Menifee Valley Medical Center Turns Away Severed Thumb

A person using the handle, "48flatty" wrote about an incident at a McDonalds (which might be the one in Sun City), where an 80 ye...

A person using the handle, "48flatty" wrote about an incident at a McDonalds (which might be the one in Sun City), where an 80 year old man had a finger severed off, on Friday, Sept 8...
A little girl (about 5) comes screaming into the restaurant asking for help. She had slammed the door of a Yukon and severed the thumb of her 80-year-old grandfather. Chris (the student) grabs the first aid kit and rushes outside to find the man sucking on the nub of where his thumb used to be, blood gushing out. Chris commands the man to hold his hand out so he can press the iodine patch onto and try to stop the bleeding. The manger is losing it and the grandma and little girl are freaking out. Chris is trying to get everyone to stay composed. The whole time the idiot without a thumb is screaming at the little girl that it is her fault.

After the paramedics arrive, he has to locate the severed thumb and place it a baggy with ice (it was the whole thumb) and then, Chris has to drive the old lady and little girl in their car to the hospital. The first one is full (in Sun City/Menifee) so they have to drive all the way to Riverside. The little girl is taking it badly and Chris tries to ease her worries the whole time. He said he felt like punching the guy for what he (the old man) said to her.
What I found interesting is that this man went to Menifee Valley Medical Center, with an amputated thumb, and they didn't consider that urgent enough to make room!

I don't think throwing more money at Valley Health System (Measure I) is going to fix that. Measure I will provide more money for beds and expanded facilities, but we're still going to have unfriendly staff and poor service, and we're still going to opt for Inland Valley Hospital instead.

Admit it, when you're suffering from a severe medical problem, you want fast service and good service. Even if Measure I provides Menifee Valley Medical Center with the best facilities in the area, as long as the service sucks we'll still keep going to Inland Valley.

What Menifee Valley Medical Center needs are management and administrative changes to address the apathetic attitude and poor employee morale.

Valley Health System is supposed to earn a profit to pay for expansion, not ask taxpayers for more money. VHS is not a non-profit organization. The fact that they are losing money is indicative of deep systemic problems with their management. Measure I simply keeps a failed system running. Within the next couple of years, we will no doubt see yet another VHS measure asking us to pay more taxes.

If other privately run hospitals around the country can build state-of-the-art facilities, and do it without asking taxpayers to pay for it, why can't Valley Health System do the same?

If we had a second hospital in Menifee, owned by a privately run corporation, one that was turning a profit, and using that profit to pay for expansion, higher wages, more staff, etc., then no one would vote for Measure I. The ONLY reason why anyone would consider voting for Measure I is because there is no other hospital in Menifee.

My solution is to lure a commercial healthcare corporation, like Humana, United Healthcare, et al, to build a second hospital in Menifee, OR, have Valley Health System sell Menifee Valley Medical Center to a commercial entity. At this point, I believe any commercial healthcare corporation can run it better than Valley Health System.