Menifee Valley Medical Center Ranked "Worse" For Hip Fracture Conditions

Yesterday, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), a California agency that studies the effectiveness of hospitals, announced the results of a study regarding mortality rates at 335 California hospitals for six specific diagnoses and six specific procedures.

Menifee Valley Medical Center was among those studied.

With regards to patients being treated for hip fractures, MVMC was rated "worse" by the OSHPD, where 7.3% of the 84 cases resulted in deaths.

These cases involved hospitalizations in 2009.

Compared to the other hospitals in the study, the statewide average for hip fracture-related deaths was 2.4%.

In 2008, MVMC's mortality rate for hip fractures was much lower, at 4.0% out of 84 cases.

The rating of "worse" does not mean that MVMC was the worst hospital out the 335 studied. It only means the mortality rate for hip fractures had reached a high enough threshold to be considered unusual.

But MVMC showed lower mortality rates for the five other diagnoses studied, particularly with "Acute Stroke", which was well below the statewide average...

Mortality Rates 2009
HospitalAcute Myocardial InfarctionCongestive Heart FailureAcute StrokeGastro-Intestinal HemorrhageHip FracturePneumonia
Statewide Average7.1%
Menifee Valley
Medical Center
(12; 76)
(5; 197)
(3; 75)
(4; 119)
(6; 84)
(8; 148)
Hemet Valley
Medical Center
(32; 196)
(19; 415)
(18; 221)
(4; 264)
(3; 186)
(25; 340)
Rancho Springs
Medical Center
(18; 128)
(11; 498)
(29; 295)
(2; 250)
(2; 159)
(18; 481)

Mortality Rates 2008
HospitalAcute Myocardial InfarctionCongestive Heart FailureAcute StrokeGastro-Intestinal HemorrhageHip FracturePneumonia
Statewide Average7.5%
Menifee Valley
Medical Center
(28; 125)
(6; 175)
(3; 78)
(3; 93)
(2; 84)
(9; 188)
Hemet Valley
Medical Center
(32; 202)
(23; 431)
(26; 227)
(10; 251)
(6; 188)
(23; 340)
Rancho Springs
Medical Center
(12; 111)
(9; 460)
(22; 290)
(4; 262)
(2; 156)
(16; 416)

nn% = mortality rate
(nn;nnn) = number of deaths; number of cases
* Inland Valley Medical Center was not included in the study.

The OSHPD describes these mortality rates as "indicators of healthcare provider quality, but are not definitive determinations of quality". They're meant to serve as a point for further investigation and in-depth analysis.

Rick Dicapo, administrator for MVMC, takes issue of the numbers with regards to the six hip fracture deaths, pointing out that the study didn't take into count additional factors. In a letter to the OSHPD dated Dec 17, 2010, Dicapo states...

"All of the measures for MVMC fell within the expected outcome category except for one. Following a review of the 6 cases cited for MVMC, we found that all of the patients had multiple co-morbidities and all were greater than 85 years old. It should also be noted that each patient had DNR (do not resuscitate) orders. If these factors were taken into account we believe our results would demonstrate lower mortality rates."

To MVMC's defense, they had far fewer cases than compared to Hemet Valley Medical Center and Rancho Springs Medical Center, hence considering the law of averages, the mortality rates are not a good indication of the service provided at MVMC. But then again, that doesn't explain why their mortality rates are considerably lower for "Acute Stroke".

You can review the data yourself here:

I-215 Lane Closures Next Week in Perris

Menifee residents driving north through Perris on the I-215 Freeway next week will encounter lane closures during evening hours, due to continued construction work at the 4th st off-ramp...

Northbound I‐215 (between the off ramp at 4th Street and Perris Blvd Overcrossing) - Monday through Thursday nights, Jan. 3, 4, 5 & 6, lane closure will occur each night from 9pm to 5am the following morning.  Friday night, Jan. 7, lane closure will occur from 11 pm to 6 am the following morning.

Southbound I‐215 (between Perris Boulevard Overcrossing & the temporary 4th Street off‐ramp) - Monday through Thursday nights, Jan. 3, 4, 5 & 6, lane closure will occur each night from 9pm to 5am the following morning.  Friday night, Jan. 7, lane closure will occur from 11 pm to 6 am the following morning.

In each direction, one lane will remain open during the closures.

Scheduled construction activity will include bridge foundation work in the freeway median. The project will pave the way for better traffic flow, easier access to downtown Perris and improved connections to both north and south Interstate 215. The project will replace the current two‐lane bridge over the freeway with an eight‐lane bridge, realign freeway ramps, widen streets, replace stop signs with traffic signals, add a sidewalk north of the bridge and build residential sound walls.

Road Surfacing Project at Antelope Rd

If you've tried to drive down Antelope Rd between the college and Scott Rd, you saw the barriers that divert traffic down to Menifee Rd.

There's a road surfacing project to finally complete what Brenson Communities failed to do years ago. Brenson is the company that started the Christensen Ranch condos where the old golf driving range used to be.

After so many complaints about the bumpy road surface, the city was able to get money from the developer's bond holder and complete the work.

Antelope Rd at Craig Rd

Originally the city didn't anticipate the project taking very long, but the rainy weather dragged things out. "When we put up the barricades there was only a 20% chance of rain", said Matt Simonetti, an engineer with the City of Menifee. "But it turned into the biggest storm of 2010, and now we have to get all the water pumped out of the trenches."

The city chose to start the project during Winter school break when traffic is more light. As to why they put up barriers at Holland Rd, they didn't want to cause increased traffic through the homes between Holland and Craig Rd.

The project will fill and cap the trenches, and smooth over the road surface to Garbani Rd.

According to Simonetti, they hope to have the road reopened by next week, however they'll likely have flagmen directing traffic for short while following.

Sun City Library is Hosting FINRA Investor Education Programs

The Sun City Library will begin a series of financial programs entitled "Money Cent$", starting January 10th 2011.

The program is made possible by a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation through Smart Investing @ Your Library, a partnership with the American Library Association. During the weeks of January 10 through February 5th guests can play online investment games, listen to a professional investor, participate in a competition, and children can even earn book bucks to win prizes. The following are the list of programs for children’s, teens, and adults:

Barter Fest: Learn how to barter with the best! Bring 2 items (books, toys, dvds, collectibles) you no longer want and swap them with other kids for something new. All items must be clean and in good condition. Wednesday, January 19th at 4:00 pm Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Paint Your Own Piggy Bank: Be creative while keeping your money safe. Paint your very own ceramic piggy bank that you can take home and enjoy. Space is limited so please arrive early. Friday, February 4th at 4:00 pm Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Money Cent$ Reading Program: Children up to the age of 12 may participate in a Money Cents program by picking up an Activity Sheet at the Money Table in the lobby. Once you complete the activities listed go to the Information Desk to receive your Book Buck. During the week of January 30th you can redeem your Book Bucks for prizes during certain the Sun City General Store's operating Hours. Monday, January 10th and until February 5th Ages 5 years to 5th grade

Monopoly Competition: Do not pass Go, do not collect $200...but feel free to come join us for drinks, snacks, a fun game of Monopoly and a chance to win one of five popular hardcover books! Thursday, January 27th at 4:30 pm for teens ages 13 to 18.

Teen Investment Game: Ever wanted to learn how stock markets work? This is your chance! Join an online simulation trading game where you build and manage your own portfolios and compete in our game where the one with the largest portfolio at the end of the game will win a laptop! For more information or to sign up please see the Information Desk. January 9th thru February 5th for teens ages 13 to 18.

