Menifee Valley Medical Center Turns Away Severed Thumb

A person using the handle, "48flatty" wrote about an incident at a McDonalds (which might be the one in Sun City), where an 80 ye...

A person using the handle, "48flatty" wrote about an incident at a McDonalds (which might be the one in Sun City), where an 80 year old man had a finger severed off, on Friday, Sept 8...
A little girl (about 5) comes screaming into the restaurant asking for help. She had slammed the door of a Yukon and severed the thumb of her 80-year-old grandfather. Chris (the student) grabs the first aid kit and rushes outside to find the man sucking on the nub of where his thumb used to be, blood gushing out. Chris commands the man to hold his hand out so he can press the iodine patch onto and try to stop the bleeding. The manger is losing it and the grandma and little girl are freaking out. Chris is trying to get everyone to stay composed. The whole time the idiot without a thumb is screaming at the little girl that it is her fault.

After the paramedics arrive, he has to locate the severed thumb and place it a baggy with ice (it was the whole thumb) and then, Chris has to drive the old lady and little girl in their car to the hospital. The first one is full (in Sun City/Menifee) so they have to drive all the way to Riverside. The little girl is taking it badly and Chris tries to ease her worries the whole time. He said he felt like punching the guy for what he (the old man) said to her.
What I found interesting is that this man went to Menifee Valley Medical Center, with an amputated thumb, and they didn't consider that urgent enough to make room!

I don't think throwing more money at Valley Health System (Measure I) is going to fix that. Measure I will provide more money for beds and expanded facilities, but we're still going to have unfriendly staff and poor service, and we're still going to opt for Inland Valley Hospital instead.

Admit it, when you're suffering from a severe medical problem, you want fast service and good service. Even if Measure I provides Menifee Valley Medical Center with the best facilities in the area, as long as the service sucks we'll still keep going to Inland Valley.

What Menifee Valley Medical Center needs are management and administrative changes to address the apathetic attitude and poor employee morale.

Valley Health System is supposed to earn a profit to pay for expansion, not ask taxpayers for more money. VHS is not a non-profit organization. The fact that they are losing money is indicative of deep systemic problems with their management. Measure I simply keeps a failed system running. Within the next couple of years, we will no doubt see yet another VHS measure asking us to pay more taxes.

If other privately run hospitals around the country can build state-of-the-art facilities, and do it without asking taxpayers to pay for it, why can't Valley Health System do the same?

If we had a second hospital in Menifee, owned by a privately run corporation, one that was turning a profit, and using that profit to pay for expansion, higher wages, more staff, etc., then no one would vote for Measure I. The ONLY reason why anyone would consider voting for Measure I is because there is no other hospital in Menifee.

My solution is to lure a commercial healthcare corporation, like Humana, United Healthcare, et al, to build a second hospital in Menifee, OR, have Valley Health System sell Menifee Valley Medical Center to a commercial entity. At this point, I believe any commercial healthcare corporation can run it better than Valley Health System.


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  1. That story sickened me, especially the way the little girl was treated by her Grandfather.
    Interesting enough, my husband had a Racket Ball accident in which he was hit directly in the eye with a high speed racket ball and Menifee Valley Hospital ER took him in ahead of EVERYONE else in the waiting room. When he called me from the ER to explain what had happened and that he would need a ride home, I assumed he would be in there many hours, as a visit to any ER takes hours. When I arrived about 45 mins later, he was ready to go!! So go figure huh?? I was truely shocked.
    To think that some poor bleeding Senior had to go else where for treatment is unbelievable.

  2. Unfortunately I agree. I have lived here (southwest Riverside) for a year and I still go to the OC for any kind of medical or health problem. I have three kids and it really scares me that when the time comes for an emergency I don't feel comfortable in the least going to the local hospitals around here. I am just hoping that in time we are able to have a decent hospital. I truly have hope in Menifee that we will soon become a "city" so that we can bring these type of issues to the table. We need a good hospital around just like we need a police dept.

  3. I was the author of the original account of Chris' story about the thumb. On point that should be noted that ws omitted from my original post that was lifted of another forum, was that the comment about punching the ol fella was my ad libbing, not the words of Chris. He is an outstanding contributor to our community. He was frustrated with the elderly gentleman, but understood entirely that his comments were made during a time of shock and panic.

