Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

This week, I am going to get straight to the point. Everywhere around Menifee I see signs. I am not refering to the paid billboards I see on vacant properties. The signs to which I refer are the small, miscellaneous signs by individuals and small businesses. I am certain you have seen them; Mobile Detailing, Stop Foreclosure, Yard Sale, etc. And they drive me crazy!

When I see these signs, I look to see who is advertising. I love a yard sale as much as the next gal, but when I see Yard Sale signs 2, 3, even 4 weeks old, I start to get frustrated. The three problems with the signs are:

  1. They clutter the landscape, the view, the beautiful vistas, if you will.
  2. They are not maintained, so many are out of date and useless.
  3. They end up on the ground, and become litter.

If you are going to post a sign for an event, i.e., Bill's Birthday, Susan's Graduation Party, Yard Sale, etc., take your sign down after your event. I know many citizens do, but too many don't. If you are posting a sign for a lost pet, maintain your sign; and remove it when your pet comes home. Don't leave a weathered sign up for months that cannot be read.

If you are a business looking for cheap advertising, contact a local magazine, newspaper, or other publication. You may be shocked at how inexpensive they are. If you have zero money, try Craigslist. Many Yard Salers use Craigslist now with great results! I know for a fact that it works great, and, in case you don't know, it is free!

Let's all work together to keep Menifee a beautiful place!

(Update October 16, 2008, 10:55pm: from this point forward, commenting is turned off for this article)


  1. How about all the chainlink fencing around these abandoned construction sites, with the tattered/tagged green mesh on it? It looks terrible and its all over the place. Also, excellent points on the signs.

  2. Certainly agree! What about the BIG one still on Newport Rd, looking more tattered each day, for the council candidates! That sould be embarrassing to our elected council - get it down please! I had heard that Valleywide takes down signs each Monday as they're mowing, etc; maybe they need a reminder. ValleyWide has always been very receptive to community input and react quickly on most things. Vince is a very responsible leader.

  3. I agree that the signs are an eye sore. My question is - is it illegal for someone to take these signs down? If it is not - then why not just take the initiative and tear them down when you see one!

  4. leave the business signs alone!!! they are very effective and inexpensive as well. I got some for my biz and put them out. before I got home I had already got a call off of one. the little throw away mailers that come to your house cost 3 to 8 times as much and often don't generate even one lead cause people just trash it with out looking thru it. when you see the sign you either need it or you don't and if you do you call or go to the store they are advertizing. small biz needs all the help possible.

  5. I couldn't agree more ! All those signs are an eysore and they cheapen the look of our community.

  6. In the community boundries of the Menifee Lakes Assoc we have seen the sign issue grow beyond words. Years ago before the huge growth of Menifee, we had a MLMA Board President who used to go out and pull signs right out of the ground or off telphone poles because she hated to see the clutter of those signs. She was right, it takes away from the natural beauty of the greenbelts. Those people who are using it for advertising their business should really find another avenue. Yes, you may think it works well, but who pays the cost of the looks of our community? I personally think there needs to be some kind of city ordinance against these type of signs.

  7. If we're going to complain about signs then can we also talk about people not picking up after their dogs. I'm tired of finding poop on sidewalks, at the parks, and even on my front yard! Pick up after your dog please!

  8. The Sheriff got tough on this a year ago...

    Considering the county has beefed up its code enforcement, I'm surprised they haven't continued to enforce this.

  9. Menifee needs to do the same thing the City of El Cajon does. Make everyone get a permit for their signs. You can't twirl a sign in El Cajon without a permit.

  10. I've collected dozens of these signs over the years. I toss 'em in the trash.

    I have an idea... Let's all call the phone numbers on the signs and hang up or say something silly. Let's drive them all crazy!

  11. The other day I saw an old yard sale sign on the ground that a dog had pooped on. Not sure what that means.

  12. We have a small business but never use that kind of advertising, we use Craigslist, Google and have our own website plus are in the Pennysaver and soon Yellow Book...too expensive? that is the cost of doing business....and tax deductible.
    that chainlink fencing is getting really bad looking along Murrieta road plus there is a lot of rusting equipment behind Wahlgreens.

  13. Why stop at just getting rid of signs. I lived in the State of Maine, and there are no Billboards or signs allowed anywhere, except in front of a business. Do you realize how nice it is to drive down the road and only see what nature put there. In fact, it's hard to find any litter along any roadway in Maine. People take care of their State. Trust me, you wouldn't miss billboards or signs if they weren't there.

  14. I am another Menifee citizen that is driven crazy by all of the signs posted around the corner of Newport and Antelope. The do a wonderful job of cluttering our streets and making our area look trashy.

  15. Brian, I totally agree with you. I spent a year in So. Portland Maine and it is the most beautiful state I have ever been in. The state enforces so many things and is the most environmentally conscious of any state. If California enforced the same rules that Maine does we would not see any of this stupid signs anywhere. If you want to advertise, then do it the old fashioned way.
    Someone mentioned dog poop. Is there any type of ordinance at all in the County of Riverside that enforces cleanup? I came from Orange County and it is a $1000.00 fine if you are caught not picking up after your dog. If I see any of my neighbors dog poop on my grass and not pick it up I will politely throw it on their front door.

  16. @ anon September 26, 2008 8:57 PM,

    Passive-aggressive reactions to the situation isn't going to help anything. After all, the flaming bag of poo on the doorstep is one of the oldest pranks in the book. If it bugs you so much, grow some balls and let your neighbor know about what you saw, and ask them to be more considerate.

  17. Newport and La Ladera, Sign Capitol of Menifee. And while we are at It we should change the name of Newport to Tumbleweed Rd. I can't wait until they start blowing all over the area.

  18. First, is it illegal to remove these litter-prone signs posted at random near traffic stops? Maybe we could get our new city to pass an ordnance to fine signposters for littering. Above all, it should be illegal to post signs on state or county installed signs, i.e. stop signs, traffic directionals, etc. This presents a real safety issue. Is the county instructed to remove signs in their weekly mowing, etc? ANOTHER THOUGHT: WHY CAN'T THE STORES be proactive and ARREST PEOPLE AS SHOPLIFTERS WHEN SEEN TAKING CARTS OFF THE PARKING LOTS INTO THE PUBLIC STREETS? Maybe we could stop people if signs were posted warning of a theft charge for walking away with a cart.

  19. I agree 100%, I think it should become a city ordinance! If someone does not remove their signs or maintains their signs they should receive a fine!

  20. I totally agree! What's worse? The used car lots in empty fields & the swap meets out front houses. I love it when I see people getting tickets for have their vehicles sitting with for sale signs on private property for weeks at a time. One of the most discusting sights in Menifee is a house in Rustlers Ranch on Avenida De Real down the street from my parents house that has "yard sales" EVERY weekend. It looks like a discusting swap meet everyday. Seriously people have some pride and clean up our city!

  21. It IS illegal to post any signage without permission or a permit. So it would NOT be illegal to remove them.

  22. I am lovin' all of this discussion! Do you mean I'm not the only one SICK of silly signs-esp. down Antelope and I love the 6-8 at the entrance to the models finally going up by us on Garbani-ugh! Maybe they'd sell if they FINISHED THE ROAD and LANDSCAPED and threw away the signs! And the condos that never materialized on Craig and Antelepoe but still have the stupid stupid orange plastic and the fences?! The fence companies are real happy I'm sure but I'd rather look at the field! I live on Palomar facing the field and what do they think we are going to steal-dirt? I was even getting the builders mail for over a year! The post office wouldn't stop it and I finally got sopmeone from the builders to c/b but I had to call the company to take the electrical post (2 years guys!) out of my yard-it was hooked to nothing -they just cut it and left- our mothers taught us to clean up after a mess-I wish the city and county would get them to--

  23. Alright we are trying to get some help decluttering our community with disgusting signs everywhere...and on the SAME screen is an advertisement/picture of a business wanting to put up signs...the one about 'not having to climb a ladder'. Does everyone else have this on their screen?? Mercy sakes, we're helping his business it seems.....

  24. SPEAKING OF OVERKILL OF SIGNS: Take a 'gander' at the signs for the four people dictatorship wants on the Menifee Lakes Board; Newport Road and Menifee Lakes is PLASTERED again with them. The "Rulers" are running scared that they many not get their hand-chosen puppets to dance at their pulling, so AGAIN we must endure the plastering of disgusting signs on our streets, fliers everyday in our gates and mailboxes. Maybe ML got some more $$ donated from their management assn to keep their rule??? Surely the community knows the promoter of sign-overkill for elections.

  25. I am so glad everyone is speaking out about the ugly signs! Today I noticed that the crooks (Cameron, Moffitt, Schnoor, Vejar) running for the Menifee Lakes Board has signs up again along Newport Road. If these jerks looked under our CC&Rs it states that NO signs can be displayed unless it is a rental for for sale. I guess these four people think they are above the rest of us that live here. I would say to all, make sure you don't vote for them on October 21st. We need a Board that will follow Our CC&R's like we do.

  26. I found it so amusing that after reading these posts this week to find all those stupid campaign signs up on the median of Newport Road and then disgusted to see that it is actual Menifee Lakes Homeowners running for Board positions who think nothing of their community by littering it's greenbelts with their ugly signs. These are homeowners who know better, they have been in this community for years and they disregard their own CC&R's. I find it ironic that Ms Susan Vejar used to be on the rules committee and held hearings for those who disregarded their CC&R's, and here she is thinking she is above it all. They all make me sick and this group is by far the worst choice ever!! If you live in the Lakes......DON'T VOTE FOR THESE IDIOTS !!!

