Map of Menifee Valley

Below is a map of Menifee Valley determined by LAFCO. This is what the proposed city will look like...

map of menifeeClick on the image to see the full size.

Good News for Cityhood

Today I learned that the Govenor has signed Assembly Bill 1602. This establishes that new aspiring cities will receive an added boost in terms of tax receipts. The Vehicle License Fee that all cities receive has been reinstated for communities striving to become incorporated. This bill increases the normal receipt by established cities by a factor of 150% for the first year, decreasing by 10% each year for five years. The bill passed by a majority vote across party lines.

Another step forward to cityhood.

Ron Royer

Drilling Rock Bolts in Menifee

Another installation of Menifee in the Blogosphere...

1. Phil, who lives in Bermuda Dunes, CA, recently travelled to Menifee to witness some construction work...
Last week at work I got to witness the installation of ten rock bolts into a slope in Menifee, CA. My good friend, and mentor, Roderick was onsite there to monitor the installation. He invited me down to see it. It was amazing. The drill rig that they used I had only seen in my textbooks. I actually got to stand there next to the drill rig and watch it chew through some pretty hard granitics. It was excellent. Tomorrow they are doing the pull-out tests. So I'm headed back to Menifee to check that out.
I'm curious to know where exactly they were doing this.

2. Jordan, who describes herself as originally being from Menifee, but now living in San Marcos, says she likes coming home...
Don't know why I really like coming to Menifee....its boring and I really only talk to one person out here who isn't related to me...but I do love hanging out with my sisters and being able to sleep more then 5 hours a night....well i guess im off to party in san marcos tonight and then back to menifee...i guess i do like coming home....
3. Darryl says he recently moved to Menifee and is happy to say he's gotten his life back on track...
I now live in menifee and work for the resturant BJ's, but I don't know for how long. I have a better business opportunity coming up so I think I may take that. I have moved on from my past and am looking towards the future a lot stonger now that things are looking up. I still have worries coming at me left and right, and shit I still need to work out but overall I believe things and going to work themselves out. I have re-evaluated my life and decisions I have made and am going towards a better sort of life.
I think "restaurant BJ's" is the new BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse in Temecula.

4. Manda, who teaches a special ed class for the Menifee Unified School District, describes the car accident she got into while driving to work...
As I am stopped in traffic at a red light that just won't change what do you know…."BAM!!!!" I get rear ended!! My head bounces off of the headrest, the rearview mirror falls off of the window, my soda that was half empty in the cup holder spills everywhere and my time to get to the district is ticking away. We pull over to the shoulder. Out walks a young teenage girl, "Oh my gosh, I am soooooo sorry! I just got license. I was not paying attention at all!"
Apparently, Manda now has to wait 2 months to get her paycheck, because the accident caused her to miss the deadline to file her timesheet.

Measure I Fails - What Next?

As reported today in The Californian, Measure I, the $485 million bond initiative for Valley Health System is on the brink of defeat. A Valley Health System board member was quoted in the article as conceding defeat.

But the question I have now is "Where do we go from here?"

That question was also asked in the article...
William Cherry, a Valley Health System director, recently said officials hadn't considered what they'd do if the bond failed. It's possible, he said, that the district could continue with measured growth, but more likely, the hospitals will have to cut services ---- possibly emergency room care, which is the most expensive division in medical centers.
I got together with Eric Madrid, a writer here on Menifee 24/7, as well as a medical doctor with a practice in Temecula as a family physician, to discuss some of the issues surrounding Menifee Valley Medical Center, and what should be done. Below is a diatribe we put together...

Steve: Measure I isn't the first bond measure that Valley Health System put before us. Lately it seems they put bond measures on the ballot every year or two. The problem I see isn't that it doesn't have state-of-the-art facilities, but that we receive bad service from its staff, whether it's no service, rude service, or feeling like no one cares. When you have a medical problem, all you want is prompt attention and someone who cares. How is another tax hike going to force the staff to be more friendly and attentive?