Investment 101: Join an evening with Jo Peters, a professional investor and economics teacher who will show you the “apples and oranges” of investing, and the right way to start investing. She will also be there on hand to answer any of your questions so you can start investing from home. Friday, January 14th at 5:00 pm for adults

Investment Game: Ever wanted to learn how stock markets work? This is your chance! Join an online simulation trading game where you build and manage your own portfolios and compete in our game where the one with the largest portfolio at the end of the game will win a laptop! For more information or to sign up please see the Information Desk. January 9th thru February 5th for ages 19+

FINRA Investor Education Foundation
Events are open to the public and prizes are until supplies lasts. The Sun City Library is located at 26982 Cherry Hills Blvd. (cross street is Bradley). For more information, call 951-679-3534 or visit online at

Whooping Cough Vaccine Now Required for Middle School and High School Students

whooping cough vaccinationUnder a new law that takes effect in 2011, California middle and high school students must be vaccinated against pertussis (whooping cough). Beginning July 1, 2011, all students entering 7th through 12th grades in both public and private schools will be required to show proof of a "Tdap" booster shot before starting school. This requirement applies to all public and private schools. The new requirement was signed into law earlier this year by Governor Schwarzenegger.

"With more than 7,800 confirmed cases and the deaths of 10 infants, California experienced its worst outbreak of Pertussis in more than 50 years," said California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Director Dr. Mark Horton. "Protecting the health of California's youth is one of our most urgent priorities. This new legislation will help us achieve our goal."

California’s parents are being urged not to wait for the new fall school year to get their kids vaccinated, since there will be no grace period and the regulations will be strictly enforced. CDPH recommends that parents have their adolescent children vaccinated now in order to protect them against pertussis and to meet the 2011-12 school requirements. Parents should be aware that the protection from childhood immunization to pertussis wears off, and adolescents may be at risk to the highly contagious disease without a booster.

Visit for more information.

*The Tdap booster is Tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis vaccine.

DUI Checkpoint in Menifee Scheduled For New Years Day

The Menifee Police Department is planning to run a DUI checkpoint in the city on January 1, 2011, as part of a holiday-long effort to keep drunk drivers off the road.

The location of the checkpoint has not been released, and the Department does not yet know what time it will run.

"After hearing about the dangers of drinking and driving time after time, most people have gotten the message that if they’re planning on drinking, they should always plan a safe way home," said Sergeant Lingo of Menifee Police Department. "But sadly, millions of Americans still think they are invincible and regularly choose to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink."

The department also went on to advise parents to take note that young males are at particularly high risk, with nearly one-quarter admitting to riding with someone who should not have been behind the wheel in the past year.

During last year's two-and-a-half-week Winter Holiday campaign, 36 Californians were killed in crashes statewide with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher and another 1,168 were injured in alcohol involved wrecks.

Funding for Menifee's DUI operation is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Menifee Approves New Trash Contract with Waste Management

Earlier this month the City of Menifee approved a new contract with Waste Management that goes into effect January 1, 2011, and continues for eight years until December 31, 2018.

The existing contract was negotiated by the County, and expires December 31, 2010.

Under the new contract, rates will remain at the existing rates for the 96-gallon carts until July 2011, at which time they will increase by 2%. However, the new contract actually decreases rates for the 64-gallon carts.

Trash pickup service largely remains the same, with trash pickup once a week, green pickup once a week, and recycling pickup every other week. But the new contract provides for a free additional recycling cart.

It also provides for additional services...

  • Battery collection

  • Sharps disposal

  • Composting bins

  • Increased back yard service at a 25% discounted rate for physically challenged customers

  • Bulky item collection days, two free collections per household per year

  • Annual Clean Up Event Days (city to choose which days)

  • Free service to city facilities, parks, buildings

  • Christmas tree pick up program

  • Used oil collection program

  • Universal waste program / compact fluorescent bulb disposal

The new contact also increases the franchise fee to the city from 8.0% to 8.5% of gross receipts. This is the fee Waste Management pays to cities for the right to service their residents.

One reader posted a question on our Facebook Page on why recycling pickup in Menifee is bi-weekly, and more expensive than in Murrieta...

Can someone please explain to me why our recycling is only picked up every other week by waste mngmt. when I lived in murrieta my trash bill was far cheaper and my recycling was picked up every week. How are we supposed to go GREEN and reduce our carbon footprint when i cant even properly recycle because my bin is full after one week but I have to wait another week for it to be taken out, which forces me to throw recyclables in the trash. I am disgusted and someone needs to start asking some questions and getting things changed.

First, the new contract provides for a free additional recycling bin.

But two, I posed the question to Rob Johnson, Senior Management Analyst with the City of Menifee, who explained there are differences in franchise fees and the population size of each city. Murrieta has a larger population and presumably greater negotiating power. Murrieta also negotiated a 15 year contract and was thereby able to achieve lower rates. Rob also mentioned that the California Integrated Waste Management Board was disbanded in January 2010, and that too has lead to changes in the way rates are negotiated.

Yummy Grub Keeping Menifee Well Fed

Yummy Grub Menifee
Jeff of Yummy Grub
Tucked away in the back of Bradley Business Center, behind Quantum Fitness, is a little deli seeking to get more visibility.

Yummy Grub opened its doors for business on April 1, 2009, and has quickly become a favorite lunch choice among other business owners and employees working nearby.

Jeff, the owner, is there everyday, cooking up breakfast in the morning, stacking subs and tossing salads for lunch, blending the shakes, and making his own homemade ice cream. "We make our own, homemade ice cream, right here!" he exclaimed proudly, handing me a sample. And sure enough, it didn't disappoint.

He even has BBQ grills set up outside "I do hamburgers, hot dogs, cheesesteaks..." he went on to say. He even supplies grub for parties too.

Jeff was also quite proud of the meats he uses for sandwiches. He pulled out packages of Boar's Head brand ham, beef, turkey, and pastrami. "It's really good pastrami" he said while handing me a sample. "It's low fat, and very lean."

Boars Head Brand Meats
Yummy Grub proudly serves Boar's Head brand meats

But while business has been tough, he didn't want to draw attention to himself, but instead wished his all of his neighboring businesses could get more publicity. "What 's needed is for the whole Bradley Business Center to get more attention. That's what we need", he went on to say.

And it appears he has a lot of fans.

One of Yummy Grub's walls is covered with paper plates where customers have written their names and recorded the date, similar to how patrons of a bar staple dollar bills to the ceiling. "This is just something my customers do" pointing to the paper plates. "They sign their plates, and hang it on the wall."

Jeff's been in the restaurant and food business for quite some time. When he lived in Las Vegas he worked many years as a maƮtre d for Top of The World Restaurant at the Stratosphere Casino. Then he worked for Mrs. Field's Cookies also in Vegas.

Later, he got a job as a truck driver, but had to quit after an injury. "I tore my ACL playing basketball at my house" he explained. "So I decided to get back into the restaurant business". When asked what brought him to Menifee he answered, "Well, I used to live in Sin City, so I decided I had to live in Sun City."

One of his biggest fans is Gus Hernandez who runs Quantum Fitness. "Jeff's a great guy. I've been coming here since the day he first opened" Gus explained. "He takes great care of his customers!"

