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I note that several residents of Menifee have commented on our lack of policing. This is another compelling reason for us to incorporate. We...

I note that several residents of Menifee have commented on our lack of policing. This is another compelling reason for us to incorporate. We will then be able to decide for ourselves just how much policing we want/can afford. The college police are not going to respond to all calls in Menifee and as we grow there will be more and more who will be left to waiting for a deputy to arrive. Those who live close to the college will probably get a response but those who live a distance will go begging. There was a string of break-ins and peepers in a development close to the college and the deputy who finally responded didn't even ask enough questions to write a report. Traffic control is the responsibility of the CHP. I see more tickets being written by the college police than I do by the CHP. After all, this is not their prime responsibility and will take a back seat to their normal duties. We will always be on the tail end of service from the Sheriff and need to take charge of our future.



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  1. First off I believe the college police are doing a great job in that area. As for the break ins in the development you speak of, has anyone bothered to bring it up to the Sheriff and College Police. I also notice your lack of knowledge in regards to the police department at the college. They are sworn peace officers and have powers throughout the state of California. And as a matter of fact they do have a primary reponsibility of traffic enforcement on the streets that surrond the school and can enforce traffic laws. They have slowed down many speeders in that area just by thier presence and have definatley ran off the unwanted criminal element in that area. I do agree we need to incorporate and get our own police services, However we have to make do with what we have for now. So I hope your not complaining about them. I am happy with them there and feel bad that the rest of the City of Menifee is suffering. I suggest you let local police in that area know about the peepers and the break in's. Stop blaming the system. I know a majority of the residents and business's are happy the college police are there and they work closley with the Sheriff. Please review and do your homework before you make statements like this one.

  2. I reviewed by posting and don't find it in any way a negative comment on the College police. I also have seen them stop speeders on the surrounding streets. My point is that they should not have to respond to break-ins which are the responsibility of the Sheriff. We pay taxes to support the Sheriff who was budgeted to cover his entire request. Knowing this and the lack of patrolling we see, it is obvious that we are not being well served. My comments should be taken as a citizen of Menifee, in total, as to our police protection. If we are required to rely on the College police for Menifee police protection, we as a community are in trouble. My hat is off to the College police. Also, to the commentor for getting involved. I hope that I can stimulate more involvement in our community.


  3. Thanks Ron. I haven't given Ron a formal introduction on this website. Perhaps to add some more background to his writings, I'd like to introduce Ron as the President of the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee and heads up the Economic Development Committee with the Menifee Sun City Chamber of Commerce. His wife Betty sits on the Menifee Municipal Advisory Council (MAC).

  4. hello all

    i am a resident and could not sit back and read anymore without a few words.Anonymous.....is right the college police have the same power as the local sheriff and chp but lets face the facts msjc pd has horrible hours of operation they are not 24 hours a day they are a day shift operation created for the school by the school for the students who might steal or not pay registration fees. 4 sworn 1 cheif 1 corproal and 2 patrol officers" i have done my home work. they have cars that break down on the road " ohhh yeah we are watching msjc pd" they are not the next comming of christ. we need to become our own city or put our foot down with the sheriff or get the media envolved if no one listens

  5. Oh by the way: Hours of operation are not day shift only at MSJC PD. They work evenings too and there is someone on duty during graveyard Mr. Know it All!

  6. Police services are a very important aspect of the quality of life we all seek in our communities. After reading the related posts on this topic, it is obvious that there is a wide range of opinions as they relate to our local law enforcement agencies.
    I personally have had nothing but positive contacts with the County Sheriff's Dept. Their response times to any calls for service have been prompts and they seem to be pro-active
    in the area of Sun City where I live. For those that are not happy with the services we are getting in our community, it would be wise to gather data on the crime rates of our area or average response times. Some of the accusations of poor police service are rather subjective without an objective presentation of
    data to support these opinions. As far as traffic enforcement taking a back seat to other issues: almost 50,000 people are killed in auto accidents every year in the U.S. The leading cause of death among young adults in the 16-24 year range is auto accidents. YES, traffic enforcement is a big deal. And one final note, the local law enforcement agencies are only as good as the support and help they receive
    from the members of the communities they serve. For those that are complaining, are you part of a neighborhood watch program? Do you volunteer at local schools or churches to help shape the future of our communities? It takes the participation of each one of us to have a thriving, well-balanced and safe community.

