many were able to participate in a Barrel Toss Game and Spin-the-Wheel Game both set up for winning raffle tickets. These two games specifically targeted practical financial situations faced in the real world so that clients and their families could learn more about investing while playing and having fun. Children were also able to get their face painted and receive balloon animals throughout the day.

At 1:00 PM, more than half of the crowd stepped inside one of the buildings for the Reptile Show. Children and their parents were taught interesting facts about reptiles in an interactive presentation while getting to touch some of the animals. A Comedy and Magic Show followed at 2:00 PM. The closing celebration was a gratuitous raffle to win prizes for all who participated. Royal American Financial Advisors