One day Gus was visiting Yummy Grub and noted that Jeff had a bag of oats behind the counter. That's when he approached Jeff with the idea of creating a special fitness shake based on Gus' homemade recipe. Together they created the "Quantum Shake", a blend of banana, peanut butter, chocolate ice cream, whey protein, oatmeal, and milk. And you can only get it at Yummy Grub.

"The Quantum Shake is not on the menu, but just ask for it and I'll be glad to make it for anyone" Jeff says. Gus went on to add, "It's a perfect shake for pre-workouts and cool downs."

Jeff whipped up a batch of Quantum Shake, and let me try a sample. I could taste the peanut butter, and was actually pretty good.

Jeff and Gus showing off the Quantum Shake

But amidst the proliferation of Subways and Submarinas in Menifee, Yummy Grub is managing to survive by competing on what the national chains can't do: provide great service. Whether it's making Gus' Quantum Shake, or making fresh ice cream by hand everyday, offering up Boar's Head deli meats, or firing up the BBQ for whoever wants a burger, Jeff's there doing it all.

Yummy Grub
29800 Bradley Rd, Ste 120
Menifee, CA 92586
(951) 672-6700

Mon-Sat: 8:30am - 8:30pm
Sun: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Yummy Grub, inside the Bradley Business Center

Paper plates adorn the wall at Yummy Grub

Farmer's Insurance is next door to Yummy Grub

Tanglez Salon is across the parking lot from Yummy Grub

Menifee Gas Prices - Dec 28, 2010

Menifee area gas prices as of Tuesday, December 28, 2010...

Green = Lowest price
Red = Highest price

Menifee gas pricesRegularDiesel
Texaco (Murrieta & Newport)$3.29$3.59
Chevron (Murrieta & Newport)$3.29$3.59
Mobil (Winterhawk & Newport)$3.27$3.53
ARCO (Bradley & Newport)$3.27$3.43
76 (Haun & Newport)$3.27$3.47
Shell (Antelope & Newport)$3.27$3.51
Sun City gas prices
Chevron (Bradley & McCall)$3.31$3.59
Valero (Antelope & McCall)$3.29$3.49
Romoland gas prices
ARCO (Menifee & Highway 74)$3.23$3.59
Perris gas prices
76 (Ethanac & I-215)$3.19$3.47
Circle K (Ethanac & Case)$3.25$3.48
Murrieta gas prices
7-Eleven (Antelope & Scott)$3.29N/A
ARCO (Antelope & Scott)$3.29$3.69

Weather Forecast for Menifee: More Rain and Very Cold Temperatures

And not only will we see more rain by this Wednesday, but it's going to get really cold too.

The National Weather Service issued a forecast saying another winter storm is headed our way and should be hitting us by late Tuesday night, lasting through Wednesday, and then followed by "very cold weather".

Snow levels will start out at 6,500 feet but as soon as the storm front moves on it will drop down to 4,000 feet.

By Thursday evening, they're expecting Menifee to see overnight temperatures to drop down to below freezing, at about 27 degrees F.

flooding in Menifee
Rainfall totals are predicted to range from between a 1/3 to 2/3 of an inch in the inland valleys, but generally more rain towards the north and less to the south. In addition, strong winds of up to 60mph are expected through Wednesday.

Anyone hoping to get an early start up to Las Vegas for the New Years Eve celebrations, prepare for snow flurries in the upper deserts over Wednesday.

Sun City Library Storytime Schedule Announced for Winter and Spring Season

sun city library storytimeKicking off the new year at Sun City Library is a schedule of storytime programs for the 2011 Winter and Spring season for every age group.

All of the programs are listed on the Riverside County Library System's webpage at You can click on Events Calendar as well as pick out the Sun City Library location. Below are storytime listings for Sun City Library

January 3rd to April 29th

Sign Language Storytime – Mondays at 10:00 am for ages up to 6 years. Help your children learn to express themselves by learning sign language together. Learn new signs each storytime and interact with your child. Handouts of the ABC’s and other important signs will be available.

Mommy & Me Storytime – Wednesdays at 10:00 am for birth to age 2 years. Mothers and babies/toddlers get to spend time together while listing to stories, playing along in rhymes, fingerplays, and songs. Parents, this is a participation of all ages so bring out your inner-child.

Preschool Storytime – Fridays at 10:00 am for ages 3 years to 6 years. Children get to enjoy meeting new friends while listing to themed stories, rhymes, songs, and a craft. Children go in by themselves and parents will be called in for the craft.

Read to a Therapy Dog

Starting January 6th the library will be hosting a bi-monthly program on Thursdays at 4:30 pm where your children will be able to schedule a time to read to certified therapy dogs. This has been proven to help children become more proficient at reading as well as strengthen their self-esteem. Due to limited times reservations will be required, please call to sign-up for see the information desk for a set time.

All events are open to the public.

The Sun City Library is located at 26982 Cherry Hills Blvd. (cross street is Bradley). For more information, call 951-679-3534 or visit online at

Water District Posts Unclaimed Money

unclaimed moneyToday the Eastern Municipal Water District, which services the City of Menifee, posted an updated list of persons whom they owe money to... UnclaimedMonies.pdf

You ought to check it because it's a long list.

Some of the names are businesses, but most are residents. In all, 556 names are listed totaling $41,845.78. Most of these amounts are less than $100.00, but there are others who are owed several hundreds of dollars.

The unclaimed money relates to refunds associated with the closing of water accounts, water efficiency rebates, and refunds of deposits to developers upon completion of projects, etc.

The District attempts to locate the current address to contact these customers, but is sometimes unsuccessful due to lack of a forwarding address, companies closing, businesses and residents filing for bankruptcy, or for other reasons.

The District performs a search in its customer database to see if the customer has an active account the unclaimed money can be applied against. After three years, any remaining unclaimed money may be returned to the District’s general fund after public notice has been published through the media.

If you're on the list, you can claim the amount using the Unclaimed Money Claim Form, found here...

Scott Rd and Newport Rd Bridge Improvements Discussed

At the city council meeting last Tuesday, councilmembers and city staff listened to a presentation by David Taussig, a consultant whom the City hired to study financing for a variety of road improvements throughout the city.

Of particular importance were bridge improvements to Newport Rd and Scott Rd.

The city had hoped to begin construction on both bridges as early as 2011, but financing complexities seems likely to defer that to at least 2012, and perhaps likely 2013.

The biggest problem the city has right now is the way the community facilities districts (CFD) are arranged. Residents in these districts pay Mello Roos taxes which are used to pay for infrastructure projects, including bridge improvements. But these districts were set up by the County of Riverside prior to Menifee becoming a city.

As such, all revenue collected in one district can only be used for that district. It cannot be used to finance improvements in another part of the city. If the city were able to pool monies from all districts and use them for a single project, it's likely the Scott Rd bridge could have started construction now, if not earlier. But as such, they can't pool these monies.

There are actually several districts within Menifee, but for Taussig's presentation, he was able to consolidate them into two unique areas, a "Scott Rd" district and a "Newport Rd" district.

The Scott Rd district is expected to generate $20 million in Mello Roos taxes during a ten year span running from 2011 to 2020. He expects the Scott Rd bridge widening to cost about $50 million.

The Newport Rd district is expected to generate $38 million over the same span, while the Newport Rd bridge improvement is expected to cost $40 million.

A new bridge at Garbani Rd is expected to cost $10 million, and based on Taussig's maps, it appears that it falls within the Scott Rd district.