Eric: In my opinon, Valley Health may be in trouble and are looking for community bailout. Currently, many Menifee Valley residents go to Southwest Healthcare's hospitals. These include Rancho Springs and Inland Valley. Both of these hospitals are profitable and from what I know, none are asking for money. Also, it has been reported recently in the paper that a new hospital, backed by community physicians, is being planned for the Menifee Valley area. This hospital will be off Antelope road, between Scott and Clinton Keith. It is my opinion that Valley Health is feeling some pressure of potential competition and as a result is asking for tax payers to help.

Steve: I think one reason why this measure failed is because the amount of money involved was enormous, while voters living in the health district are spread across a wide area. It wasn't just $485 million we were talking about, but nearly double that when you factor in the interest payments on the bonds. That's nearly $1 BILLION! Why should residents of Menifee pay even more taxes to fund hospital renovations in Hemet and Moreno Valley? The same is true for Moreno Valley residents being asked to pay for renovations in Menifee.

Eric: Hemet Valley, Menifee Valley, and Moreno Valley hospitals have 519 beds between them. Menifee Valley Hospital only 84 beds. The price tag they are asking for is almost $1 million per hospital bed. If you consider the higher amount of $1 billion, we are pushing $2 million per bed! This is an amazingly ridiculous amount. Furthermore, the fact that Menifee has newer and more expensive homes than Hemet and Moreno Valley makes me think that we are going to be paying a higher share of the taxes than those in Hemet and Moreno Valley, where 435 or the 519 hospital beds are located.

Steve: $485 million is an amazing price. If the hospital is that much in the red, it is basically bankrupt. From what I understand, hospitals the size of Rancho Springs and Inland Valley cost less than $150 million to build in total.

Eric: Correct!. I think this bond is more of a bailout if anything.

Steve: Even though Measure I has failed, I don't think families in Menifee are worrying. Just about every family I know of here goes to Inland Valley or Rancho Springs, because the service is so much better. If families are comfortable with those two hospitals, why can't we instead have a bond measure to pay for traffic lights and road improvements?

Eric: This is exactly the point I made to Brian Eckhouse, when he published the original article about Measure I. Menifee residents have a lot of other concerns that are higher on the priority list. I think since the residents of Menifee are relatively younger than Hemet, our wish list would rather see tax money go to schools, (a new high school), crime and safety, infrastucture development and business development. Bailing out MVH is about 6th or more.

Steve: Valley Health System is not a non-profit organization. That is, they are supposed to earn profits like any other business. They should be using the profits to pay for expansion. If Valley Health System is incapable of running its hospitals profitably, then it has a deep systemic problem that no bond measure can fix.

Eric: Exactly. The hospitals are located in communities with a large senior population. These patients typically are on Medicare which pays well. I am sure they will blame undocumented citizens for their problems but studies show that this population represents less than 5% of admissions. I would like to see the financials of the hospital publicly posted so their budget can be scrutinized.

Steve: Valley Health System should sell Menifee Valley Medical Center to a commercial entity, such as Humana, United Healthcare, or any one of several privately run healthcare businesses. These companies operate state-of-the-art hospitals in other cities, and never have to ask voters to pay for it. I'm sure any other healthcare business can run it better than Valley Health System.

Eric: My thoughts exactly. As long as they don't sell it to Southwest healthcare, who already runs Inland Valley, Rancho Springs and are planning the hospital on 79S.

Steve: Moving forward, this is what Valley Health System needs to do, sell Menifee Valley Medical Center to another group. Residents in the Menifee Valley have no interest in sending their tax dollars to pay for hospitals in Moreno Valley and Hemet. I do want Menifee Valley Medical Center to become a better hospital, with state-of-the-art facilities, and great service from its staff. But Valley Health System has proven itself incapable of running a profitable, top notch, hospital. It's time to get some new ownership in there.

Eric: I agree! Measure I appears to have been a last minute effort to get saved by the taxpyers. Menifee Valley residents need their money to be invested into here in the Menifee Valley, but I think the schools, infracstructure, freeways, police and business developement should be the priority. We have adequate hospitals south of Newport! Bad fiscal management of administrators should not be left to the taxpayers to resolve. If that were the case, we might as well raise taxes to help people payoff high interest credit card loans of community members who are in debt!