  27. wow , you people really need a Hobby, or a life . Could you find something more useless to complain about? don't think so.

  28. The "anonymous" consecutive comments made on the 27th at 3:11pm,5:41pm, and 7:31pm appear to come from the Former Menifee Lake Manager and current MLMA Board Candidate, DON HARRIS. This is the same guy who filed the frivilous lawsuits (RIC458659) against Menifee Lakes and it's homeowners, that have been dismissed for lack of merit, and cost Menifee Lakes thousands of dollars in legal expense! This is the same guy who requires TWO Restraining Orders(TEC073381 & TEC072789) to protect innocent members of this community. This is the same guy who continues to wreak havoc on the members of this association. The list is way to long to post here!

    Political signs are a far different "animal" than the business signs that litter our neighborhoods.

    The political signs that support long time Menifee Lakes members in this Election will be gone very soon; either by the candidates themselves or by the thieves who continue to violate the LAW and violate the RIGHT to participate in Elections, the FUNDAMENTAL BASIS for OUR DEMOCRACY!!

    For goodness' sake, Vejar, Moffitt, Cameron, and Schnoor are VOLUNTEERING to serve the Menifee Lakes membership(yes, volunteering to DONATE their time and energy, at NO COST for the benifit of their community). Condemning them for their willingness to get involved and promote themselves, as is their fundamental and protected right, is an insult to not only them, but to the framers of our Constitution and to those who have and continue to fight to protect this right.

    I would venture to say, that if DON HARRIS would just "go away" and stop exposing Menifee Lakes to tremendous legal costs and disruption, there would be no need to "advertise" qualified candidates.

  29. I agree with the last posting; I too believe Don Harris wrote the ones published at 3:11, 5:41, and 7:31 on the 27th. Don Harris has proven that he can/will twist the TRUTH; and the comments regarding the CC&R's not allowing political signs is an outright LIE!! Not only do the Menifee Lake's CC&R's allow them, the LAW allows them!! Civil Code 1353.6 is very clear!!
    Only Don Harris would condemn volunteers who wish to serve their community. Harris knows that if those four volunteers are elected, Harris is off the Board and can not use that position as leverage in the LAWSUIT filed by MLMA against him!!

    Yes, Menifee Lakes had to file a suit against Harris because he took property belonging to the association when he was terminated from his postion as Lake Manager! INCLUDING THE DOOR KNOBS TO THE OFFICE!!

    The members of Menifee Lakes had better pay attention and get involved with this year's election. If the four qualified volunteers ( Vejar, Moffitt, Cameron, Schnoor) are elected, our DUES WILL NOT GO UP, and our legal expenses ( caused by Harris) will go DOWN!!

    I stumbled onto a very informative website recently that provides accurate information to Menifee Lakes members, so that they can be informed and make a wise choice in this year's Menifee Lakes Elections. WWW.MENIFEETRUTH.COM

    I would urge all members of Menifee Lakes Master Association to visit this site repeatedly so that they can make an educated vote in this year's most important election.

  30. Wow, Wow, Wow. I wouldn't move into Menifee lakes for free. For homeowners who care it seems like a nightmare situation. I had no idea homeowners assoc could be such a ugly animal. When you have someone using names like JERK or IDIOT it should be pretty clear you don't want that type of person handling important matters. Good luck folks!

  31. To anonymous @ 4:15pm:

    You are absolutely correct that having a Board member who has shown that his behavior requires not one, but TWO Restraining Orders to control him, is a nightmare for the association. Don Harris is indeed a nightmare for Menifee Lakes. As identified by two individuals, the posting that called some an "idiot" (and "crooks") appears to be the type of posting many of us recognize as that of Don Harris.

    Once Menifee Lakes is rid of Don Harris, the community will once again, be "the town of a lifetime".

  32. anon @ 5:40 pm said:
    Once Menifee Lakes is rid of Don Harris, the community will once again, be "the town of a lifetime".

    Be serious. If it's not Don Harris, it's going to be someone else. Obviously the guy has some grudges, whether founded or unfounded. But he has the right to live in ML as much as anyone. Perhaps a bit of civility toward him and the Don Harrises of the future could be an alternate approach. We are a society who loves to hate, loves to throw around harsh words at anonymous stereotype groups.

    I think it's rather pathetic that in this day and age where we have endless resources and opportunities for education, so many people continue to throw around empty threats and insulting retorts.

    I wonder how much self-awareness the average Menifeeite has. Do you realize that much of the area still considers the residents of menifee to be lower-class hicks? How are we ever going to overcome that stigma when we continue with the shouting and arguing and petty personal attacks?

    Let's talk about the real issues in our community. I noticed today in my sunday driving that there so many more signs on the corners than I have ever seen before. If I wasn't on my way to church and other gatherings, I would have taken down a corner's worth myself. I don't care if it's illegal, the signs are an eyesore to our community.

    And what about the patchwork of roads everywhere? There is virtually no main thoroughfare through Menifee that has not been ravaged by construction, poorly patched and literally falling apart day by day.

    If we could get past all of the small-minded petty attacks, perhaps we could all get together to improve our community.

  33. I for one have experienced nothing but grief with Valley Wide's removal of signs. I have a beloved, lost dog and I put lots of money and hours into making attractive lost signs all of which were torn down and thrown away without a care. These signs are an effective way to reach out to the community for help and anyone who has pets or children should appreciate it because if one of yours was lost you would want all the help you could to get them home! Yes I ran lost ads in all the papers and online as well but signs are very helpful as well. I see no harm in having signs of any kind up for a few weeks & then removed when they become tattered but that's just my opinion.

  34. anon @ 5:40

    "if it's not Don Harris, it's going to be someone else".

    OBVIOUSLY you do not have an understanding of what has been happening in Menifee Lakes for the past two years.

    The MLMA legal expenses strictly related to Don Harris is approaching 6 digits!! NOT PETTY!

    Two Restraining Orders!! NOT PETTY!!

    Intimidation and Harassment!! NOT PETTY!!

    Frivilous Lawsuits!! NOT PETTY!!

    Killing the Ducks!! NOT PETTY!!

    Conversion, Theft, Vandalism!! NOT PETTY!!

    It takes money to deal with real issues that impact Menifee Lakes. Unfortunately for all of us, money that could be used to improve MLMA, is being used to deal with a guy who is out of control!!

  35. "If I wasn't on my way to church...I would have taken down a corner's worth myself. I don't care if it's illegal..."

    You are correct that removing certain roadside signs is considered a crime and could be (as in the case of political signs) prosecuted as a felony!

    BTW, Where is this "church" that it's congregation justifies breaking one of the commandments and engage in illegal behavior?

  36. posting a sign is one thing. Leaving them to rot is another.

  37. It doesn't take a scholar to read into the ML Board postings to elevate their scorn against a board member who speaks out against their wrongdoings. yes, the atty fees are horrendous, spent by the current pres,v-pres, and laughingstock cfo, taking not only the said boardmember, but anyone else they can use the assn-paid atty to harrass. The one poster said it right, run-fast from living in MLs; its controlled by a group of individuals whose only outlet for recognition is being on, and protecting, the board. Remember these names plastered all over the area, then use your smarts to figure out WHY the board is spending all the $$ to get these four on with them. Remeber the endless green and white signs plastered all over for the council election? Same group; however he came in shamingly low even after all the $$. Menifee, shun ANYONE running for ANYTHING that you know is from ML's cabinet. Our cabinets are full of roaches. ANOTHER STRANGE: their website is solely to smear and vent their vendettas against anyone THEY perceive as an enemy; yet they are dense enough to state 'its not for profit' and then ask for donations via Paypal ! Donations for what ?? To join in their destroying people and families ??
    they would do well to clean up their own henhouse before trying to restrain all the chickens running afoul. Charity begins at home.....

  38. WHY in ML elections does it ALWAYS have to be about destroying another INSTEAD of just relying on THEIR OWN merits and what THEY can do for the community if elected! No, we don't hear anything about their real qualifications, we just get to experience their smearing of others. Could it be that they have nothing to offer except their war-mongering ways? For unfortunate homeowners stuck in ML because of the drop in property values, we must endure weeks of hearing and seeing name calling, sheets hanging out with smut against opponents, elderly people joining in their threatening of harm to get 'back' on the board! To think that one of these boys and girls (yes thats what they call themselves; how cool is that for grown people??) even ran for the new council is very scary indeed; although he didn't fare too well. You would not only have gotten him, you would have inherited the unscrupulous group he runs with.

  39. re: 11:18 & 11:52,

    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Do you even know what you are saying? Candidates spend their own money campaigning, no money comes from the Board! Seriously, were do you get your info?

    " No, we don't hear anything about their real qualifications, we just get to experience their smearing of others." AGAIN, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Every member of Menifee Lakes received with their ballots, the Candidate's Statements which listed each candidates' qualifications!

    There are EIGHT candidates running for four seats in this election. ONE candidate, Don Harris, has seen negative comments about him. Why, because regular folks don't appreciate those who require TWO Restraining Orders to control their behavior. These same regular folks are sick and tired of all the things Don Harris has done, and that includes the exposure to tremendous costs and liability.

    Do a google on "Don Harris" Menifee. See what comes up! Don't criticise the messenger who brings you the bad news about your pal Harris. Blame Harris.