Taussig also identified as much as $85 million in funds coming from a variety of other sources, including other districts, and TUMF fees available from the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG). But that's all money the City of Menifee does not control, and is not guaranteed the city can secure that money.

Moreover, he went on to display a graph that shows if the City can get that additional $85 million, and begin construction on both the Scott Rd and Newport Rd bridges in 2011, it will still experience a lack of funds in the years 2015-2017 whereby construction costs will outpace what money the City has available.

He also went on to suggest that the City of Murrieta should contribute to the Scott Rd bridge, considering it will directly benefit from such an improvement due to businesses it has on the corner of Antelope and Scott. Yet Taussig said that discussions taken place between Murrieta, the County, and the City of Menifee have shown that Murrieta has no interest in helping out.

Don Allison, Menifee's City Engineer also pointed out that given the fact that builders are desperate for work right now, that the estimated costs of $50 million and $40 million for both Scott Rd and Newport Rd bridges will actually be as much as 20% lower when proposals are put out for bid.

Allison also pointed out that a bridge at Garbani Rd could be done more cheaply as a steel bridge instead of concrete.

Taussig also explained that bridge improvements present additional difficulties because once construction is started, it must continue towards completion without delays due to the transportation impact they have on the city. Hence it's necessary to have a good financial footing to work with. By contrast, a road widening project can actually be started and halted with less adverse impact, and therefore offers more financial flexibility.

The city council made no decisions after the Taussig's presentation. The presentation was simply provide information for the city to worth with.

Sun City Gets New Off-Ramp Signs

Beginning in January, the McCall off-ramp along the I-215 freeway will boast two new signs directing drivers towards Sun City.

The new signs came at the request of some Sun City residents who worried that their community was losing its identity after it was incorporated into Menifee. Prior to incorporation, Cal-Trans had placed signs along the I-215 indicating the boundaries of Sun City along with population and elevation figures. But after incorporation, those signs came down.

"When we have friends and family members try to visit us, they have trouble finding Sun City because the signs are gone." testified one resident at a city council meeting two weeks ago. "If Hollywood can still keep its identity despite being a part of Los Angeles, then why can't Sun City still keeps its identity?" asked another resident.

The issue came to a boil over two years ago in an October 7, 2008 city council meeting where former city councilmember Scott Mann introduced the word "branding" into Sun City's lexicon. He noted the name "Menifee" didn't exist on maps, and that there were no such freeway signs either. He gave an example of renaming the Sun City Post Office to Menifee Post Office, which ticked off many of Sun City's residents.

But last Tuesday city officials unveiled a plan to help reestablish Sun City's branding of its own. At both the northbound and southbound off-ramps on McCall Blvd, two new signs stating "Sun City" with a arrow, will help point visitors in the right direction.

sun city signs
The signs won't be posted on the freeway however, and nor will they appear on the off-ramp itself, but on McCall Blvd right where the off-ramps end.

"Cal-Trans owns the freeway, and we can't just post signs there" explained Fred Twyman. "Instead we have to get their permission which can take a minimum of one year."

So in the meantime, the City offered this temporary solution.

City councilmember Darcy Kuenzi displayed examples of other ideas the city could implement to help distinguish Sun City from Menifee, including marquees, banners, and other signs posted within Sun City denoting its boundaries.

She went on to report that Sun City is not actually recognized by Del Webb as an actual Del Webb community in the company's registers, likely due to the fact that a different builder had later taken over construction of the community. She suggested to the powers at be in Sun City that they petition Del Webb to reinstate their community so that it may be permanently linked with the developer.

John Denver reassured the audience that even though city councilmembers haven't spoken to the public on this particular subject, that they've indeed discussed this issue at length amongst themselves over the past several months. "Let's let the issue of branding be put to rest; we want to preserve Sun City's unique identity" he said.

Menifee Resident Drowns in Canyon Lake

At 5:04am this morning, Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Goetz Road in Canyon Lake, right where it meets Railroad Canyon Rd, in reference to a traffic collision.

There they found a vehicle that had driven off Goetz Rd and overturned into Canyon Lake. Patrol boats and the Riverside County Sheriff Dive Team located the vehicle and found 39 year old Angela Marie Wright of Menifee deceased inside.

Coroner's report indicated that she drove through a flooded intersection and was swept into a wash. The case is still under investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call Deputy Gasparini at the Perris Sheriff Station at (951) 210-1000.

2010 US Census Statistics Announced

The US Census Bureau yesterday announced the first set of results of the 2010 Census, which at this point includes only population statistics for the nation as a whole and at the state level.

The resident population of the United States on April 1, 2010, was 308,745,538, a 9.7% increase over the 2000 Census population of 281,421,906.

California's resident population stood at 37,253,956, nearly a 10% increase over the 2000 population of 33,871,648.

California's Population:

2010: 37,253,956
2000: 33,871,648
1990: 29,760,021
1980: 23,667,764
1970: 19,971,069
1960: 15,717,204
1950: 10,586,223
1940:   6,907,387
1930:   5,677,251
1920:   3,426,861
1910:   2,377,549
1900:   1,485,053

Data for counties and cities is not available yet, and is not expected to be released until sometime between February 2011 and March 2011. At that time we should know know about the population of Menifee, and from there be able to adjust city council districts.

Menifee To Seek Economic Stimulus Plan

The Menifee City Council yesterday voted unanimously to let sunset the 50% reduction in developer fees, in favor of seeking new ways to generate economic stimulus for developers.

A year ago the city council voted to take part in an special offer by the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) whereby cities could suspend its TUMF payments to WRCOG. Transportation Uniform Mitigated Fees (TUMF) are fees that builders pay to cities to compensate them for the additional population and traffic they bring in. Cities then pay those fees on to WRCOG.

WRCOG is the body that administers the TUMF fund. WRCOG disperses that money back to the cities to pay for transportation projects, namely roads and bridges. It's a form of "wealth redistribution" whereby the cities with the largest growth pay for projects in cities that can't afford their own improvements.

But last year, when development was stymied by the bad economy, WRCOG offered to waive its own fees, meaning cities didn't have to pay TUMF to WRCOG. But this was presented to cities as an option. The cities that took it, including Menifee, allowed them to drastically reduce fees they pass on to developers.

But what the Menifee City Council didn't know at the time is that WRCOG didn't actually waive those fees. They only postponed them, meaning Menifee was still on the hook to pay it back.

Mayor Edgerton's estimates came to $2.4 million in fees it would have to pay to WRCOG. Mark Knorringa, who's with the Building Industry Association of Riverside County, felt that figure was actually much lower, around $1.67 million. Currently, the City of Menifee doesn't have either of those amounts of cash available.

"The question now is who knew what, and when did they know it?" the Mayor spoke in an emotional tone, accusing the previous City Manager, previous City Works Director, and even former city councilman Scott Mann, as knowing that WRCOG's fee waiver was actually a fee postponement, but didn't explain that to other councilmembers. "The City Manager was at those WRCOG meetings, the former city councilman that is no longer here was at those meetings. What I'm very angry of is that this council accepted a reduction in fees without knowing that reduction was going to cost the taxpayers."

City councilmember Darcy Kuenzi countered the Mayor's comments. "The TUMF money collected is not paid by taxpayers, but by developers. These are developers fees!" Her comments along with the Mayor's seemed indicative of two competing philosophies on the council of how TUMF fees are paid, and how WRCOG operates. "Do we want to stimulate growth in this city? We have a gentleman that's trying to open a new steakhouse here. It's not even clear that the City is on the hook for this shortfall." (the $2.4 million that Edgerton estimates)

Edgerton responded by asking Don Allison, the City Engineer, whether or not Menifee owes about $2.4 million in fees to WRCOG, to which Allison responded, "About that much". Edgerton then asked Allison if Menifee owes that money to WRCOG, to which Allison responded, "Yes, in some form."

