Road Surfacing Project at Antelope Rd

If you've tried to drive down Antelope Rd between the college and Scott Rd, you saw the barriers...

If you've tried to drive down Antelope Rd between the college and Scott Rd, you saw the barriers that divert traffic down to Menifee Rd.

There's a road surfacing project to finally complete what Brenson Communities failed to do years ago. Brenson is the company that started the Christensen Ranch condos where the old golf driving range used to be.

After so many complaints about the bumpy road surface, the city was able to get money from the developer's bond holder and complete the work.

Antelope Rd at Craig Rd

Originally the city didn't anticipate the project taking very long, but the rainy weather dragged things out. "When we put up the barricades there was only a 20% chance of rain", said Matt Simonetti, an engineer with the City of Menifee. "But it turned into the biggest storm of 2010, and now we have to get all the water pumped out of the trenches."

The city chose to start the project during Winter school break when traffic is more light. As to why they put up barriers at Holland Rd, they didn't want to cause increased traffic through the homes between Holland and Craig Rd.

The project will fill and cap the trenches, and smooth over the road surface to Garbani Rd.

According to Simonetti, they hope to have the road reopened by next week, however they'll likely have flagmen directing traffic for short while following.


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  1. Can we get the bond holders to pay for the repairs to all of our vehicles that were damaged due to this?
    I had to purchase new rims, tires and multiple alignments because of this!

  2. If you knew that the road was bad and continued to go down it why should the bond holder pay for your obviously ignoring the damage you were doing to your vehicle? You made the choice to damage your car. Take responsibility for your action.

  3. How about putting a light at Garboni and Antelope while your at it???

  4. Please build that much needed bridge that will connect La Piedra Rd on the west side.If not a bridge,then an off ramp will work.But the bridge would be better in my opinion.



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