  40. We all live in Menifee. What else should we expect. If you dont want signs then move to RomoHomoland. No signs there because they dont have an economy. Signs bring business and the whole process is cyclical. I think we should post a phone number from one of those stupid "Dont Foreclose, Call Us" signs and we can all call and harass them to take down their unattractive signs. If i was still 26 years old i'd probably consider burning them down. A little petty arson never hurt much.

  41. Sometimes I feel anger towards those who put up those signs. No one will ever read their ad in the Penny Saver. Maybe we the town can create a job by having someone to take them down.

  42. I agree with the comments. I think we could pay children that ride the laidlaw bus, you know the retardations, to pull out the signs for five cents a piece. Now that is putting money where your mouth is.

  43. I don't know who this "lowlife" is that posted about retardation kids but you nothing but scum for your comment.Who died and made you God? I have a sister that is mentally retarded and had to deal with aholes like you all of our lives. They all might be mentally challenged, but they are all so sweet and kind souls. Can't say that about a creep like you. Go back under your rock and stay. Menifee doesn't need your "type" of element living among us. Also, the 9-270 5:41 pm posting was written by me, NOT this Don Harris. He is just as dangerous as the other I mentioned Cameron, Moffitt, Schnoor, and Vejar.I have lived here for 15 years now and these Board Members have done alot of backroom dealings that has ruin our pretty little area. We need to give our votes to anyone besides these five people. As a original owner here, these people are in it just for ego, not for me or us! We need a brand new Board so we can fight corruption. Also, the website that they tell us to go to is under that gang that is running for Board. It is very bias. Be careful!

  44. Wow, a lot of hate here. All over signs. I can't wait to move away.

  45. I agree that the person who posted the attack on our mentally challenged children is a "low life". We do not need these types of postings!!

    I did review the 9/27 5:41 posting. Please substantiate the allegations against all these candidates.

    "I have lived here for 15 years now and these Board Members have done alot of backroom dealings that has ruin our pretty little area." The ONLY candidate that has been involved in the affairs of Menifee Lakes for that period of time is DON HARRIS!!

    Please inform us how Vejar, Moffitt, Schnoor, and Cameron have been corrupt Board members. You may want to think hard about this, as Cameron has NEVER been a Board member!

    I have been a member of this association since 1989. I'm an original member of Menifee Lakes. THE ONLY ACT THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED "CORRUPT" BY A MLMA BOARD WAS WHEN THE BOARD ALLOWED CAPITOL IMPROVEMENTS TO THE BEACH & SWIM CLUB (2002/2003) WHICH EXCEEDED 5% OF THE AGGREGATE BUDGET, WITHOUT MEMBERSHIP APPROVAL; IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW. Moffitt, Vejar, Schnoor, and obviously Cameron were not active back then!!

    I've got an open mind, tell me of the corruption by these volunteers.

  46. I read all these posts about the HOA board and am so thankful we are out of all the drama. We have no HOA.
    Yes, M, there are still many lovely peaceful areas of Menifee...Menifee Lakes right now isn't one of them....
    our neighbors are friendly, the streets are peaceful, kids play safely and the sky is blue, life is good.

  47. Dani:

    You are blessed not to have a disgruntled contractor who has decided to wreak havoc on your community because he was fired.

    As one of the earlier posters said, "Once Menifee Lakes is rid of Don Harris, the community will once again, be "the town of a lifetime". Rest assured, once Harris is off the MLMA Board, the streets will again be peaceful, kids will play safely, the sky will be blue, and life will be good.

  48. Lets just suffice it all by saying ANY individuals who exist on control, solely to destroy one man from an OLD grudge and will resort to WHATEVER or WHOEVER it takes to do it, is suffering from more problems than any of us are qualified to explain, much less understand. No, the three men out to destroy Mr. Harris at all costs DO NOT have the good of the community in mind. Yes, they hate this individual with such passion it absorbs their days in planning what to do next (so then when he files suits to stop them they can publicize it). They don't give sane people enough credit, we KNOW them...inside and out....and they are dangerous.

  49. Hi there,

    I noticed the heading of this post, and thought it would be interesting to read since I was really aggravated by all of the "private community" political signs up and down Newport Road. How Tacky!

    I had no idea it would degenerate into the mud slinging again by the same folks who write post after post pretending to be more than one person.

    The proximity of the posts should give you a clue.

    Don Harris is the object of the mudslinging by those who are trying to keep him off the board of directors for standing up to the likes of George Moffitt, Susan Vejar, (BOTH SUCCESSFULLY RECALLED FROM THE BOARD IN 2006 amid allegations ranging from lying in public, slandering homeowners; slandering contractors; and using HOA funds for personal campaigns, seeking special 'deals' because of their position on the Board; in addition to over 20 violations of the Davis Stirling Act controlling how HOA's are to be governed by their Board of Directors.) Additionally I have observed Mr. Harris stand up to the dictatorial antics of Jim Roach and Rick Savard at board meetings.

    It is my opinion, from observing the board meetings, and talking with others in the community, that these folks are perpetuating personal grudges, agendas, and vowed vendettas against Mr. Harris. To date they have spent over 50,000 dollars of associatin money pursuing Mr. Harris for worthless claims. The problem is that the HOA does not know anything about any of it. They only know what they are spoon fed by the "boys", who now control the board. Even most of the board do not know what they are doing. I have attended meetings and observed for myself the way these guys control things.

    It is fairly common knowledge in Menifee Lakes that on the night the judge found in FAVOR of the recall, but allowed the RECALLED Board Members to hold on to their seats for one month until the votes were counted, so that business could be conducted, Jim Roach, Rick Savard, Jerry Stamper, the Lake Manager Ken Durante, PAT CAMERON, and others of this "clique" were holding an unauthorized "booze" party at the beach club, after dark, in violation of not only the Association Rules, but the health code as well.

    PAT CAMERON, is one of the "good ole boys" (and girls) who now run the association without any accountability.

    While Mr. Harris is known to stand for the district delegate system, which allows the homeowners a very powerful voice in the government of the community. This system of government was envisioned by the Lusk Company and so written into the bylaws. Boards of Directors have always felt threatened by this, because it takes away from their autocratic decision making ability. So it has never been implemented fully or properly.

    Mr. Harris stands for the implementation of that system. It is no secret now that the Association Attorney recommends "getting rid of the delegate district system". Savard, Roach, and the rest of their group will surely put this at the top of their agenda if they are able to monopolize the board, as they are seeking to do by supporting Vejar (RECALLED)and Moffitt (RECALLED) along with Schnoor and Cameron. They are all buddies who have determined that they know what is best for Menifee Lakes.... NOT THE HOMEOWNERS through their elected delegates.

    This group has gotten away with sending out anonymous fliers, publishing lies on website, encouraging Mr. Harris to commit suicide with a gun that they would 'lend to him'. Their website implied infidelity amng homeowners, threatened to expose 'secrets' of members of the community who do not get 'on board' with them, and a host of other vengeful, spiteful behaviors.

    Mr. Harris home was vandalized numerous times in 2006 and 2007 including doing thousands of dollars of damage, causing injury to his 8 year old daughter when his house electricity was cut of as she was walking down the stairs at night.

    Mr. Harris' name was plastered all over the community as a duck killer which the perpetrators knew was false.

    Anyone who read the newspapers two years ago will remember all of the vandalism done on the lake with the monicer "menifee truth".

    There was racism, with the "N" word painted on the sidewalk near the home of the african american woman who initiated the recall.

    Yes, I was in court when two restraining orders were granted against Mr. Harris. Do you know who filed for them? Mr. Harris' replacement manager, Mr. Kenneth Durante, and a member of his paid staff.

    No one else. And the claims made by both of these individuals were outlandish!

    Mr. Harris is reported to have stood toe to toe with Durante, inflated his chest, and pounded on it like king kong, all the while threatening that Mr. Durante did not know what he (Harris) was capable of doing to Durante, because he was an X-MARINE, and a VIETNAM VET. What a joke!

    First of all no Marine would ever refer to himself as an "X" Marine. most know that the term used is"FORMER" Marine. And we should all be familiar with "Once a Marine always a Marine".

    It would be easier for me to believe that Mr. Harris beat Durante unconscious before I could picture a 60 year old former Marine standing, pounding his chest while making the alleged remarks.

    Yes, two restrainging orders, each obtained under questionable circumstances.

    "Spin Doctors" is what Savard and Roach are.

    Rick Savard is the one who boldly stated that he was able to track "IP" addresses from those who post on this blog! He accuses Mr. Harris of making every post to the blog that does not agree with him, or his cronies.

    I think we have heard quite enough of the same old, same old. The signs are tacky, they should all be removed, and kept off the median, and any where else they are an eyesore.

  50. I just read this blog. WOW

    I would like to point out that the only political signs that are protected on PUBLIC property, even that maintained by Valley Wide, are Political Signs for PUBLIC OFFICE.

    A board of directors for a private community, whose meetings are not even open to the public, ARE NOT PROTECTED by any statute that I am aware of.

    It is true that a political sign for PUBLIC offices are protected. Saying that ALL political signs are protected is just not accurate.

    That would mean that if someone was running for Grand PUBA at the KKK we would have to tolerate their 'political' signs on the median etc. This is just not true.

    I say, if you don't like a sign in the median along newport, or on the side of the street, as long as it is not a political sign for public office.... stop your car.... get out.... take down the sign.... and we will all yell "hurraaaahhhh" for you.

    I too remember when our good friend Janie O, and her good friend David H could be seen out on Newport Road early Saturday morning REMOVING unwanted signs!!!

    Let's get control of our community again.