The debate dragged on, and through it all it seemed clear that Darcy Kuenzi and John Denver took the philosophy that reduced fees help bring in development which ultimately increases sales tax revenue which negates any kind of shortfall that Edgerton spoke of. Meanwhile, it seemed clear that Edgerton and councilmember Fred Twyman were to going to vote for allowing the reduced fees to sunset.

But when John Denver made a motion to adopt a three month extension of the reduced fees, the City Attorney stepped in and clarified that the item on the agenda was to allow the fees to sunset, not to adopt an extension. Therefore, Darcy Kuenzi motioned to let the reduced fees sunset and instead appoint an ad hoc committee that will assist the City Manager in crafting some kind of economic stimulus plan to attract new development.

The motion passed unanimously. Mayor Edgerton appointed himself and Kuenzi to the ad hoc committee, which will be named "Economic Incentive Ad Hoc Committee".

Menifee Agrees to Tattoo Parlors, Somewhat

The city council last night voted unanimously to permit tattoo parlors within the City of Menifee. But don't anyone expect a tattoo parlor anytime soon.

The city's existing ban on tattoo parlors was scheduled to expire at the end February 2011. But instead of renewing the ban, the city took into consideration a recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals case where the City of Hermosa Beach was challenged for its ban on tattoo parlors.

In that case, the plaintiff Johnny Anderson sued Hermosa Beach on grounds that tattoos are a form a free speech. Anderson had sought to open up his own tattoo parlor. In an effort to avoid a similar lawsuit, the Menifee city council chose to adopt a new law that permits tattoo parlors, but imposes such strict requirements that would severely limit the number of tattoo establishments in the city.

"Based on the requirements, we've identified two places within the city where a tattoo parlor could fit in." said Carmen Cave, the city's Community Development Director. "One area is by the hospital, the other area is by Newport and Bradley".

menifee tattoo parlor map

menifee tattoo parlor map

In the case of the area by Newport & Bradley, much of the area zoned for a tattoo parlor (shaded in orange) is already occupied by other businesses, and would be difficult for a tattoo parlor to come in. And one space, right on the corner of Newport & Bradley, is already spoken for by CVS Pharmacy.

Only the area by the hospital could a tattoo parlor exist, and that tattoo parlor would have to buy the land and construct a building, which is unlikely for any prospective tattoo parlor to do, unless some other developer decides to build something there.

The new law that the City of Menifee was to adopt would have limited operating hours from 7:00am to 7:00pm, making it difficult for any tattoo parlor to succeed because many customers can't get there until after work, and then only have an hour or two to get any ink. But after hearing testimony from Grant Yoders, a Sun City resident, who spoke in favor of tattoo parlors, and who recommended the hours be extended, the council chose to increase the closing hours to 9:00pm.

Menifee Resident Videotapes Neglected Homes

neglected home in menifeeArmed with a camcorder, a concerned Menifee resident going by the nickname "MyMenifeeEye" is putting a spotlight on messy, unsightly homes and businesses throughout the city.

He gets out of his car, turns on his camera equipment, and starts off by shooting identifying information such as street signs and the house number. Then he gets footage of overgrown lawns and weeds growing up through cracks. Next, he uploads the video to YouTube, and answers comments from local viewers.

"I own a service business, when I come on a neglected property I take note..." says the ten-year resident of Menifee who chooses to remain anonymous. "I call or e-mail the Realtor or the city, after a couple weeks I document the neglect with my camcorder, I wait till I get a few then I post them."

When I asked if he only videotapes properties that are up for sale he responded, "I document all homes, vacant or lived in."

In one of his videos entitled, "Where is Menifee Code Enforcement?" he shoots a scene of the old Valero station on McCall & Sun City Blvd, with its chain-link fence, weeds growing, and trash strewn about, while a somber tune of "Everything is Different" from Ashley Jones plays in the background, giving it a feel of Chernobyl twenty-years after.

MyMenifeeEye is not alone in publicizing unsightly properties to the Internet. LenderOffender is perhaps the most acclaimed website on the subject of neglected homes, relying on a community of users nationwide to upload photos of brown lawns, green pools, trashy yards, and Christmas lights left up all year long.

L.A. Hoodwinked is another website started by concerned residents in Los Angeles where they tag the locations of neglected homes throughout the city.

Some bank-owned homes have become so damaged by the neglect they can't sell anymore. "About a third of all of the foreclosed properties nationwide have been so damaged, either by the previous owners or by criminal gangs coming in after the foreclosure, that they no longer qualify for standard mortgage financing", reports Thomas Popik, a mortgage analyst, who was cited in an April 2009 CNN article.

Just last month, CBS Moneywatch reported that a little boy was killed when he fell into the algae-filled pool of a nearby foreclosure home because of a broken fence the bank failed to fix.

Yet so far, much of the comments MyMenifeeEye has received from viewers have been negative. One person said, "It's Menifee, that's like dating your sister, I wouldn't brag about it. If it was a city in Orange County, then that would be something to worry about." Another person wrote, "why dont u stop complaining about Menifee and move somewhere else then?..what are you trying to prove by making these videos? fame? i dont get one else cares"

But at least one person expressed some support, "Keep up the good work MyMenifeeEye! Unlike these other lemmings, you don't have your head up your arse! I lived in Menifee, Murrieta, and Temecula for over 25 years and have seen the good and the bad here."

I asked MyMenifeeEye if he sees the City of Menifee improving its efforts to get tough on neglected properties. "I'm concerned that Menifee is going to become a run down town with City officials that are after their own agenda, not concerned about our City's future or our citizens' neighborhoods" he responds. "I see a lot of this all over Menifee along with graffiti. I reported this to Menifee several weeks ago and the graffiti is still there. Along the I-215 east side just a half mile south of McCall on-ramp, past a group of trees. That's just one example. I've had many more. I won't post graffiti on my You Tube account; it gives them more exposure."

I asked if anyone from a bank or from the City ever got in touch with him. "I haven't had a legitimate response from a bank or City official" he answered. "I have tried to report these issues with them, but got no response. So I bought a camcorder to document what I see."

When I asked if he's ever been confronted by a homeowner or nearby resident while videotaping. "Never, just abused by YouTubers who are upset with my tactics.

His last video was posted four months ago last August. When I asked if he planned on uploading more, he answered, "I plan on doing more videos, after I learn some better techniques."

You can view all his videos at:

Bob's Pit Stop Expansion Complete - The Little George Band Puts on Great Show

The rain last night did not deter patrons from going to Bob's Pit Stop Pub to experience The Little George Band playing to almost a full house at the time I arrived, around 10pm.

The music was excellent, and I really liked the fact that Little George highlighted a few other local musicians by swapping them out with his band members for a few of the songs. I also absolutely LOVE the harmonica player, who always joins in on a few of their songs throughout the night. I've danced many a dance to the Little George Band at the Temecula Wine & Beer Garden, and they always put on a great show.

The eagerly awaited expansion of Bob's Pit Stop now fully accommodates Live Music & Dancing. In talking with one of the owners, approximately 1,600 sq ft was added to the Pub, which features projection screen tv's and several flat screens throughout. They've added several more tables, a large stage area and dance floor. Bob's now has 6 pool tables, 3 of which are retired ESPN specialty regulation tables from Las Vegas, which is very cool.

