Candy Demonstration Yields Big Turnout

The Sun City Library hosted a fabulous hour long candy demonstration to an eager audience last night. Chocolatiers, Fran and Patti, owners of Fran & Patti's Past Times Chocolate Shop, taught the crowd how to make their famous Turtles. If you've never heard of a Turtle or had one before, let me just say that the combination of the pecans, caramel and chocolate make this candy truly irresistible.

The demonstration wasn't just for adults, either. As the Turtles were baking, Patti had all the kids come up and make chocolate covered grapes. And of course, what would a demonstration be without a sample? Chocolate covered grapes and Turtles for everyone!

Patti said these candy demonstrations are going to occur more often. Contact the Sun City Library at: 951-679-3534 for more information.

sun city library candy demonstration

chocolate turtle

fran and pattie chocolate

Fran and Pattie Pasttime Chocolate Shop


  1. Fran and Patti are the nicest ladies ever...