    By the way, those who are thinking of electing Mr. Moffitt back on to the board should know that if Savard, Roach, Moffitt, and Schnoor are on the board .... the control of the entire master association will be vested in 4 residents from the smallest tract in ML.

    No matter what you think of the other politics, that is dangerous. Do you really want 4 homeowners from the smallest, yet wealthiest tract of the largest homes, 'the estates' to be making decisions for the rest of us 'regular' folks?

  51. Nice to see Don Harris is paying attention to the postings on this website (9:25 & 9:51).

    Too bad it's the same old rhetoric! "everyone is a liar", right Don!!?? Well, let me borrow one of your famously recorded lines: "and the courts will decide"!! Oh right, they did decide! HONORABLE WILLIAM WINDHAM and HONORABLE F. PAUL DICKERSON decided that it was you who was a liar and granted two Restraining orders against you! Let us guess, both of these Judges were part of the "conspiracy" against you? Give us a break!!

    "To date they have spent over 50,000 dollars of association money pursuing Mr. Harris for worthless claims." You just keep telling yourself that Harris. Only problem is that you admitted to costing this association thousands in your Depositions.

    I'm sure those depositions will find themselves on a community website sometime soon; so all can read for themselves how you were and are out of control and how you exposed this association to tremendous liability.

  52. I don't even know who Don Harris is, but I can tell that the same person is making the anonymous posts that you are all referring to as Don Harris. Whether or not it is indeed him, they are all from the same person.

    Yo!, Don Harris, if those comments are really yours, which I believe they are because nobody is going to talk about another person in the manner that you are talking about yourself, then just sign your name to the posts. If you have nothing better to do than to rant on and on, then just move out of Menifee Lakes. Sounds like nobody wants you around anyway

  53. Hi there, Harris:

    "Don Harris is the object of the mudslinging by those who are trying to keep him off the board of directors for standing up to the likes of George Moffitt, Susan Vejar, (BOTH SUCCESSFULLY RECALLED FROM THE BOARD IN 2006 amid allegations ranging from lying in public, slandering homeowners; slandering contractors; and using HOA funds for personal campaigns, seeking special 'deals' because of their position on the Board; in addition to over 20 violations of the Davis Stirling Act controlling how HOA's are to be governed by their Board of Directors.)"-- all these unsubstantiated allegations were made by, you guessed it, Don Harris! Have any been substantiated? NO!! Just more lies from Harris.

    "Additionally I have observed Mr. Harris stand up to the dictatorial antics of Jim Roach and Rick Savard at board meetings."--Which of the three meetings (out of 10) in which Harris actually showed up did this happen?

    "It is my opinion, from observing the board meetings, and talking with others in the community, that these folks are perpetuating personal grudges, agendas, and vowed vendettas against Mr. Harris."-- this is what happens when people like Harris threaten and intimidate women and children. BTW-the "paid" employee who has a Restraining Order to protect her from Harris is a 75 year old woman!! Is it really a "mystery" as to why Harris has many who dispise him?

    "Even most of the board do not know what they are doing. I have attended meetings and observed for myself the way these guys control things."- Did you attend the meeting where the association's Attorney made Harris' face turn red as a beet?

    "...Jim Roach, Rick Savard, Jerry Stamper, the Lake Manager Ken Durante, PAT CAMERON, and others of this "clique" were holding an unauthorized "booze" party at the beach club, after dark, in violation of not only the Association Rules, but the health code as well." -- So, you were stalking this group? you need to talk to Harris about this type of activity-it usually results in restraining orders being issued against you! BTW-there was no booze, and there were no violations. More lies!

    "PAT CAMERON, is one of the "good ole boys" (and girls) who now run the association without any accountability."-- Pat Cameron is not even on the board. He can not run this association! Another lie! C'mon Don, your embarassing yourself.

    "Mr. Harris stands for the implementation of that system."-The only thing Harris stands for is his own self interests! Harris has done NOTHING for this community except damage it!

    "Mr. Harris' name was plastered all over the community as a duck killer which the perpetrators knew was false."- The perpetrator was Don Harris you idiot! Harris signed the unauthorized contract to kill the ducks. Have you not seen the contract? I'll send it to, they may post it.

    "Anyone who read the newspapers two years ago will remember all of the vandalism done on the lake with the monicer "menifee truth"."-- The only newspaper articles I remember seeing are the ones still online. You can find them by doing a google search of "Don Harris" Menifee. Check it out!

    "There was racism, with the "N" word painted on the sidewalk near the home of the african american woman who initiated the recall."-This is true, but one of Harris' former recall mates told us that she felt that Harris' recall gang was behind it.

    "Yes, I was in court when two restraining orders were granted against Mr. Harris. Do you know who filed for them? Mr. Harris' replacement manager, Mr. Kenneth Durante, and a member of his paid staff."- Actually this "paid" staff is a the 75 year old woman who used to work for Harris before she quit.

    "No one else. And the claims made by both of these individuals were outlandish!" - Are you serious? Both protected parties had photos of Harris harassing them! Two seperate and different Judges ruled against Harris!

    "Mr. Harris is reported to have stood toe to toe with Durante, inflated his chest, and pounded on it like king kong, all the while threatening that Mr. Durante did not know what he (Harris) was capable of doing to Durante, because he was an X-MARINE, and a VIETNAM VET. What a joke!"--Restraining Orders are no joke!

    "It would be easier for me to believe that Mr. Harris beat Durante unconscious before I could picture a 60 year old former Marine standing, pounding his chest while making the alleged remarks."--Obviously the Judge believed it!

  54. I'd like to suggest that people be required to sign in to comment on this blog. Perhaps that would help stifle some of the undercover name-calling and mud-slinging. The requirement of signing your name to your statement has the uncanny effect of considering your words before pushing the submit button.

  55. As a Retired Marine, I take exception to Anonymous, at September 29, 2008 9:25 PM. Maybe it was this Don Harris, maybe not; but whoever it was, they are ignorant.

    1. This person corrected the term "X Marine" by suggesting the proper term is "former Marine". THIS IS NOT TRUE!!

    When their active duty days are over, Marines remain reserve Marines, retired Marines, or Marine veterans. There is no such thing as an ex-Marine or FORMER-Marine!!!

    2. All Marines whether active, reserve, retired, or vetern must adhere to the Core Values: Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

    3. I decided to look up the Restraining Order cases noted on this website. There are indeed, two active Restraining Orders against this Don Harris. If this Don Harris is a Marine ( once a Marine always a Marine) he has violated the Core Values and has sullied the reputation of the Core, by acting in such a manner as to require Court intervention.

  56. Good Day Mr. Savard,

    It is absolutely obvious to all who read these posts that the last FIVE that's right FIVE posts are written by Rick Savard, as well as those throughout which are against Harris. He is a very small person, and and even smaller man.

    Mr. Harris has a wide base of support in this community mainly because for ten years he served the communtity, while Rick Savard and Jim Roach crawled out from under a rock just two years ago when Harris ran for the board last time. People in Menifee Lakes are not stupid. And that is what folks like Savard and Roach count on.

    Savard in particular does not even know the difference between a lie and the truth. He spews lies as though they were truth with no regard for the consequences. His lies have note been restricted to Harris, but have been widespread affecting many in the community.

    No one believes their posts are from anyone else.

    They did the same thing with the newspapers last year, and in 2006 when the Board WAS RECALLED!!!

    Say, I heard there are some interesting DVD's and sound bites floating around. I understand they will be aired on another website for the community to watch and make their own decisions about.

    Public information and all that. I am told there is over 3 hours of homeowners who publicly spoke on his behalf. I guess we will get to see George Moffitt yelling and screaming, Chrystal McFarlane's husband blowing up and walking out of the meeting, Susan Vejar Lying on tape to those in the room; even some executive session stuff. I am really looking forward to seeing the movies, and hearing the sound clips. Be sure to check out the web site

    I agree with the post which said it is a shame that Savard's camp is so intent on wasting association money and time chasing his own personal grudges, and threats against harris; too bad they cannot address issues like:

    Attacking Judy Hyneman for simply voicing her opinion

    Cancelling Menifee Lakes Security (lowering values of homes) without so much as asking the voters.

    Closing down the boats for a bogus reason, trying to 'save money' when the association voted to keep them in operation years ago

    SAVARD, ROACH and STAMPER Wiping out over $45000 (That's forty five THOUSAND dollars in debt owed by homes being foreclosed on giving benefit to Banks (where Savard works), Realtors (like Jerry Stamper), and Investors (like Jim Roach) while at the same time SUING between 55 and 60 homeowners in the past 10 months ! That's a record boys and girls. I heard that they are suing anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat. Can you believe that, The Savard Stamper and Roach Board suing 60 Menifee Lakes Homeowners.

    To Anonymous as 0845. Retired Marine.

    One of the core values in the Marines is honesty and integity is it not?

    Then tell the readers how they may look up the restraining orders you say you "looked up" against Harris.

    There is no public access site with that information available. Unless you can give us a URL sir, we must conclude that you are a LIAR.

    I would like to look up the same information.

    As I said earlier, I was in the courtroom when the orders were issued. There were no photographs of any harassment. One of the 'judges' was a bankruptcy attorney "filling in" for a judge. He is no longer 'on the bench'.

    The other judge admonished SAVARD ROACH And SUZY ALLEN.

    And he appeared to be duped by PETRIE's "poor me" presentation. Admittedly there are 'few' people who know the 'other side of Petrie'. But the fact remains in ten years of service to the association,NOT EVEN ONE ATTEMPT at getting a restraining order.

    C'mon folks use your brains!