Tonight there is Karaoke from 9pm to 1am.

On Sunday another live band will be playing:

Little Sausage Pizza (Tato & The Boys)
Sunday, December 19, 2010
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Bob's Pit Stop Pub is located at 26900 Newport Road, Menifee, CA 92584

Visit their Facebook Page under: Bob's Pit Stop Pub

Candy Demonstration Yields Big Turnout

The Sun City Library hosted a fabulous hour long candy demonstration to an eager audience last night. Chocolatiers, Fran and Patti, owners of Fran & Patti's Past Times Chocolate Shop, taught the crowd how to make their famous Turtles. If you've never heard of a Turtle or had one before, let me just say that the combination of the pecans, caramel and chocolate make this candy truly irresistible.

The demonstration wasn't just for adults, either. As the Turtles were baking, Patti had all the kids come up and make chocolate covered grapes. And of course, what would a demonstration be without a sample? Chocolate covered grapes and Turtles for everyone!

Patti said these candy demonstrations are going to occur more often. Contact the Sun City Library at: 951-679-3534 for more information.

sun city library candy demonstration

chocolate turtle

fran and pattie chocolate

Fran and Pattie Pasttime Chocolate Shop

Two-Year Old Menifee Boy Shot by Gun

A 2 year old Menifee boy was taken to the hospital this afternoon after his father accidentally shot him with a gun.

Around 12:36 PM today, Menifee Police officers responded to the 29500 block of Light Shore Cove, in the Heritage Lake community of Menifee, regarding an accidental shooting. Their investigation revealed that a 27-year-old father was testing a new holster when he accidentally discharged his handgun. The bullet passed through his leg and into the hand of his 2-year-old son, who was playing nearby.

Both the father and son went to the hospital and were treated for their injuries.

Menifee investigators responded and took over the investigation. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is encouraged to call Detective Dan Moody, at 951-210-1000.

Nine New Members Welcomed by Chamber of Commerce

New chamber member Pacific Communities Homes hosted this month's New Member Reception for the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce in a beautiful model home in the new "Cottonwood" community, located just south of Newport Road off of Evans.

Chamber Board Member Brian Walker, welcomed these new members:

Nathan Knowles, Jr. - TAPLEY CORPORATION
Patricia - PJ's TOY BOX
Sabrina Burford - TANGLEZ SALON

Menifee Chamber of Commerce Mixer

10 Gym Visits For $10 - Proceeds to Go to Menifee Valley Community Cupboard

Menifee Valley Athletic Club & Day Spa is holding a special promotional event again this year where you can purchase 10 Visits to the Club for only $10.

100% of the proceeds from this promotion are being donated to the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard!

Purchase before December 31st, 2010. (some restrictions apply)

Menifee Valley Athletic Club and Day Spa
29700 Bradley Road
Menifee, CA 92586
(View Map)
(951) 246-3530


Club Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 4:30am - 10pm
Friday: 4:30am - 9pm
Saturday: 6am - 7pm
Sunday: 7am - 7pm

Kid's Club Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 12pm
Sunday: 9:30am - 1pm

Swap Meet at Paloma Valley High School

paloma valley high school swap meetIf you like to go to swap meets and farmers markets, be sure to add Paloma Valley High School to your list of destinations. They have one once a month on Saturdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm...

December 18th
January 15th
February 19th
March 19th
April 16th
May 21st

It's located in the school parking lot. It's free for customers.

Vendors can rent a spot for $25.00.

The swap meet is actually a part of the school's NJROTC. They use the proceeds to pay for their annual Military Ball and their field trips.

Rescued Kittens In Need of Good Home

There are two adorable rescued kittens (approximately 3 months old) that are in desperate need of a place to call home. Let's not let these cuties go to the shelter. Call Nellie at: 951-883-0926 if interested.


Sun City Library Now Offering Computer Classes

computer classes in sun cityThe Sun City Library has announced adult computer classes for free. Registration is required. Read the official announcement below...

Sun City Library's Adult Basic Computer Skills (ABCS) class has established itself to be a valuable service to those who want to learn or refresh basic computer skills. There is a clear and widespread agreement among the public and educators that all individuals need to be proficient computer users or "computer literate". This course of instruction is to provide you with the basic knowledge of computer applications. There are numerous benefits for learning computers skills and will vary, however, this class will give you confidence in your abilities and will allow you to expand your computer knowledge.

Adult Basic Computer Skills classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sunday. The classes are free and are taught on desk tops and lap top computers. The lap top computers were awarded to Sun City Library through a Library Service and Technology Act (LSTA) grant which gave us the leading edge in allowing our patrons to learn on both desk top and lap top computers. The Tuesday and Thursday classes are held from 8:00 am through 11:00 am the Sunday Spanish class is held from 9:30 am through 11:30 am.

To enroll in our computer class contact the library at 951 679-3534 or visit the Sun City Library. Points of contacts are William Abeita and Emmanuel Castillo.
The Sun City Library is located at 26982 Cherry Hills Blvd. (cross street is Bradley).

Hope Hospice In Sun City Needs Volunteers

Hope Hospice in Sun City is in need of volunteers to provide friendship and comfort for those in need. Free training classes will be provided.

Call Patrick at 951-679-8872 or email

hope hospice sun city

Menifee Valley Community Cupboard Needs Food and Toy Donations

menifee valley community cupboardThe Menifee Valley Community Cupboard is accepting donations for their Santa's Workshop and their Holiday Food Distributions for this month. The Santa's Workshop will be distributing toys to needy children in Menifee over the weekend. The Santa's Workshop recipients are determined through an application process that has already been completed for this year. The Cupboard is not accepting new applications at this time. But all donated toys will be distributed over the weekend, as long as they are received by December 17th at the Cupboard offices, any of the local Fire Stations, and the Menifee Chamber of Commerce. Over 935 children of Menifee will receive toys at the Santa's Workshop this year.

The Menifee Valley Community Cupboard is also accepting food donations for needy families of Menifee for their Holiday Food Distribution. Recommended food donations are as follows:

Beans, dry or canned
Peanut Butter
Granola Bars
Tuna/Canned Meat
Mac & Cheese
Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruit
Canned Chili
Toiletry Items

The Menifee Valley Community Cupboard is a community based non-profit organization serving the residents of Menifee. Their mission is to alleviate hunger and malnutrition by providing emergency food at no cost to the homeless, seniors, families, and the working poor who are experiencing tough times. Over 1,100 clients receive food monthly from the Cupboard.

Please consider donating to this local, worthwhile cause that is providing assistance to your neighbors in need. The Menifee Valley Community Cupboard office is located at 26808 Cherry Hills Blvd, in Sun City. For information of making a donation, you can call 951.301.4414.

Menifee Circle K Store Robbed at Gunpoint

Early this morning around 1:23am, Menifee Police responded to the Circle K store inside the 76 Station on Haun Rd and Newport Rd, with regards to an armed robbery. An employee stated two Black male adults, wearing dark clothing, entered the store at about 01:20 AM. One of the Black males displayed a handgun and demanded the money from the register. After receiving an undetermined amount of cash, both suspects fled the store on foot. They were last seen running southbound across Newport Rd.

Suspect #1 was described as a Black male, 30’s, 5’10”, medium build, wearing a black leather jacket, dark shirt and blue jeans.