Get Involved

If you have concerns about our community and want more information as to what is being done to get cityhood for Menifee Valley, come to our meeting tonight at the Haun Community Center.

Ron Royer

Missing Fishing Pole Found.

Hello Again.

Once upon a time (this weekend) two lovers and their pet, (me, my girlfriend, and our dog) walked down to the lake for a nice picnic lunch. We sat at the bank of the shore and looked over the lake while we had our meal, prepared by her, of sandwiches, chips, strawberrys, soda, et cetera. You know, picnic food!

Everything was really nice. In fact, she even had got some banana nut bread for desert which was really pretty tasty. We had our meal and sat talking for a while, took a break, played frisbee with the dog, came back to our laid out blanket and sat and talked a bit longer while watching the water.

...then a duck came.

Now, you aren't supposed to feed the ducks. You and I both know this, but I have a girlfriend, a duck, and a picnic basket with bread in it. As they say on Sesame Street, 1 and 1 makes 2.

She fed the duck. The world is still good, and maybe even a bit more cute and cuddly perhaps but these ducks man, they have some way of knowing when another duck found food and more will come. A second duck came to partake in the feast that was my picnic lunch but this one was different. He had something strange in the water floating behind him.

I got up, took a closer look, and it was a fishing pole. This made me examine the duck a bit further to notice he had a hook embedded in his wing, and was totally entangled in fishing line. Even the bright white and red bobber was pressed hard against him. It was about this point my girlfriend noticed.

Girls and animals in distress don't go over well.

She got a bit upset. After a moment of fast paced "What do I do" thought I decided to try and get the pole and have her try to get the duck to cut the line away from it. As you can expect when I got the pole the duck started to thrash around a bit, a problem because I don't want him to get more hurt, I am trying to help the little guy. In his trashing the line on the pole breaks and he trys to fly away but can't get himself out of the water. He gets to the deeper area of the water but just starts swimming in circles entangled in all this fishing line.

Now the girlfriend is really upset.

I can't lie, I planned to jump in the water at that point and just get the duck. Sure, I know you aren't supposed to go in the water but something had to be done. In my planning for this I noticed a neighbor in one of the waterfront homes out in her yard so I proceeded to introduce myself and say Hi, I am Mac and I am a homeowner here, I am not crazy but I am about to jump in the water I just wanted you to know. I explained the entire situation to her.

She was with it. She did mention why don't we try to call the clubhouse first and see if they had a boat or anything to come in. She got me the number and I called and Dan answered the phone. Dan is the man. He had people out there on a boat within moments helping with the situation. Dan explained to me that he didn't manage the lake but he would come out as a concerned citizen and help us.

Me and my girlfriend really appreciate that Dan and his two helpers dropped everything to come help us. I never had to get wet and it is something we won't soon forget, but then again how could we, I have a new fishing pole to always remind me.

So... if you lost a fishing pole in Menifee Lake recently... I found it. (...and did what was your job when you lost it.)

Menifee Valley Medical Center Turns Away Severed Thumb

A person using the handle, "48flatty" wrote about an incident at a McDonalds (which might be the one in Sun City), where an 80 year old man had a finger severed off, on Friday, Sept 8...
A little girl (about 5) comes screaming into the restaurant asking for help. She had slammed the door of a Yukon and severed the thumb of her 80-year-old grandfather. Chris (the student) grabs the first aid kit and rushes outside to find the man sucking on the nub of where his thumb used to be, blood gushing out. Chris commands the man to hold his hand out so he can press the iodine patch onto and try to stop the bleeding. The manger is losing it and the grandma and little girl are freaking out. Chris is trying to get everyone to stay composed. The whole time the idiot without a thumb is screaming at the little girl that it is her fault.

After the paramedics arrive, he has to locate the severed thumb and place it a baggy with ice (it was the whole thumb) and then, Chris has to drive the old lady and little girl in their car to the hospital. The first one is full (in Sun City/Menifee) so they have to drive all the way to Riverside. The little girl is taking it badly and Chris tries to ease her worries the whole time. He said he felt like punching the guy for what he (the old man) said to her.
What I found interesting is that this man went to Menifee Valley Medical Center, with an amputated thumb, and they didn't consider that urgent enough to make room!