    By the way to the self described Marine: again I doubt you are a Marine of any kind.

    The following URL will get you to the Official Page of the United States Marine Corps. There you will find indisputable evidence that Marines no longer serving are referred to as "Former Marines".

    You should really get your 'ducks in a row' before you post misinformation as truth.

    I suspect this is just another post from Rick Savard (never served his country) or Jim Roach (never served his country).

    IF you are a real Marine, you will correct your post.

    Mr. Savard is a perfect example of why people in Menifee Lakes should NOT vote for Schnoor (RECALLED in 2006), Moffitts neighbor and 'buddy'. Should NOT vote for Vejar (RECALLED in 2006) Should NOT vote for CAMERON - (drinking buddy of SAVARD and ROACH and STAMPER- one of their good ole boys) Should NOT vote Should NOT vote for Moffitt (RECALLED in 2006).

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. In response to "M@", I'd like it if more people signed their name to stuff. But if you're going to bring that up, how about signing your name with something other than "M@"?

    Coincidentally, Reuters published an article a few weeks ago that employers are scouring the Internet for "dirt" on their potential hirees. At this point, no one is going to want to hire for me for anything!

    I want to hear what people think more than anything else. If Mr. Harris is commenting here, he'd earn more respect from me if he stood behind his name. But I'm happy to read his thoughts regardless.

    Menifee 24/7 is not just about the articles that I and the other writers post, it's also about the comments that follow it. If anything, there's more value in the comments in just knowing what people think.

    If I write something idiotic, go ahead and knock me for it. I don't mind that at all. It let's me know where I stand.

  59. Regarding Harris' comments:

    Does anyone else notice the pattern presented between Don Harris and others who are currently participating in this exchange regarding Menifee Lakes?

    That pattern being that Don Harris makes an allegation. That allegation is confronted and negated with fact, and Harris responds by attacking individuals.

    For example: The four current MLMA candidates were unfairly described as "jerks", idiots" and "crooks". A request was made to substantiate those allegations. What did we get in response? NOTHING, just more vile attacks on these and past volunteers.

    There is another pattern that is obvious. Factual information, damaging to Don Harris is NEVER rebutted by Harris. When the Marine declared that he had found record of the two Restraining Orders on a public website, Harris called him a liar. Not for his found documentation for the Restraining Orders, but because Harris can't seem to navigate the Riverside Superior Court Website, therefore it "must not exist", when in fact it very much does exist.

    I hope this exchange continues. It is quite incredible!

  60. Well I guess it is time for me to weigh in on the current topic.

    First I agree that placing signs along Menifee Road is tacky. Second, as I understand it the only signs protected are those placed on County Property or Property maintained by the County which are referencing PUBLIC elections.

    Menifee Lakes Board Elections are NOT by definition PUBLIC. They are private, and reference private property. They are not protected unless they are in YOUR FRONT YARD.

    Additionally, I would like to weigh in on the ongoing debate being perpetrated by Rick Savard and Jim Roach and those sympathetic to their cause.

    This is what I know personally and can and will testify to:

    Rick Savard and Jim Roach used their website menifee truth to slander, and defame not only me but others in the Menifee Lakes Community. When they lost their battle against the RECALL and to keep me off the board in 2006, they continued to maintain their site, and continued to defame me, and others in the community.

    I do know that while SOMETIMES they utter remarks that do contain some truth, they seldom if EVER speak or publish the WHOLE truth.

    Anyone who would like to objectively gather information directly from me may do so by writing me at '" or call me at 951-623-4421.

    You will have to include a valid return email; and you will have to unblock your phone to call me.

    I am happy to discuss in any forum or format not only any allegations made by Savard and Roach, but also what in my opinion is viscious and unscrupulous behavior over the past two years.

    Finally, and this is important, the "retired Marine" who I also suspect is one of the Savard/Roach gang is not just mistaken. He/She is a LIAR. If ever a Marine (which I doubt) it is he who has sullied our great reputation by dishonoring the truth about the Corps.

    I went to the web site address shown in one of the previous posts in regards to the issue of "former" vs "reserve" or whatever.

    You go there, you will find as I did, It is the official site for the United States Marine Corps. They have a special section for..... "FORMER Marines." Which is the correct term for all but Retired Marines (those who put in 20 years or more serving in the Corps). And often Retired Marines are known as Former Marines as well. Anyway, shame on whoever that person is.

    Finally, I have never denied the existence of restraining orders held by Durante and Petrie. I have stated that they both lied under oath in order to obtain them. I stand on that remark.


    The following quote, taken from whoever posted the minutes from the court,

    "Just google "riverside county superior court" and follow the prompts that take you to "public access".

    and then masquerading as a Former Marine said the following:

    "3. I decided to look up the Restraining Order cases noted on this website. There are indeed, two active Restraining Orders against this Don Harris. If this Don Harris is a Marine ( once a Marine always a Marine) he has violated the Core Values and has sullied the reputation of the Core, by acting in such a manner as to require Court intervention."


    "Pursuant to the California Rules of Court 2.503 civil harassment cases cannot be displayed over the internet. You will need to go to any Riverside County Superior Court building to view the cases.

    Riverside Superior Court

    So there you have it folks. Once again the Whole Truth is made plain.

    Our "retired Marine is a LIAR"
    And whoever said that they went to the Riverside Website to get the minutes is also a LIAR.

    So keep that in mind as you continue to read their posts.

    Contact me if you would like to get the WHOLE truth.

    Best Regards to all

    Don Harris
    The REAL Don Harris.

    PS JERRY STAMPER can you explain to all why as the PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF MENIFEE LAKES YOU TOOK A $5000.00 donation (the largest individual donation to ANY candidate in the election for city council) from AVALON MANAGEMENT COMPANY who is the MANAGEMENT COMPANY FOR MENIFEE LAKES MASTER ASSOCIATION, and just a month away from the vote on their contract renewal? And Director Savard and Director Roach, can you answer why you said "There is nothing wrong with that" ?

  61. I removed the comment that detailed the public harrassment case.

  62. To all of the homeowners that has only lived in ML for a year or less, welcome to our nightmare that the rest of us here has had to endure for the past board elections. All of this fighting between Harris, Moffitt, Schnoor, Vejar, Stamper and the rest of their "friends" have been going on for so long. I am fed up with the likes of all of them and their "truthful" websites, flyers left at my door from "ML Concerned Citizens" ranting about NO MORE HARRIS, etc.This stuff has been going on for so long and to everyone that is voting in the election, please, take heart to what these people are doing. Do we really want anyone of them running our Board? If this is really how they act and treat each other, imagine how they must treat us homeowners if we ever have any problems that require their help. Personally, I want only people on the Board that is there only to look out for our community, not for their own selfish ego's. We use to have really wonderful Board members years ago. They worked together really well, understanding their jobs were to maintain the area that the Lusk Company had visioned ML to look like. They didn't have to make changes to the area just for ego reasons. They kept ML looking very pretty and appealing as originally planned.Please vote for the October 21st election and remember to put someone other then the people mentioned here in office. We need someone that looks out for us homeowners interest here, not their own selfish interests. Remember, we can't afford to have these people running the show. Let us all stop the madness now, please!

  63. As a Legal Assistant, I can assure you that Civil Harassment cases and thier minutes are indeed available at the Riverside County Superior Court Website.

    I salute the Retired Marine for his research and confronting this guy named Don Harris and the lies Harris tells.

    Additionally, take away all the other issues expressed recently.

    This Don Harris admits to having TWO Restraining orders issued against him. What in the world would possess anyone to vote for a candidate who requires a Court Order to behave!? This fact alone should disqualify a candidate!

  64. extremely disappointedSeptember 30, 2008 4:04 PM


    Don Harris stated that there is not a public website that would show civil harassment cases.

    You yank the content taken directly from the website of the Riverside Superior Court, which proves Harris is a liar. What possible reason is there to do this?

    The minutes for the Restraining Orders are "PUBLIC INFORMATION". Your editing of this content shows bias.

  65. Give it up Savard! legal assistant! or Retired Marine... you can call yourself whatever you want.

    A liar is a liar!!

    Ok, "legal assistant" .... you get it off the Riverside web site. Then lie to us and tell us how you did it.

    Harris so far is the only one I know for sure is telling the truth.

    I did what he did, and guess what, I got "no such case can be found".

    So I sent an email to the webmaster, just like Harris, and guess what? I got the same answer.

    So to the very few people who still believe the lying person who has the gall to call himself/herself a 'retired marine' quit babbling, shut up and find something else to rant about.

    'When is the truth NOT the truth? When it is not the WHOLE truth'

    I think Harris said that!

  66. "extremely disappointed", you're free to talk about Harris' restraining orders, you can even explain to people how they can obtain a copy. Just can't republish the actual restraining order, and I don't want to disclose the names of the people involved, that's all. But I think your point was well made anyways, you proved that he had restraining orders against him. If you'd like to rephrase it, feel free.

  67. Same old tactics they've used for two years now by the unrelenting, driven men out to destroy Don Harris. Does their life have no other meaning than to destroy? I just really hope they do not continue with the gutter-vulgarities they have strewn at him for so long. No reader should be exposed to their ugliness. So much for validating the 'anonymous' option; when you see names like Brad, Jayme, Polly and a few more we all know they use, its a blatant giveaway that its from the same old camp. I respect the 'anonymous' option much more than I do what we all know around ML are made up names. Sad that we have to be exposed to the antics of these men and their senseless hatreds. Even sadder is that children have to be exposed to the damage done. Can you begin to imagine your child seeing daddy's name paint-smeared over sheets with big red x's drawn through it? How heartless is that?? No folks, we need to STOP all the vendettas and grudges and start putting the same effort into something constructive for the community! Oh no, I forgot, these men want me to think they're doing it for me and the community!! We all should fear the uncontrolled, unleashed, warmongering ways of these few men who long ago lost all sense of humanity. There will always be a Mr. Harris in these mens lives; their sickness thrive on crucifying.

