Menifee Agrees to Tattoo Parlors, Somewhat

The city council last night voted unanimously to permit tattoo parlors within the City of Menifee. ...

The city council last night voted unanimously to permit tattoo parlors within the City of Menifee. But don't anyone expect a tattoo parlor anytime soon.

The city's existing ban on tattoo parlors was scheduled to expire at the end February 2011. But instead of renewing the ban, the city took into consideration a recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals case where the City of Hermosa Beach was challenged for its ban on tattoo parlors.

In that case, the plaintiff Johnny Anderson sued Hermosa Beach on grounds that tattoos are a form a free speech. Anderson had sought to open up his own tattoo parlor. In an effort to avoid a similar lawsuit, the Menifee city council chose to adopt a new law that permits tattoo parlors, but imposes such strict requirements that would severely limit the number of tattoo establishments in the city.

"Based on the requirements, we've identified two places within the city where a tattoo parlor could fit in." said Carmen Cave, the city's Community Development Director. "One area is by the hospital, the other area is by Newport and Bradley".

menifee tattoo parlor map

menifee tattoo parlor map

In the case of the area by Newport & Bradley, much of the area zoned for a tattoo parlor (shaded in orange) is already occupied by other businesses, and would be difficult for a tattoo parlor to come in. And one space, right on the corner of Newport & Bradley, is already spoken for by CVS Pharmacy.

Only the area by the hospital could a tattoo parlor exist, and that tattoo parlor would have to buy the land and construct a building, which is unlikely for any prospective tattoo parlor to do, unless some other developer decides to build something there.

The new law that the City of Menifee was to adopt would have limited operating hours from 7:00am to 7:00pm, making it difficult for any tattoo parlor to succeed because many customers can't get there until after work, and then only have an hour or two to get any ink. But after hearing testimony from Grant Yoders, a Sun City resident, who spoke in favor of tattoo parlors, and who recommended the hours be extended, the council chose to increase the closing hours to 9:00pm.