Drilling Rock Bolts in Menifee

Another installation of Menifee in the Blogosphere... 1. Phil, who lives in Bermuda Dunes, CA, recently travelled to Menifee to witness s...

Another installation of Menifee in the Blogosphere...

1. Phil, who lives in Bermuda Dunes, CA, recently travelled to Menifee to witness some construction work...
Last week at work I got to witness the installation of ten rock bolts into a slope in Menifee, CA. My good friend, and mentor, Roderick was onsite there to monitor the installation. He invited me down to see it. It was amazing. The drill rig that they used I had only seen in my textbooks. I actually got to stand there next to the drill rig and watch it chew through some pretty hard granitics. It was excellent. Tomorrow they are doing the pull-out tests. So I'm headed back to Menifee to check that out.
I'm curious to know where exactly they were doing this.

2. Jordan, who describes herself as originally being from Menifee, but now living in San Marcos, says she likes coming home...
Don't know why I really like coming to Menifee....its boring and I really only talk to one person out here who isn't related to me...but I do love hanging out with my sisters and being able to sleep more then 5 hours a night....well i guess im off to party in san marcos tonight and then back to menifee...i guess i do like coming home....
3. Darryl says he recently moved to Menifee and is happy to say he's gotten his life back on track...
I now live in menifee and work for the resturant BJ's, but I don't know for how long. I have a better business opportunity coming up so I think I may take that. I have moved on from my past and am looking towards the future a lot stonger now that things are looking up. I still have worries coming at me left and right, and shit I still need to work out but overall I believe things and going to work themselves out. I have re-evaluated my life and decisions I have made and am going towards a better sort of life.
I think "restaurant BJ's" is the new BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse in Temecula.

4. Manda, who teaches a special ed class for the Menifee Unified School District, describes the car accident she got into while driving to work...
As I am stopped in traffic at a red light that just won't change what do you know…."BAM!!!!" I get rear ended!! My head bounces off of the headrest, the rearview mirror falls off of the window, my soda that was half empty in the cup holder spills everywhere and my time to get to the district is ticking away. We pull over to the shoulder. Out walks a young teenage girl, "Oh my gosh, I am soooooo sorry! I just got license. I was not paying attention at all!"
Apparently, Manda now has to wait 2 months to get her paycheck, because the accident caused her to miss the deadline to file her timesheet.


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  1. I'd say that these rock bolts were installed during the process of realining Newport Road.



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