Suspect #2 was described as a Black male, 20’s, 5’05”, thin build, wearing a black jacket and black pants. Suspect #2 was armed with a silver handgun.

If anyone has information regarding this incident, they are encouraged to contact the Perris Station at (951) 210-1000.

City Planners Divided Over Menifee's Future

In a special joint session yesterday between the Menifee City Council and the Menifee Planning Commission, members discussed for two hours their ideas for the city's future with regards for road improvements, economic growth, cultural development, and the kinds of people they'd like Menifee to attract.

The goal was to revisit and refine the existing vision statement the city council created nearly two years ago. Back in February of 2009, they held a "Visioning Meeting" which in which members of the city council discussed how they envisioned the city in the year 2030. Last night's meeting revisited that statement with members of the current city council and planning commission discussing each item, and determining if they still agreed, and what changes needed to be made.

And there seemed to be a lot of disagreements, and a lot of uncertainty.

"This country living is just a small corner of our town" said John Denver, addressing the issue that Menifee currently has little to prevent its high school and college grads from moving out of town. "Our kids don't come back to this town because we have no amenities. We need to class-up our community."

Several members agreed there needed to be more amenities, but exactly what amenities, where they would go, and how they would attract them was unclear.

The discussion stepped a level higher, and took a look at what kinds of people they wanted to attract to Menifee. Steve PonTell, a planning consultant with Germania Corporation, said that the people is one of the four major factors of what makes a community unique. "The kind of people in your community, what their interests are, their financial background, defines which direction a community goes" he explained.

Fred Twyman expanded on that principle by using the example of Abbott Laboratories, where the company founder lived in Temecula, but commuted to Orange County to go to work, and then later decided to move Abbott to Temecula, where it now enjoys a large footprint. "We have to figure out how to attract those kinds of people to Menifee", Twyman added.

John Denver brought up the topic of Quail Valley, "I'd like to see Quail Valley turn into an upscale community" referring to executive style homes that attract families with six-figure incomes. City Planner Bill Zimmerman used the La Cresta community on the west-side of Murrieta, which are dotted with such homes, as an example of what Quail Valley could one day become.

While members discussed the need for more upscale homes, Darcy Kuenzi felt that Menifee needed more affordable homes on smaller lots. "I believe we don't have many options for starter families. We have more work-at-home families and we need to offer options for them. We have a lot of 7,200 and 10,000 sq ft lots."

But Planning Commissioner Chris Thomas seemed to disagree. "I don't know what the stigma is about living on a large lot. I live on a 7,200 sq ft lot and yet I find I have to defend it." Fred Twyman seemed to agree with Thomas. "The commodity we have is elbow room. Let's use that to attract businesses and upscale homes."

The need to attract more dollars to Menifee was a constant theme throughout the meeting, which was perhaps the only thing everyone agreed upon. But how to bring in those dollars was something no one really had a good grasp of.

"The City of Henderson, NV has its own economic development director", John Denver went on to say. "When they have a parcel of land that they need to develop or redevelop, they figure out what they want, and then go get it. Right now, we're doing the opposite, we wait for a developer to come by and propose something."

City Councilmember Tom Fuhrman felt that the north part of the city along the 215 and Ethanac Rd was perhaps the best place to develop. "It seems there's no traffic jams up there, that's probably the best place to focus economic development efforts."

Traffic jams led to a discussion on infrastructure, namely road improvements, bridges, and sewer lines. Yet there seemed to be disagreement whether to improve infrastructure first, or build more homes first. "You cannot have the infrastructure without the homes & businesses!" John Denver spoke emphatically. But Fuhrman had a different sentiment, "Infrastructure ahead of rooftops, especially after waiting through seven minutes of traffic!", referring to why he was 5 minutes late to the meeting.

Mayor Edgerton expressed what was probably the most unclear but politically safe answer between the two, "Last thing we want is high density. We want infrastructure, we want retail, but we don't want congestion. If we're going to build a city, let's not just build another city."

And the mayor seemed to reflect the overall tone of the other councilmembers and planning commission members, with the exception of Denver and Fuhrman, where there seemed to be no definitive sentiment, and lots of uncertainty.

Even when the topic of preserving Menifee's rural areas came up, no one could agree on how to define "rural". Planning Commissioner Marc Miller described it as a large parcel of land where someone raises animals. Fred Twyman defined it in the way he knew, which was his upbringing in the horse town of Norco. Tom Fuhrman said "I was raised on a farm. You can't define rural, it has to be lived. That's the only way to understand it."

But everyone seemed to agree that some kind of plan was needed, yet it was clear that agreeing on a plan was going to be tough. "Where do we want to go if we don't all agree?", Darcy Kuenzi asked. "Do we want to be a smart community? I don't think a lot of people even understand what we're doing with the general plan." Planning Commissioner Matthew Liesemeyer added, "We have a lot of diversity, where does everything fit? We need to find a middle ground."

With respect to Sun City, John Denver said he would like to turn it into a more attractive destination for retirees, though he didn't provide many specifics on how he would go about doing that. But he did provide one example of creating a trolley system to carry people about.

Denver also brought up the issue of how districts might effect city planning. "We all fought against districts, but I hope it doesn't come down to us fighting over a building in my district or a building in your district." To which Tom Fuhrman countered, "Well slap me if I'm wrong, but I was one who supported districts. I think districts will help us in the planning. It makes us more accountable to our voters."

As it stands right now, the Planning Commission will be tasked with revising the city's Vision Statement.

Water District To Host Job Fair

eastern municipal water districtThe Eastern Municipal Water District announced today that it will be hosting an online job fair for entry-level positions from January 7, 2011 to January 14, 2011.

"This annual event provides EMWD with a cost-effective way to fill existing positions that are needed to sustain operations and customer service," said EMWD Board President Ron Sullivan. "Although we are not adding new positions, entry-level jobs may become available throughout the year due to such things as retirements and promotions. This recruitment approach enables us to quickly fill vacated entry-level positions from a pool of pre-qualified applicants identified through the annual online job fair, ensuring a consistent level of customer service."

During the one-week online job fair, applicants can establish eligibility for future entry-level clerical and field positions such as:

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Mechanical Maintenance Trades Assistant

  • Auto Maintenance Trades Assistant

  • Electrical Maintenance Trades Assistant

  • Collections Systems Utility Worker

  • Pipeline Construction Utility Worker

  • Meter Reader

  • Accounting Assistant

  • Water Reclamation OIT

  • Telephone Operator

The most competitive candidates will be invited to participate in formal testing. Based on test results, applicants may be placed on an eligibility list which will be maintained for one year.

EMWD will accept applications online for job fair positions at (Job Openings link). The application link for entry-level job fair positions is ONLY available on-line from January 7 through 4 p.m. on January 14.

For questions, please contact Human Resources at (951) 928.3777 ext. 4366 or ext. 4211.

Sydney Adger - Making a Difference for Marines

When Sydney Adger’s mother received an email from her coworker needing help, a list of needs for the her husband’s fellow Marines, Sydney’s mother gave that list to Sydney. Sydney’s mother asked her to pick up a few items on the list to donate. Sydney looked at the long list of basic items, and wanted to do more.

The first-year Mt. San Jacinto College student reached out to her friends on Facebook. She set up a donation site, and asked her friends to come by with donations for the Marines. Disappointed that only one friend came to the donation event, Sydney returned home. Her mother saw the disenchantment in her 18-year-old daughter’s eyes, and encouraged her to try again, and to reach deeper into the community.