  7. wow

    when it rains it pours i tryed to keep it nice but Anonymous has to call people names.....well let me just tell you what i see msjc pd doing who he or she loves so much. stop lying so much by acting like your beloved pd works all hours and by the way i know more than you think i have friends that work for the school... your dispatch is out of banning so even if we called for there help we would have to call banning or an empty office "where not one person works graveyard shift" stop stop stop telling lies !!!! yes i do volunteer, so dont throw stones and dont expect us to support a pd
    that is private for a school that is really out of its league....ie no less leathal resources no k-9 no helicoptor, no shot guns in there car's like every other pd has.

  8. Retired (Fired Mabey) OooooH! You know people who work at the school. We are all so proud of you. You are really uneducated about that PD. Someone is feeding you a bunch of incorrect information. First off that is not a private organization, it is a California POST certifed agency and a law enforcement agency. Second, I've seen them with stun guns, pepper spray and pepperball guns. Last time I checked, that classiifes as less than lethal. I know people at that school too, what makes you so special. Sounds to me like you have some hidden agenda or grudge against them there. Anyways, enough of you childish comments. At least my neighborhood is well policed and you are just a small percentage of the negative feelings by community members. Oh and as for your dispatcher comment....If you just called 911 they would get you to them just as easy as it is to get a deputy. No difference. This conversation is over! I can't believe there are so many negative people out there.

  9. Sad. It's so sad to see community members bickering amoungst each other instead of working together and using the resources we have. Like getting involved in your community. Contact local law enforcement to include this college police department everyone seems to like and dislike. Get them involved along with local school officials, park administrators, coaches, fire depts, community leaders, churhes, etc.

    We are all neighbors, and what I think I see here is the police from the college trying to take and active roll in the community with a proactive approach. I have even read in the MEnifee Lakes News Letter that they have folded many crimes that have affected the college, the lakes, and local businesses. Instead of making them the enemy, try working together with them and the Sheriff. Church leaders, teachers, administrators should do the same. What a positive toll that would be. Lets all work together intead of against each other!

  10. Mr. Retired:

    Here is a comment from August posted on this website under the complaints about criminal activity near Jack-In-Box and Target-Lakes Community. I would say getting ahold of them is not as hard as you claim and there are many more to go with this one. It seems to me that they are a reputable PD and work well with the Sheriff.....

    See following:

    "I have been reading alot about the Jack In BoxTaco Bell/Target Center parkinglots. I know I've seen many problems in those areas. We have some assets available to us in the Menifee Lakes/Rustler Ranch area. The Sheriff cannot be everywhere at once. I have realized that now since living here for eight years. Our secuirty in the Lakes is not really that great and have no powers to do anything. When i see something suspicious, a serious crime going on or get a bad feeling about someone in our neighborhood, My wife, her mother or I usually just call the Mt Sac Junior College Police. They have come out several times and caught people doing drugs, drinking and doing tagging. We realize the Sheriff cannot be everywhere at once and were told at our association meeting that the Sheriff and Junior College Police in Menifee work close together and that they could be called if it is an emergency situation or dangerous situation and the Sheriff cannot get there right away. We have called them on several occassions and they have showed up within 1-2 minutes. Mabey this is an option for some of you facing these problems and seeing these problems in our community. I'm not sure of the exact phone number for thier police department, but it is in the Menifee lakes News Letter and on the Mt Sac College Directory on thier website. Just a suggestion."

    By Anonymous, at August 17, 2006 11:26 PM

  11. Heres another one:

    It is under Introduction?Observation August Comments:

    "Found it: The Menifee Mt San Jacinto College Police Department Direct Phone Number is 951-639-5180 or the can be reached through 911 as well, you just have to ask the dispatcher to transfer you to their dispatcher. They are actual cops with the same powers and authority as any other police or sheriff. So mabey they can address the problem at the shopping center or coordinate with the Sheriff to both help handle it."