  68. extremely disappointedSeptember 30, 2008 7:43 PM

    Ok, here we go! Here is how all will find the information on the Restraining Orders found on the Riverside County Superior Court website:

    1. use this-
    2. On the "open access" page, click the left button(civil,sm. claims,fam law,probate case information)this will take you to the next page, "log on to open access".
    3. use the drop box and choose "Riverside Family Law", then enter the word "guest" in the operator code box, and click onto "log on".
    4. You should now be on the "open access" page. Click onto the "master name search" button. You should now be on the "Master Name Search" page.
    5. Enter the name "Harris" under the last name box and "Don" under the first name box (without the quotation marks). Then click the "search" button.
    6. You will now see a bunch of "Don Harris" listings; choose the fourth entry and click the number 5. You should be on the "Cases of a Defendant" page.
    7. Click onto TEC073381 and the first Restraining Order case against Don Harris will appear.
    8. Scroll down the page to the date of 11/20/06 8:30AM Dept H5(actually the second page of the records) and click onto the "minutes" in that line.

    Just like the retired Marine said-the Restraining Orders are PUBLIC RECORD and available to anyone with an internet connection!

    Now, to check out the Restraining Order that protects the 75 year old woman, just go back to the list of "Cases of a Defendant" and click onto TEC072789. Scroll down to the date 1/12/07 8:30AM Dept.S303 and click onto the "minutes" in that line.

    Don Harris fabricated a "story" about a webmaster. Harris has the nerve to call a Retired Marine a liar for stating, truthfully, that this information is available from a Public website.

    Do this exercise and see for yourself who is the liar!

    Harris, you owe this Retired Marine an apology; as well as the readers of this website for creating a fabricated story to further your lie.

  69. I agree with the last post, and as proof that the person knew what she was talking about, look at the issue of Judy Hyneman. Judy is a respected member of the community, a school administrator with Moreno Valley. She is married to a College Basketball Coach who just happens to hold a Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law.

    Judy stood up at a board meeting and observed that the board had become consumed with their hatred toward 'another' board member; and in her opinion was wasting valuable resources chasing personal grudges and vendettas. She urged the board to put aside the attacks, and focus on what was good for the community, and fixing the items around the lake and addressing issues that affected the community, (like "RENT CONTROL")(added).

    What was the response of the Board? Did they say "Thanks for bringing this to our attention Judy" We will certainly take your remarks to heart.

    Nope! Director Savard and Director Roach began to bully her. Told her she was violating a code for board members, and that she did not have the right to speak thusly to the board.

    Then they held a Kangaroo court... and the results of course are 'secret'. But those of us who were in the audience know the outcome.

    This board is about one thing... control. And it does not matter to them how they get it!

  70. It appears that our "phoney marine" found a 'back door' to an active case which is still pending in Civil Court which does reference the restraining order.

    However the 'phoney marine' did not reference this back door method in the earlier post. Additionally, I did follow the instructions given by Harris, as anyone can and the results will be the same.

    NO such case found.

    I did email the webmaster and did receive the response.

    Watch for the case to be removed tomorrow, because the Code section is absolute.

    The only reason the 'phoney marine' was able to find the information was because of the active case still pending.

    The copy does not exist as it was printed by the 'phoney marine'.

  71. Pursuant to the California Rules of Court 2.503 civil harassment cases cannot be displayed over the internet. You will need to go to any Riverside County Superior Court building to view the cases.

    Riverside Superior Court

  72. Ummmmm...Wasn't this post about signs????

  73. Well I would like to compliment those who removed all of the private local ML political signs from Newport as least.

    There are still few that are entrances to tracts on property belonging to ValleWide, and mainatined by theme. These signs should amd probably will be removed soon.

    So thanks for hearis the vocie of the people on that one.

    Of course in the long run, it could have done your cause damage because so many people are tired of the posters and the rhetoric and the tone behind them. The more they saw them, I think the less they liked the candidates.

    But either way, you did not only the smart thing. You did the right thing!

  74. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  75. Harris, you are such a fool! Judy Hyneman supports the same Attorney that is going to bury you!! Review the minutes when the MLMA Board approved bringing on the new Law Firm!! You may be surprised at the vote!!

    BTW- it really wasn't very smart of you to libel the new Law Firm on the community website! You really aren't that smart are you! Seriously, what were you thinking?

    Don't you get it!? Even your past supporters have turned against you! You are alone and isolated! Don't you wonder why Judy won't take your phone calls?

  76. To the Retired Marine: email us at and we will give you all you are looking for about Harris-it will blow your mind!

  77. Folks, I know this is an emotional subject, but stay away from personal attacks. I just deleted another comment, because it contained a sentence that called someone names. Focus on what someone did, what they said, without going into name calling.

  78. What the heck? I started reading this post about signage and the subject matter has completely shifted focus. Is there anyway to rename this post to something like Menifee Lakes HOA issues or watch out for Don Harris?

  79. I think they ought to rename it,

    "Watch out for Savard, Roach, and Stamper!!!"

  80. "Watch for the case to be removed tomorrow, because the Code section is absolute."

    Hey Harris, the Superior Court Website continues to have the minutes from both the Restraining Orders issued against you! Didn't you say yesterday, those would be removed today?

  81. Harris,

    What exactly have you done for this community since you bamboozled your way onto the Board in 2006?

    How many Board meetings did you actually participate in, is it really only three since 2006?

    Seriously, tell us specifically what issues you actually participated in that benifitted this community?

    BTW-Avalon sent us all the minutes from the board meetings since Oct 2006, so think hard about your answer.

  82. I will be anxious to hear Harris' response too.

    But I wouldn't trust Avalon as far as YOU could throw them.

    Did they really give Stamper $5000.00?

  83. Yes, Avalon really did give Jerry Stamper $5,000 for his campaign. It was reported in the Press Enterprise at least twice about the donation to him. He is also on the Board of Directors and Avalon's contract was going to expire a month after they donated money to him. I guess that is why Avalon's Management contract was renewed. Also, Stamper has alot of rentals here in ML. Wasn't there suppose to be a limit to the number of rentals around here? Anyway, between the Board and the Management Co., the poor homeowners here don't have a chance!

  84. Excellent question regarding Avalon's donation to Jerry Stamper.

    However, "whoever" told you of this "story" missed onE very important detail; JERRY RECUSED HIMSELF FROM THE CONTRACT ISSUE WITH AVALON.

    I guess when you are intent to just throw mud, the details get lost in the act. SHAME ON YOU!! You insult Jerry Stamper, Avalon Management Company, and the MLMA membership.

    If you really want "juicy' stuff, ask Harris what happened to the Turf Truck in 2005, owned by the Association, yet was sold to O'Connell Landscape for $500.00 by Harris; who then deposited the proceeds into his personal bank account!

  85. Mr. Harris, maybe you need to disclose exactly WHY you HAD to miss so many meetings since they used the assn atty to bar you from attending! Shame it took so long for your missing meetings UNTIL you could get a court to say you COULD attend. True?? Please clarify that. Also interesting they want everyone to look up anything on the courts site under YOUR name; especially since THEIR NAMES are hidden behind "Menifee Lakes Master Association" and their dirty works get protected and paid for by our assn paid atty. But, lets lighten this up....ONE OF THE 'FEW' TIMES WHEN LUCK WAS ON YOUR SIDE MR. HARRIS:
    The day the poor, pitiful acting elderly woman they transported to court got her restraining order against you based on what they rehearsed her to say to the judge; BUT...and here's the luck... the SECOND elderly lady, they also had prompted to petition for a restraining order against you, was denied by her response to the judge asking why she also needed one: "I really just need one to support my friend here". As Stamper, Savard and Roach squirmed; chuckles broke out...The boys apparently didn't tutor her clearly; she simply told the truth. Needless to say, the THIRD elderly 80+ lady they had also brought, gasped and sat in her seat.... although she was heard to say "he makes me throw up", referring to mr. harris. Folks this material could not be scripted by Hollywood, THIS is how 'the boys' operate to manipulate the seniors over here who thirst for a social outlet...make them part of your ploy. As we all know, anyone 'looks' like he's on the right side of the law when he's chaperoned by 'sweet-looking' old ladies! When you drive by us ML homeowners; don't envy...sympathize!


  87. Donald, savard, you one sicko.

  88. Many of us remembered the anniversary of the Duck Massacre. Two years ago as of Sept.26.

    We also remember that there was no need to have the Ducks killed and we also remember why Don Harris killed the Ducks. To get back at one of the defendants in his Lawsuit!

    To put salt in this wound, Harris signed the Duck Kill contract as "Menifee Lakes Master Association". He was not the MLMA!! This contract was not authorized by the Board, as told to me by past Board member Don Beckendorf, when Don Beckendorf stated as fact, the 2006 Board did NOT vote for this contract!!!!

    Now hows that for injustice? Harris takes his revenge out on his enemy by using association funds to kill the ducks! No wonder Harris has two Restraining orders issued against him.

    Additionally, Harris' absolute last day as Lake Manager was Sept, 8, 2006. He faxed the duck kill contract on Sept. 9, 2006. This was his parting shot at his opposition and the community!