Undaunted, Sydney set out to inform her fellow citizens of Menifee of this great need. She contacted every website and publication in the city looking for help to promote her cause. “I was surprised when only Menifee 24/7 and the City of Menifee would announce my event. I didn’t even get responses from anyone else. I know people want to help, but maybe they just don’t know how.”

Sydney set up a second donation event. Held at the Countryside Marketplace firepit between Chipotle and Starbucks in Menifee on December 11, 2010, it was her hope that more people would find it in their hearts to help these Military Heroes. She had friends stationed at Target with flyers, asking for help.

The turnout was incredible! “I want to thank the people of Menifee, on behalf of the 2/1 Echo Co. 3rd Platoon. What a generous city we have. It was truly heartwarming!”

This Paloma High School graduate has been looking for a job since before graduation last June, with no luck. “I’m still looking!” she announced enthusiastically. With very little free time between looking for work and being a full-time student working on her general education, Sydney hopes to transfer to Cal State San Marcos eventually. But for now, her mission to help our Marines, none of which she has ever met, is her passion.

Filled with optimism and promise, Sydney is a shining example of every parent’s dream, and the hope for our future society. Making time to help others is her priority, and with a deep sense of public service, she has hopes to do more donation events in the future. “When I think of those Marines in Afghanistan, and all of the basics they live without everyday, I know that I can help! I know I have to keep on trying, for them. For those Marines, well, it’s pretty harsh out there.”

Care Packages for Marines Success!

The Care Packages for the Marines of the 2/1 Echo Co. 3rd Platoon Event on Saturday, December 11th was a heartwarming success.

Sydney Adger, organizer of the event, wanted to say to the people of Menifee, "Thank you all who took the time to support our troops!" With the help of friends Jeff Kreutzer, Kimberly Torres, Cynthia Quintanar and sister Kelly Adger, the event brought in box after box of supplies. Yamashita Karate Menifee was incredibly generous, bringing in a number of donations. One gentleman brought one of each item that was on the list.

Sydney would like to organize future events, and we will post them here on Menifee 24/7.

Motorcyclist Killed in Menifee

This afternoon at 1:58PM, Menifee Police officers responded to a reported hit and run traffic collision at the 27000 block of Jackson Street, in the Romoland community. Upon arrival, they found the driver of a motorcycle, a male adult, laying dead in the street.

The Perris Sheriff’s Station Traffic Reconstruction Team responded and assumed the investigation.

motorcycle accident in Menifee
The guy who struck the motorcyclist fled the scene but with the help of witnesses, his vehicle was located parked at the nearby intersection of Sherman Road and Sylvia Street. Further investigation led deputies to the driver, Jose Aguliar, 48, of Romoland. Aguliar was subsequently arrested for vehicular manslaughter, and felony hit-and-run.

The deceased's identity is withheld pending notification of next of kin.

Anyone who witnessed this collision or has information regarding this incident is encouraged to call Deputy Howe at the Menifee Police Department at (951) 210-1000.

UPDATE Dec 13, 2010: The Sheriff has released the name of the deceased as Ronald Leiter, 38 years old, of Homeland.

Free Christmas Dinner and Toys Making Progress

Jimmy Canales, who with Leslie Kussman is doing the free Christmas Dinner and Toy drive, submits the following update saying they've received a lot of support thus far, but still need more, particularly volunteers...

We have made some awesome progress with this event! We will be serving hot dinners at Wheatfield Park and sending home pre packaged boxed meals for people to take home and make in their own kitchen. There will be toys and games for kids as well. We are all very excited!

If you would like to join us in making this event a success we are currently accepting non perishable food donations (such as canned ham, canned fruits and vegetables, boxed mashed potatoes, gravy packets, etc). You can drop these items off at Wheatfield Park's Clubhouse, Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 8:30pm.

We are also acceptiing holiday potluck dishes (turkey, ham, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, treats, deserts, etc). We are requesting these items be dropped off Christmas Day between 12noon - 1:30pm at Wheatfield Park. For organizational purposes please email the information on your dish & we'll route your information to the committee organizing the potluck.

We are also seeking Volunteers to help with set-up on Christmas Eve from 12noon - 5:00pm and again on Christmas Day after the event has concluded. If this is something you would like to participate in, please email & we'll route your information to the committee organizing the decorations.

There are 2 convenient places to drop off toy and food donations. Wheatfield Park's Clubhouse, Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 8:30pm and this week at Ralph's Grocery Store on Newport & Antelope Rd. from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. The ages of the children will vary, please keep in mind not only kids under the age of 12, but those kids who are tweeny-teens too! Gift cards will go a long way with the teenage kids ;)

Thank You in advance for your contribution & support~


Jimmy Canales
Holiday Dinner and Toy Drive

For more information about this effort, read the original announcement here...

Upcoming Road Closures in Menifee

The City of Menifee announced a couple of road closures coming up soon...

Murrieta Rd, between La Piedra and San Quintin. A road realignment project to begin Wednesday, December 20th...

Menifee road closure Murrieta Road
Click map to see larger size

Haun Rd, right at Scott Rd. Pavement and utility work for the new Shops at Scott, to begin Monday, December 13th...

Menifee road closure Haun Road
Click map to see larger size

Menifee Police Busts Christmas Thief

Menifee Police reported early this morning that they arrested 33-year old Miguel Sanchez of Menifee for stealing Christmas gifts from a vehicle yesterday.

The department's Special Enforcement Team has gone undercover in a holiday enforcement program at businesses within Countryside Marketplace and are monitoring activity.

"The Menifee Police Department would like everyone to know we are actively conducting enforcement during the holidays to help ensure the safety of shoppers and their property." reports Sergeant Tim Elwell. "The criminal element should be aware that their actions will be spotted by uniformed or undercover officers."

Never leave purchases in plain sight inside your car; lock items in the trunk or cover them.

Eller Park Dedication Draws Big Crowd

Eller Park Menifee CAAbout a couple hundred people attended the Eller Park Dedication ceremony this morning in Menifee. Valley Wide Parks and Recreation's newest park, which was named after the Eller Family, longtime stalwarts in the Romoland area since the 1940s, was officially unveiled to the public.

Eller Park is located in the Romoland area of Menifee, off of Hwy 74 and Antelope Rd, right next to Romoland Elementary School.

Distinguished persons from throughout the area were on hand, including Riverside County supervisors Marion Ashley and Jeff Stone, Menifee City Councilmembers Darcy Kuenzi and John Denver, as well as others from various cities, school boards, and even the the water district.

Marion Ashley, who grew up in Romoland, described to the audience what Romoland was like decades ago. "Right here, where this park now stands, was the original community center of Romoland", he spoke pointing his finger behind him at the park's baseball field. "This is where the bank was, this is where everybody came to see each other."

Construction on the 5-acre park started in June 2009, at a cost of $2.2 million. It features a baseball diamond with lights, basketball courts, jogging paths, a tot lot, restrooms and a gazebo. It's also only the second park in the City of Menifee to boast its own snack bar.

Eller Park, Dedication Banner

Perris High School ROTC

Supervisor Marion Ashley

The Eller Family of Romoland, for whom the park was named after.

It takes big scissors to cut through the red tape

Menifee City Councilmembers Darcy Kuenzi and John Denver

All those who attended got these very rare, limited edition, water bottles.

There was even free food, drinks and desserts for everyone

And this is who provided the food, drinks and desserts