Map of Menifee Valley

Below is a map of Menifee Valley determined by LAFCO. This is what the proposed city will look like...

map of menifeeClick on the image to see the full size.


  1. Hi Steve,

    We live in the KB homes off of Scott Road between Menifee & Lindenberger (across from the church). It appears the Menifee Valley proposal does not includes these homes. We can see the J-Bar ranch is included but then there is a gap. What is the gap?

    Thank you,

  2. Hellow Steve,

    I also live in the area south of Scott Rd, between Menifee and Lindenberger. Is this area going to be inluded in he City of Menifee? You never answered the question from another resident fron the same area.


  3. The section between Menifee & Linderberger Roads, south of Scott Rd, is not marked as Menifee, nor as Murrieta. However, Murrieta does claims this land as being within it's "sphere of influence".

    If you live on this piece of land, your concern should be if Murrieta decides to annex other lands that cause your area to become an "incorporated island". LAFCO has rules that prohibit any piece of unincorporated land to be "islanded" between other incorporated cities.

    If this happens, your neighborhood will be required to be absorbed into Menifee or Murrieta.