I don't think throwing more money at Valley Health System (Measure I) is going to fix that. Measure I will provide more money for beds and expanded facilities, but we're still going to have unfriendly staff and poor service, and we're still going to opt for Inland Valley Hospital instead.

Admit it, when you're suffering from a severe medical problem, you want fast service and good service. Even if Measure I provides Menifee Valley Medical Center with the best facilities in the area, as long as the service sucks we'll still keep going to Inland Valley.

What Menifee Valley Medical Center needs are management and administrative changes to address the apathetic attitude and poor employee morale.

Valley Health System is supposed to earn a profit to pay for expansion, not ask taxpayers for more money. VHS is not a non-profit organization. The fact that they are losing money is indicative of deep systemic problems with their management. Measure I simply keeps a failed system running. Within the next couple of years, we will no doubt see yet another VHS measure asking us to pay more taxes.

If other privately run hospitals around the country can build state-of-the-art facilities, and do it without asking taxpayers to pay for it, why can't Valley Health System do the same?

If we had a second hospital in Menifee, owned by a privately run corporation, one that was turning a profit, and using that profit to pay for expansion, higher wages, more staff, etc., then no one would vote for Measure I. The ONLY reason why anyone would consider voting for Measure I is because there is no other hospital in Menifee.

My solution is to lure a commercial healthcare corporation, like Humana, United Healthcare, et al, to build a second hospital in Menifee, OR, have Valley Health System sell Menifee Valley Medical Center to a commercial entity. At this point, I believe any commercial healthcare corporation can run it better than Valley Health System.

Policing for Menifee Valley

I note that several residents of Menifee have commented on our lack of policing. This is another compelling reason for us to incorporate. We will then be able to decide for ourselves just how much policing we want/can afford. The college police are not going to respond to all calls in Menifee and as we grow there will be more and more who will be left to waiting for a deputy to arrive. Those who live close to the college will probably get a response but those who live a distance will go begging. There was a string of break-ins and peepers in a development close to the college and the deputy who finally responded didn't even ask enough questions to write a report. Traffic control is the responsibility of the CHP. I see more tickets being written by the college police than I do by the CHP. After all, this is not their prime responsibility and will take a back seat to their normal duties. We will always be on the tail end of service from the Sheriff and need to take charge of our future.


Menifee in the Blogosphere

This is perhaps a new feature on Menifee 24/7, summarizing some of the more interesting things being said about Menifee in the millions of blogs out there on the Internet. This might be a bimonthly or monthly feature, depending on how much stuff I can gather together...

1. Heather, a resident of Menifee Lakes, writes about her experience with a security guard while walking around the lake with her friend...
"He gets all accusing and harrassing and asks Michelle (who's continuing to laugh) "DO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY" in a too-gruff way. I start to go off and say, "Look, you're a security gaurd and are suppossed to protect, but I feel quite harrassed by you!" More...
2. Breann writes that she just recently landed a job as a substitute teacher for the Menifee School District, and is looking to get hired on as a full time teacher. She also seems to think she found the greatest guy in the world! More...

3. A classic rock band named "Fired", based out of San Jacinto, announced they recently signed up to play some gigs at a couple of local bars in Menifee. Sept 8 at Bogey's Bar & Grill, and Sept 9 at Bob's Pit Stop. More...

4. Michelle, who currently lives in Anchorage, AK, is finding herself low on finances and is faced with having to move to Menifee to stay with her mother. She absolutely hates Menifee...
"I REALLY don't want to live in MENIFEE. Living with my Mom is whatever...that's not the's just...Menifee! It's far away from everything I want to be near." More...
Apparently Anchorage offers everything this girl wants, except for money.

Menifee MAC Meeting Scheduled

The next Menifee MAC meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2006, at Webb Hall (26850 Sun City Blvd), from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

The guest speaker will be Juan Perez, Deputy Director, of the Riverside County Engineering & Planning.

The Menifee MAC is an advisory council consisting of Menifee Valley residents appointed by the Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor. Their job is to field questions, comments, and opinions from the public and report them to the Supervisor.

If you have something to say about our community, here's the place to say it.