Missing Fishing Pole Found.

Hello Again. Once upon a time (this weekend) two lovers and their pet, (me, my girlfriend, and our dog) walked down to the lake for a nice...

Hello Again.

Once upon a time (this weekend) two lovers and their pet, (me, my girlfriend, and our dog) walked down to the lake for a nice picnic lunch. We sat at the bank of the shore and looked over the lake while we had our meal, prepared by her, of sandwiches, chips, strawberrys, soda, et cetera. You know, picnic food!

Everything was really nice. In fact, she even had got some banana nut bread for desert which was really pretty tasty. We had our meal and sat talking for a while, took a break, played frisbee with the dog, came back to our laid out blanket and sat and talked a bit longer while watching the water.

...then a duck came.

Now, you aren't supposed to feed the ducks. You and I both know this, but I have a girlfriend, a duck, and a picnic basket with bread in it. As they say on Sesame Street, 1 and 1 makes 2.

She fed the duck. The world is still good, and maybe even a bit more cute and cuddly perhaps but these ducks man, they have some way of knowing when another duck found food and more will come. A second duck came to partake in the feast that was my picnic lunch but this one was different. He had something strange in the water floating behind him.

I got up, took a closer look, and it was a fishing pole. This made me examine the duck a bit further to notice he had a hook embedded in his wing, and was totally entangled in fishing line. Even the bright white and red bobber was pressed hard against him. It was about this point my girlfriend noticed.

Girls and animals in distress don't go over well.

She got a bit upset. After a moment of fast paced "What do I do" thought I decided to try and get the pole and have her try to get the duck to cut the line away from it. As you can expect when I got the pole the duck started to thrash around a bit, a problem because I don't want him to get more hurt, I am trying to help the little guy. In his trashing the line on the pole breaks and he trys to fly away but can't get himself out of the water. He gets to the deeper area of the water but just starts swimming in circles entangled in all this fishing line.

Now the girlfriend is really upset.

I can't lie, I planned to jump in the water at that point and just get the duck. Sure, I know you aren't supposed to go in the water but something had to be done. In my planning for this I noticed a neighbor in one of the waterfront homes out in her yard so I proceeded to introduce myself and say Hi, I am Mac and I am a homeowner here, I am not crazy but I am about to jump in the water I just wanted you to know. I explained the entire situation to her.

She was with it. She did mention why don't we try to call the clubhouse first and see if they had a boat or anything to come in. She got me the number and I called and Dan answered the phone. Dan is the man. He had people out there on a boat within moments helping with the situation. Dan explained to me that he didn't manage the lake but he would come out as a concerned citizen and help us.

Me and my girlfriend really appreciate that Dan and his two helpers dropped everything to come help us. I never had to get wet and it is something we won't soon forget, but then again how could we, I have a new fishing pole to always remind me.

So... if you lost a fishing pole in Menifee Lake recently... I found it. (...and did what was your job when you lost it.)


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  1. Unfortunately, your duck probably only lived about a week longer. The Lake Manager killed 60 ducks on the night of Tuesday 09/26/2006. According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, this was perfectly legal since the Ranger, who witnessed this, says all the killed ducks were of mixed lineage. Since they weren't "pure" wild ducks, they can be treated like common pests. My little daughter is heartbroken since she followed these birds since they were chicks. It is a shame such beautiful creatures were destroyed, because of one man's vanity.

  2. Before anyone of sound mind believes 'bookburners' comments, may want to check out his theory of what actually happened vs what WAS to happen, which is an annual, natural occurrence in waterbody areas. For clarity, the 'one-man' he maliciously refers to as result of personal grudges and vendettas, was NOT even in the area the time the event took place; which by the way, was simply to be a transferal of the ducks to another location and, AS ALWAYS, performed by officials of the Wildlife Service. It was only after a wacko, running about uncontrollably,screaming and shoving, who actually considers the ducks to be her children and tried to thwart the transfers, spooked the ducks after they had been sedated, causing them to flee into the water and drown. Then, still showing her insanity, standing there screaming like a banshee-possessed-bantam-hen over what she herself had caused! This unfortunately, is the true story!!NOW lets put the responsibility of the ducks' drowning where it rightfully belongs - on the infamous wacko ducklady's back. If she considers them, as she was screaming and shoving the wildlife employees who were trying to control the situation, with "these are my children!"; SHE has caused the drownings of her 'children' and should be held accountable for, at the very least, 'child' abuse and endangerment. Sick, warped people cause sick, warped things to happen...then unstable people are always ready to spread sick-warped stories with no basis of real facts!

  3. HI,

    Actually I was the guy you called. My name is Don, not Dan, but it happens often, with phones being what they are.

    It was a pleasure to help out. We used to do it often.

    By the way, I did not kill any ducks! :-)

    Don Harris
    Former Lake Manager

  4. Exterminators don't kill Ducks without a contract. Check out the Duck kill contract at www.menifeetruth.com and ask yourself who is truly responsible for the deaths of 33 ducks.

    Yes, the same guy who claims he didn't.


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