Menifee Approves New Trash Contract with Waste Management

Earlier this month the City of Menifee approved a new contract with Waste Management that goes into ...

Earlier this month the City of Menifee approved a new contract with Waste Management that goes into effect January 1, 2011, and continues for eight years until December 31, 2018.

The existing contract was negotiated by the County, and expires December 31, 2010.

Under the new contract, rates will remain at the existing rates for the 96-gallon carts until July 2011, at which time they will increase by 2%. However, the new contract actually decreases rates for the 64-gallon carts.

Trash pickup service largely remains the same, with trash pickup once a week, green pickup once a week, and recycling pickup every other week. But the new contract provides for a free additional recycling cart.

It also provides for additional services...

  • Battery collection

  • Sharps disposal

  • Composting bins

  • Increased back yard service at a 25% discounted rate for physically challenged customers

  • Bulky item collection days, two free collections per household per year

  • Annual Clean Up Event Days (city to choose which days)

  • Free service to city facilities, parks, buildings

  • Christmas tree pick up program

  • Used oil collection program

  • Universal waste program / compact fluorescent bulb disposal

The new contact also increases the franchise fee to the city from 8.0% to 8.5% of gross receipts. This is the fee Waste Management pays to cities for the right to service their residents.

One reader posted a question on our Facebook Page on why recycling pickup in Menifee is bi-weekly, and more expensive than in Murrieta...

Can someone please explain to me why our recycling is only picked up every other week by waste mngmt. when I lived in murrieta my trash bill was far cheaper and my recycling was picked up every week. How are we supposed to go GREEN and reduce our carbon footprint when i cant even properly recycle because my bin is full after one week but I have to wait another week for it to be taken out, which forces me to throw recyclables in the trash. I am disgusted and someone needs to start asking some questions and getting things changed.

First, the new contract provides for a free additional recycling bin.

But two, I posed the question to Rob Johnson, Senior Management Analyst with the City of Menifee, who explained there are differences in franchise fees and the population size of each city. Murrieta has a larger population and presumably greater negotiating power. Murrieta also negotiated a 15 year contract and was thereby able to achieve lower rates. Rob also mentioned that the California Integrated Waste Management Board was disbanded in January 2010, and that too has lead to changes in the way rates are negotiated.


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