  4. Menifee valley hospital,Oh.... I have no word. Turning down an amputation?? It does not surprise me. They are staffed with the most incomptent nurses and doctors as well as management team you could ever find. I took my 1 year old daughter there because she was running a fever one night. This was a couple of months after I moved to Menifee. They basically strangled my daughter because she did not want to open her mouth for the doctor, so that he can stick the tongue depressor in her mouth. This doctor made only one attempt to look and my daugther turned her head. Next thing you know he was yelling help where these two female nurses came and restrained my baby like a mental patient. I had to take the nurses hand away from my daughters head, mouth, eyes etc... and warn the nurse about her rouhgness. And on top of that the doctor mis-diagnosed my daughter. The hosptital management did not bother to investigate my complaint. I then made a complaint with California department of health which made sure that this incident was documented in the nurses file. And the doctor..., oh well they said I have to file his incomptence with the board of medical directors. I just got too burned out to go on. I never used this hospital since then even though it is a couple of miles away from where I live.

  5. I have a friend who had a heart attack a few years ago at the age of 17. An intense workout (a normal activity for him), coupled with taking some pain medication prescribed to his mom caused the attack. When he visited Menifee Valley Medical Center after having been in immense paid for almost 2 hours a nurse would not bother a doctor to even take a look, claiming that he was simply experiencing growing pains.

    I've never had a heart attack, but I can imagine that if I did I would know pretty quickly that it wasn't growing pains. He was in enough pain to know there was something wrong, and tried to convince the nurse, but she would not let go of her growing pains theory. He did end up going to Riverside.

    Add nurses not listening to patients about their condition to the list of their incompetency.

  6. I am a previous employee of Menifee Hospital. I STRONGLY agree, the nurses ARE incompetent, often working in units which their are not really qualified to work in. Poor attitudes and LOW morale are the norm. Don't let me start about the doctors!!!

  7. never been there however my wife is a nurse and she has forbidden me to go there it is 5 miles from my house. I am in the military and with her instruction i have to goto Camp P. As for my son there is such a lack of child oriented health care for emergencies we have to goto escondido to the nearest childrens support facility and the next closest care is in san diego....valley health SUCKS

  8. Thanks for the heads up. I just became an RN and was going to apply at this hospital when I ran across this site, boy am I glad I did, I will be applying else where.

  9. yes its true...i would NEVER want to be taken to the Menifee hospital. it sucks plain and simple. your right, giving it more money WONT help. well us anyway....maybe the management.

  10. Menifee is a ghetto, what do you expect from the service.

  11. Why not use th Medical facility called INLAND VALLEY MEDICAL off of Clinton Keith Road? That place is wonderful. Their services are fast, friendly and they are very professional people. I have twins that are boys that are four and do not like hospitals at all. They normally scream when thay see the hospital, but once inside the staff just knew how to handle them and we were in and out with not a problem at all. We could not get the twins to leave, they started to cry cause we were leaving. Thank You .......... Twins

  12. On July 13 2009 my mom had a diffibulator/pacemaker/ICD surgicly put in to her chest.Unfortinitly the staff had not put in her IV right and medication and what ever else was put in infected her arm.Instead of my mom going to her own private room she was rushed to ICU she suffered a heart attack. what was even worse the performing surgent walked pass the waiting room and was on his way out till we stoped him,and even then he had nothing to say but all be back to see her tommorrow and they only got 2 leads in to her heart cavity their after they called Mercy Air and flew her to Western Medical Center of Anahiem were she was finished off contrast was shot in to her vein and her arm felt like it was lite with gasoline from the in side out. we were never told by both hospitals how this happend and what it was she still has no filling in her right pointer finger and right thumb. We are currently investigating records and names who took part in these painfull mishapps in my moms life althought thanks to God my mom is still with us.

  13. I just went to Menifee valley hospital because I injured my back and could not walk. An ambulance had to pick me up because I couldn't even crawl into the car. They did not believe I was injured my entire stay, kept telling me to stand up or sit up. They were convinced I was there for pain drugs. I kept begging them to stop giving me shots and please xray or MRI my spine, to no avail. They also ignored my pleas to use the restroom for several hours. This was the most humiliating and disgusting experience I have ever had with any medical facility.



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