  89. This whole sign deal is rediculus!
    get over your self people! do you realy need signs to get more atention! why dont you just yell out in front of everyone at a borad meeting"Im so imiture, I need signs with my name on it".

    I am so sick of names like roach and savard. take-a-HIKE!!!

    from a 4.0 callie Kirkpatrick student.

  90. Dear Donald, (duck i presume)

    Fortunately you escaped the 'duck lady' on the infamous night she caused all your buddies to drown.

    Yes I read the letter from the company who came out to relocate the ducks. I read how a grown woman was calling the ducks her "babies".... hmmmm!

    I have talked to eyewitnesses who saw her shoo them away from the grass where they were sleeping. They all went into the water and drowned.

    She had even been told specifically NOT to do that because they had been tranquilized, and would drown.

    One would think she did it on purpose.

    I notice that the board of directors has now shunned her. It appears she was putting in "little stairways" for her "babies".

    Of course Susan Vejar and Crystal Mcfarlane were no longer on the board so she really did not have any sympathizers any more.

    Yes, we will remember the ducks. And we will remember who DIRECTLY caused their deaths.

    I was also there when the board of directors exonerated Mr. Harris Publicly, and sent letters to all homeowners stating the same thing.

    People like Donald (the duck?) have a very convenient memory.

  91. Why was there an Extermination Company at the Lake that night?

    Obviously there was a contract for this company to be there. How'd that come about? Did Harris really fax the illegal and unapproved contract on Sept. 9, 2006? The day after he was no longer responsible for the Lake?

    Since when does an Exterminator company "relocate" anything. That doesn't make any sense? Exterminators KILL!

    It's my understanding that ALL the targeted Ducks were Killed and NONE were "relocated". This was tragic.

    Are you saying that the MLMA Board approved this contract?

  92. To the "4.0 Callie Kirkpatrick student". What does 4.0 mean? That can't be your grade average with that horrible spelling.
    #1 rediculus-ridiculous
    #2 your self - yourself
    #3 realy - really
    #4 atention-attention
    #6 borad-board
    #7 imiture-immature

    If Calle K. is an elementary school your too young to be involved in this kind of stuff, if it is a middle school, you better start paying attention to your lessons.

  93. This poor little girl is being influenced by her father who obviously does not have her best interests at heart.

    Now, who could be so low as to put his own daughter up to attacking two Board members WHO ARE NOT CURRENT CANDIDATES, AND THEREFORE, NOT CAMPAIGNING!

    Why attack two, whose names do not appear anywhere on signs. How could this little girl say that she is tired of seeing these names when they don't exist?

    What kind of role model is this father? Sad, very sad.

  94. Maybe these prominent names S, R, & S, keep surfacing because their established notorious reputations in the community with all their dirty shenanigans and abuses over the last 2+ years are embedded in people's memories like an unforgettable bad dream. No men, we can never forgive or forget your well-earned reputations; you worked hard and very clever for them. You have shattered so many lives; But, life is worked SO HARD and DIRTY for your reputation, yet you can never work hard or clean enough to gain back what you really lost. A shame, but you can never be respected within this community; you leave a bad taste. PLEASE listen to the comments and get those signs into the recycle bin.

  95. @ Anonymous, at October 02, 2008 2:46 PM:

    RIGHT ON!! I couldn't have said it better.




  98. The only person complaining about the actions of those who exposed Harris for what he is, IS HARRIS!

    What "dirty shenanigans and abuses over the last 2+ years"??

    Are you really complaining that it became public knowledge that Harris:

    1. has two Permanent Restraining Orders?

    2. ripped off the association?

    3. killed the Ducks?

    4. sabotaged the facilities?

    5. continues to expose the MLMA to liability?

    6. filed frivilous lawsuits that have been dismissed by the Court, as having no merit?

    7. is a proven liar?

    8. etc., etc., etc.

    The list goes on, but the point is Harris is a "bad guy" and until he is off the board, members of this association will continue to be afraid of his explosive personality, and be exposed to tremendous costs directly related to Harris and his actions.

  99. The only person complaining about the actions of those who exposed Harris for what he is, IS HARRIS!

    A. This is not true. I am not Harris, and I am complaining. And about 60% of the posts on this thread are supportive of Harris, or at least negative towards Savard, Roach, Stamper, and the current dictatorial, unresponsive board.

    What "dirty shenanigans and abuses over the last 2+ years"??

    A. OMG. Either you are an idiot, or have your head buried in the sand or buried somewhere else.

    Are you really complaining that it became public knowledge that Harris:

    1. has two Permanent Restraining Orders?

    A. Easier to get than a driver's licens! Filed by two members of the same company. The "new" lake manger who was afraid of being found out for a fraud.

    Thanks to the self proclaimed retired marine, I found two TRO's which were in effect (process served) against Savard and Roach for among other things bragging that they had guns!!! And trying to persuade Harris to blow his brains out, calling him a 'faggot' and volunteering to loan him guns to 'blow his brains out'.

    2. ripped off the association?

    Allegations. Another easy thing to do. No court has substantiated any misdoing by Harris.

    3. killed the Ducks?

    SUZY ALLEN killed the ducks. See Animal Pest Management Report. Read Board of Directors OFFICIAL statement to the community, and public.

    4. sabotaged the facilities?

    Are you accusing Mr. Harris of committing a crime here?

    Mr. Harris has not been convicted of any crime. I wonder if the associations hired gun could make the same claim. I heard he pled gulity to VANDALISM himself, had to pay $93,000 in fines and penalties, was placed on probation, and had to do 200 hours of community service... for disobeying the law. I heard he had so much crap at his house that he illegally connected to a public sewer? Is this correct? And the board hired him? WOW. He sounds scarier than you try to make Harris sound!

    5. continues to expose the MLMA to liability?

    I heard that the Executive Committee is exposing the association to serious liability, and that Ken Durante has exposed the Association to serious liability.

    6. filed frivilous lawsuits that have been dismissed by the Court, as having no merit?

    I heard that when Harris was elected to the board he voluntarily dropped the association from the lawsuit. I also heard that SAVARD, ROACH, and STAMPER have SUED 58 HOMEOWNERS just since January 1st, and plan to SUE MORE. HEY, that's a group we all want eh?

    7. is a proven liar?
    Everyone calls everyone a liar. But Savard and Roach are indisputable Liars. And it looks like Stamper is "a silver plated turd". (quoting another publication)

    8. etc., etc., etc.

    etc. etc. etc.

    The list goes on, but the point is Harris is a "bad guy" and until he is off the board, members of this association will continue to be afraid of his explosive personality, and be exposed to tremendous costs directly related to Harris and his actions

    It seems to me and Our Concerned Menifee Lakes Citizens that a common thread runs through Moffitt, Vejar, Stamper, Schnoor, Cameron, Savard and Roach (self centered, vengeful, vindictive, threatening, hostile, violent, lying, but most important, DISINTERESTED in hearing what the homeowners think on given issues, and intent on running the association as a group of DICTATORS.

  100. To anon @9:50,

    MYTH-"Restraining Orders are easier to get than a Drivers license"?

    FACT-What's easy is to file for one; what's difficult is convincing the Court. I read on some biased website some time ago that Harris tried to stifle Roach and Savard by filing a frivilious restraining Order against them and it was DENIED!!

    TRUE-"I found two TRO's which were in effect (process served) against Savard and Roach"

    FACT-So! Filing for one is very easy, Having one granted is hard, and again, the Court DENIED Harris' frivilous request. Check out the Superior Court website.

    TRUE-"No court has substantiated any misdoing by Harris."

    ALSO TRUE-Not yet! But Harris has admitted to ripping off the association, it's on the record!

    MYTH-"SUZY ALLEN killed the ducks."

    FACT-Susy Allen did not kill the ducks! The exterminators killed the ducks; Harris hired the exterminators!

    "Are you accusing Mr. Harris of committing a crime here?"

    FACT-Harris has admitted to making functioning MLMA eguipment, unfunctionable, as he departed from the Beach & Swim Club. He admitted to this on the community website many months ago. He said that he did so under the advice of his attorney. It's all documented.

    TRUE-"Mr. Harris has not been convicted of any crime."

    ALSO TRUE-So what? OJ Simpson wasn't convicted either!!

    MYTH-"I heard that when Harris was elected to the board he voluntarily dropped the association from the lawsuit."

    FACT-This is Harris' spin on the facts. The fact is that the Court dismissed the lawsuit against the association for lack of merit. Go to the Superior Court website and confirm for yourself.

    MYTH-"I heard that the Executive Committee is exposing the association to serious liability, and that Ken Durante has exposed the Association to serious liability."

    FACT-Harris has an obvious "conflict of interest" and as such presents liability; because Harris is currently on the Board, MLMA is exposed to that liability. Once Harris is off the Board, the MLMA will no longer have liability for Harris' actions.

    MYTH-"I also heard that SAVARD, ROACH, and STAMPER have SUED 58 HOMEOWNERS just since January 1st,"

    FACT-Homeowners who do not pay their assessments are given ample ability to bring their accounts current, when that opportunity is ignored, the ENTIRE Board is obligated to pursue the past unpaid assessments, and small claims is that vehicle. The Board does not have the luxury of ignoreing past due assessments; the Governing Documents REQUIRE the Board to act.

  101. To: Savard or Roach, masquerading as 'anonymous'

    FACT:THERE is no requirement for any EVIDENCE to be submitted in getting a restraining order.
    ONLY A DECLARATION which can easily be fabricated; as was the case with Harris when the old lady and the 'pool boy' filled out theirs.