    Good Luck.

    By Anonymous, at August 17, 2006 11:34 PM

  12. It's good to see comments in Menifee on both sides of the issue. Shows an interest. Let's keep it non-personal and just discuss the subject. Any of you who are interested in the community and its' future are welcome to attend the Menifee Valley Incorporation Meetings on the first and third Wednesdays at 7:00 at the Haun Community Center. By the way, I am not President, only a committee member.

    Ron Royer

  13. Glad to see so much interest in the subject. I hope that there can be a good exchange without getting personal. By the way, I am not the President of the MVIC, just a committe member.


  14. FYI......the correct spelling for the word "MAYBE".
    Not MABEY.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Did not know this was a spelling contest or english course. People are just trying to get a point accross.

  16. hi all

    i wonder what will come of the the college police when the man who runs the department"john tylor" retires. maybe we should ask anonymous....his bloggs seem to only be related to crime the sheriff and the college police....anyonr else think he might work for msjc pd....that's just my guess i only retired from l.a.s.d 25 years as a detective...so no i was not fired.

  17. Is'nt this blog about policing in Menifee and not policing at Mt San Jacinto College School District?

    What is the big deal? Folks are getting too personal here. Let the Sheriff do what the Sheriff needs to get the job done and let the school police do what they need to get done. After all I thought, Law Enforcement were all the same family and looked out for each other.

    I personally don't care who shows up to my rescue, as long as they know what they are doing and have the means to take care of the emergency at hand.

  18. The solution to this problem is not going to happen any time soon. As a community, I think it is our responsibility to fill in the gaps and make our community safer. We need to start Community watch groups and let our political leaders know that we need help. Last night on my street a young woman crashed her car into a parked truck at 3:45 am, several of my neighbors called 911. It took nearly 30 minutes for fire trucks to arrive (we live right behind the fire station on Menifee rd.) and 45 minutes for the CHP (CHP and not the sheriff) to show up. The fire truck got lost and had to be guided in by a neighbor on a cell phone who happened to be a paramedic. Thank goodness the driver was not injured. This is the second time on my street that we have had a late night incident and then had to wait a considerable time for help. We were then told that there are only 2 sheriff deputies assigned to Menifee. That is completely unacceptable in a booming area especially with the demographics of the area changing so rapidly.

  19. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we go about doing something? Who can we contact? I am a concerned mother and citizen who would like to volunteer to make any calls. How can we get something organized?

  20. you can call and ask for Officer Mavrick Campbell at the college police department. He is very interested in getting the college police to take over all of menifee lake. He is a "gem" he loves pulling over mexican workers like my husband and asking if they have the proper imigration papers.then when my husband speaks perfect english he let us go with a warning.

  21. He's a "Gem" huh?? Well if that is the case, he should be kept pretty darn busy pulling over any Hispanic's looking for documentation here in Riverside County. In my opinion it is NOT the Hispanic's or undocumented's that are causing our local problems. Most of them are just trying to eek out some kind of earnings to improve their life. You can't blame them for wanting a better life. But let's not change the orginal Blog here.
    How about contacting our County Supervisor Jeff Stone's office?? He seems to be concerned about things here in Menifee, and would be able to give us the information on what WE the general public can do to improve the safety of our Community.
    Any suggestions or comments??

  22. Yes: here's a suggestion:

    Keep it about the subject!

    This blog has turned from what can we do to make our community safer to lashing out at each other, blaming law enforcement organizations and labeling individuals. What happened to what the topic it is about? Lets keep it on the subject matter and stop the childish comments and who is better than who and what one organization is doing and the other is not doing. I don't even feel this subject matter or blog is useful at this point. It's starting to sound more and more like a teen chat room to me. This site is designed to better Menifee and not to attack one another, certain organizations, clubs, groups and even individuals. Please, lets stick to the topic....Menifee Public Safety and the future of our growing city and for the most part a safe city.

