Good News for Cityhood

Today I learned that the Govenor has signed Assembly Bill 1602. This establishes that new aspiring cities will receive an added boost in terms of tax receipts. The Vehicle License Fee that all cities receive has been reinstated for communities striving to become incorporated. This bill increases the normal receipt by established cities by a factor of 150% for the first year, decreasing by 10% each year for five years. The bill passed by a majority vote across party lines.

Another step forward to cityhood.

Ron Royer


  1. Where could we find an area map of the proposed incorporation of Menifee Valley?

  2. Correction for above. Do "COPY AND PASTE" not Cut and Paste.

  3. Click here to see the map.

    David65: I had to delete your first comment, because the URL you pasted was so long it threw off the formatting of this page. The link also didn't work, but I managed to find the map image from the Yahoo Groups site. Thanks!