Scott Mann To Run for School Board

Records published by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters shows that former Menifee City Councilman Scott Mann has filed paperwork to r...

Records published by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters shows that former Menifee City Councilman Scott Mann has filed paperwork to run for a seat on the Menifee Union School District Board of Trustees.

Two seats are up for ballot this cycle, both being held by Bob O'Donnell and Rita Peters. O'Donnell has already filed for reelection.

Mann had previously been employed by the Menifee Union School District as a Risk Manager, and then went on to serve as assistant superintendent of finance at a school district in Del Mar.

The election is scheduled for November 8, 2011.


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  1. Please remember that this election would have taken place last year, if it wasn’t for Rita Peters and Bob O’Donnell voting to extend their term in office for an additional year. You have to wonder whose best interest these two have?


  2. I will only vote for a person that understands that the Menifee school district does NOT need four assistant superintendents. The board could do away with three of them and save the schools a lot of money. Both of my kids have grown up in this school district and over the years they have hired more and more district office people. Enough is enough. You could argue that the assistance superintendents have very important jobs. We live in hard time and the superintendent needs to step up and earn her keep. Not simply push it off on to her assistances. OC has 2; LA has 4 why do we (a small community) need four?

  3. precisely why educator's should not run for office-self-serving

  4. It seems he recently was not re-elected.
    Menifee voters were not happy that he tainted our relationship with neighboring City of Wildomar by trying to ram a dumb plan down their throats (DIF reduction).
    His arrogant attitude toward the public was unappreciated.
    After losing the City seat, Scott Mann ran for a seat on the board of County office of Education. He was interviewed, and turned down.
    Now he is coming back to be elected locally, this time MVUSD board. He has money from his campaign budget left over due to fund raising dinners/events hosted by Building Industry Assoc.
    So expect some glossy mailers, etc.

    Hopefully the folks around here have not forgotten.

  5. Why are people posting anonymously with regards to their opinions of candidates? If you don't have a backbone enough to say who you are, then I'm not interested in your opinion.



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