  23. wow

    lastnight showed me why having a good neighbor like the "mt. san jacinto college police" in our area pay off. i am so sick of adults ,kids,and scum bags haning around our lake drinking,smoking drugs sex in the parking lot and a bunch of other stuff is why we need help in our area. from talking to other people 2 kids where picked up at the lake with beer who didnt live in the lake's the kicker is that the local sheriff was too busy to come out and take care of the problem !!!!!!!! ...well they would if we could wait an hour for them to respond. but then someone called the msjc pd and guess what they came, they saw, they arrested !!!!! :) thank you Menifee lake resident

  24. let's get the msjc pd funded so they can hire more cops and work on a 24/7 operation...who do you think wes hould talk to about this so we can do immediate action now! Good job and two thumbs up MSJCPD!!!

  25. Not to put down the sheriff's department they are filled with dedicated men and women who do an excellent job, But if you want to start a dialogue with the college police you will need to go to a board meeting and propose somehting and start the ball rolling. The men and women of MSJCPD are more than capable of handling the duties at hand. You need to start at square one. get some statistics together and present or talk with the board and due a feasability study. The MSJCPD has a great working relationship with the SO and work well with them. This is not about what MSJCPD wants or what the SO wants, it is what is best for the community and you won't know that without talking to the right people.

  26. MSJC Police strikes again... keeping up the good work! Inspired by their Chief and his dedicated officers. These guys helped out a family in need in Menifee for Christmas teaming up with the local fire department and residents of Menifee... God Bless You guys, so will soon see a reward for all your efforts.

  27. First of all the menifee police are complete pricks!they put a gun to my little brothers head and called him a drugie!my little brother is a straight A student.he dosnt ever know about drugs .just that they are bad.

    i just had to put my 2 sense into this.

  28. Well,let me see we argue over who is best to serve the community of Menifee... Let me see here.. You have to look at the big picture many, many Sheriff Deputies live right here in Menifee and alot of them patrol this particular area. The problem is not the Sheriffs department, but the lack of county participation..The county is well the county the decide on How many Deputies and where,, also the Department is very understaffed.. If we incorporate which is our ultimate goal..We will not have to the meens to support our own P.D.. We plainly dont have enough buisness to support money for a P.D period.. THe county as a whole is suffering along with the sheriffs department.. Money=Bodies, if we incororate Menifee would likely need to be a contract City,, Now hear me out.. The Sheriffs department will have to staff to the levels of the community i believe it is 1.5 Officers per 10,000 populous.. Also we complain and bicker about the lack of response time,, Again not the Sheriffs department fault.. The county did not prepare for the influx of housing and the exploding population of the area.. Alsothe Sheriff maintains and operates all jail, courts and stations in Riverside county.. The county is hurting for Sheriff's Deputies.. recruiting is tough..

    In the long run yes we might get to that level but for now i dont fore see it.. We do not have the buisness revenue to fund our own P.D.. You have to keep in mind its just not patrol officers we need its detectives,K9, Special enforcement, a chief administrative staff, cars, equipment, Traffic investigators, motorcycle police,,etc etc the list goes on.. I we are small like Perris their P.D went bakrupt in the first couple of years ... The Contract is cheaper more cost effective,,, Also the Menifee City Counsel has the means to up there staff to what ever they see fit on the contract.. what they deem the Sheriff has to provide...Look at the big picture.. Like Temecula for example the council loves their police,, the counsel makes the rules to what they expect the department to provide.. Its not the Departments fault its the county,, the county says what goes.. Just food for thought..

    Also if you have such a problem with the response time of the Sheriff ,, get invovled in your neighborhoods,, call in suspicious activity.. ALSO go on a ride along for your area and see what these Deputies have to respond to and the calls for service they handle.. They just do there jobs.. But people make the difference in their own communit,, not the Sheriff ,, so with that i suggest get involve I do .. And i aslo patrol these streets in Menifee.. '

    Its a tuff job, but ultimately the county has not provided us with what we need to get the job done.



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