Menifee Gas Prices - Dec 28, 2010

Menifee area gas prices as of Tuesday, December 28, 2010...

Green = Lowest price
Red = Highest price

Menifee gas pricesRegularDiesel
Texaco (Murrieta & Newport)$3.29$3.59
Chevron (Murrieta & Newport)$3.29$3.59
Mobil (Winterhawk & Newport)$3.27$3.53
ARCO (Bradley & Newport)$3.27$3.43
76 (Haun & Newport)$3.27$3.47
Shell (Antelope & Newport)$3.27$3.51
Sun City gas prices
Chevron (Bradley & McCall)$3.31$3.59
Valero (Antelope & McCall)$3.29$3.49
Romoland gas prices
ARCO (Menifee & Highway 74)$3.23$3.59
Perris gas prices
76 (Ethanac & I-215)$3.19$3.47
Circle K (Ethanac & Case)$3.25$3.48
Murrieta gas prices
7-Eleven (Antelope & Scott)$3.29N/A
ARCO (Antelope & Scott)$3.29$3.69


  1. Remember you can use your Ralph's card at the Shell on Antelope and save on average .10 a gallon.


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