    FACT-There were Temporary Restraining Orders issued against Rick Savard and Jim Roach by Don Harris. They were in effect for I think it was two or three months. Apparently Mr. Harris' wife,children, and Mr. Harris himself were terrified of the two men. Especially the fact that they all had guns.

    TRUE-"I found two TRO's which were in effect (process served) against Savard and Roach"


    I guest they got a $10,000 lawer to defend them. Since Mr. Harris did not have an attorney, and SAVARD and ROACH lied under oath and in their declarations, the judge ended their Restraining Order after just a few months.

    FACT-So! Filing for one is very easy, Having one granted is hard, and again, the Court DENIED Harris' frivilous request. Check out the Superior Court website.

    FACT: What are you an idiot? OR is this the same self 'professed' retired marine. I read it for myself. The TRO was GRANTED and SIGNED by a SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE.

    TRUE-"No court has substantiated any misdoing by Harris."

    ALSO TRUE-Not yet! But Harris has admitted to ripping off the association, it's on the record!

    FACT: NOT "Ripping off" the community is not a term I think Mr. Harris would use. Sound more like David Peters to me.

    MYTH-"SUZY ALLEN killed the ducks."

    FACT-Susy Allen did KILL the ducks, by directly 'shooing' them into the water where they drowned. Against the implicit directions of the Wildlife Specialists. (watch for a sound bite directly from the folks at the Animal Specialists)

    "Are you accusing Mr. Harris of committing a crime here?"

    FACT-Harris has admitted to making functioning MLMA eguipment, unfunctionable, as he departed from the Beach & Swim Club. He admitted to this on the community website many months ago. He said that he did so under the advice of his attorney. It's all documented.

    FACT: THAT IS NO CRIME. Answer the question Roach, or Stamper, or Savard or whoevever you say you are.

    TRUE-"Mr. Harris has not been convicted of any crime."

    MYTH-"I heard that when Harris was elected to the board he voluntarily dropped the association from the lawsuit."

    FACT-This is Harris' spin on the facts. The fact is that the Court dismissed the lawsuit against the association for lack of merit. Go to the Superior Court website and confirm for yourself.

    FACT: Yes please do this as I did. What I found is that the Association per se did not get dismissed. Two members, Susan Vejar and George Moffitt successfully demurred to the complaint. Moffitt's could have been appealed, but was not because he will be brought back in later, as I am informed.

    Harris DID drop the association voluntarily. Read the second amended complaint and the third. I have little pity for people who think they know the law, but in reality do not.

    FACT: I heard that the Executive Committee is exposing the association to serious liability, and that Ken Durante has exposed the Association to serious liability."

    FACT-Harris has NO "conflict of interest" ; but has conceded to a legal proceeding described by SAVARD and ROACH and PETERS openly IN ORDER TO DETERMINE if he does.


    FACT: MLMA SUED 58 HOMEOWNERS just since January 1st," These were authorized by SAVARD, ROACH and STAMPER.

    In these tough times, don't you think we should work with homeowners who are at least trying to pay their mortgates? Rather than to see how many we can sue?

    I heard that CFO ROACH wrote off $45,000 which could have been collected owed by those who abandoned or were actually forced to leave? It seems that act would benefit him personally since he is in the mortgage industry; and would benefit Stamper since he is a realtor, and Roach, since he buys up distressed homes? TALK ABOUT A CONFLICT OF INTEREST !!

    UNTRUTH "Homeowners who do not pay their assessments are given ample ability to bring their accounts current, when that opportunity is ignored, the ENTIRE Board is obligated to pursue the past unpaid assessments, and small claims is that vehicle. The Board does not have the luxury of ignoreing past due assessments; the Governing Documents REQUIRE the Board to act."

    DISREGARD THE ABOVE. It the same cheap rhetoric we have been hearing from these guys for over a year now. JUST REMEMBER WHEN YOU FILL OUT YOUR BALLOT!!

    58 Lawsuits against homeowners in the most difficult economic times in the history of the United States. FIFTY EIGHT AND COUNTING!! WILL YOU BE NEXT!!

    I also heard that their attorney has some interesting stories about him, and association foreclosures. Check out this site AHRC.COM . look for articles about Peters and Freedman law firm, and David Peters in particular.

    QUESTION: Why didn't we get an answer to the question about David Peters Criminal History?


  102. Don, what is your goal? Seriously, what is so important about being on the MLMA Board that would cause you to tell lie after lie after lie?

    One of the reasons you lost your support from two years ago is because even your most loyal supporters realized that they were supporting a liar who had only one goal-that being to create a situation that would enable you to get your old job back. Period.

    You honestly have done nothing for this community; except drag it thru the mud and tarnish the image of this beautiful community.

    You defame Jerry, Jim and Rick; as well as Dave Peters, Vejar, Moffit, Cameron, Schnoor, Judge Windham, Judge Dickerson, Petrie, Durante, and all who know the truth; but when are you going to realize that you made your own bed?

    When will you realize that even if you hand picked the next Board of Directors, that Board, and any other Board can not hire you back as the Lake/Swim & Beach Club manager? Their hands will be tied because of the Restraining Orders issued against you.

    It's because of LIABILITY. Whether or not you want to believe it, the Courts have found that your behavior is threatening.

    (No, it wasn't because "everybody" lied to the Court, Judges like the Superior Court Judge Dickerson, have been doing this a very long time. They can immediately identify those who tell the truth from those who don't. I'm sure your wife did not lie either, when she filed for her Protective Order against you)

    It is understandable that you were upset that you lost your job here in Menifee Lakes. But your immediate reaction to that went way too far. You made false allegations against the 2006 Board that let you go, in order to bamboozle the community to vote for you in the 2006 MLMA Election. And again, you level the SAME false allegations against this current Board in order to bamboozle your way back onto this Board.

    Take a break from your plotting and vicious attacks against innocent volunteers and members of this community and ask yourself "why am I doing this?"

  103. A. Mr. Harris has not told any lies that have been PROVED. At least not that I have seen. Whereas he has shown with EVIDENCE that I HAVE seen and heard that others lie. I find it interesting that when he does show a lie by someone, they just move on and bring something else up-

    I don't think Mr. Harris has lost his support in the community. Some people will believe lies without facts. That will always be the case.

    A. You are wrong. Corruption is a terrible thing. If you have ever been on the wrong end of it, you would know what I am talking about. I read the site that someone referred us to. You should read what has been done to good honest people by those corrupted by power. There are hundreds like Mr. Harris who have fallen victim to corrupt boards all across the country. And what I find most interesting is that the tactics seem universal. I really URGE everyone to go to that site and read of the terrible things that have been done to DESTROY anyone who dares to stand up to a corrupt dictatorial board.

    What tarnished the reputation of this community was not Mr. Harris, it was the awful and atrocious acts by a group that determined to ruin his reputation. Some of these were board members, some are board members now.

    A. Mr. Harris exposed facts that reflected on a corrupt board. (that board was recalled) He is doing so again. I am glad that SOMEONE is not afraid to call the board for their wrongdoings. Judy Hyneman I am told did the same thing, and has suffered persecution at the hands of the board. I heard that she was made to cry and then laughed at by those who did it.

    Her letter outlining her concerns was called GARBAGE.

    I don't think Mr. Harris has defamed anyone. But I do believe Mr. Harris has been defamed. What has Mr. Harris said that defamed anyone?

    Well, first of all Mr. Harris has said, and been quoted in the newspapers as saying he is NOT looking to get his old job back.

    Secondly, if he did want to the restraining orders are by employees of the current lake management company ONLY.

    A. Apparently you know very little about CIVIL HARASSMENT restraining orders. Read AHRC.COM

    Apparently Mr. Harris believes that some did. I was there in court, and I heard one woman admit that she had only 'filed for a restraining order because someone else did'. She was quickly admonished for 'abuse of process' by the judge.

    Allegations are allegations. Whether it is Mr. Harris making allegations against the board, or folks making allegations against Mr. Harris. The truth of allegations has to be proved.... except when seeking restraining orders. :-) My research shows that this is because Judges have to err on the side of caution. No judge wants to ignore complaints and then be held responsible if someone really does go ballistic. Although, the irony is that a restraining order is only as good as the person is willing to obey it.

    I read that Mr. Harris successfully persuaded a Superior Court Judge (I think his name was Wiley) to issue TRO's against two current board members. Mr. Savard and Mr. Roach. I read that those orders were in effect for three months. What prompted that? Was Mr. Harris lying?

    Personally, I hope Mr. Harris hangs in there. I VOTED FOUR TIMES (4 X) for him for the board. I hope others will do the same thing!!

    I think most of us who read here (except for a couple maybe) are able to see when "certain people" write back and forth under the anonymous label.

    I don't think anyone believes this is a courtroom.

    People always try to make 'their case'. They don't try to understand the other guy.

    I don't really know what makes people make all of these allegations against each other. It is really all rather childish, if you ask me.

    But someone has to be right. I mean either Harris vandalized the faciities or he did not. Right? So I guess we will all have to wait and see what the actual verdict is on that and every thing else he is accused of doing.

    I am really wearied of all the 'back and forth'. It is obvious that you are a critic of Harris. But there seem to be others who are critics of the current board, and others.

    "Words going out to do battle against words and none is the victor".

  104. When Harris apologized to the Retired Marine for lying I would venture to say that is proof!

    Good job giving a proven liar and a guy who has been proven to be in need of multiple permanent restraining orders your four votes. Your obviously very intelligent!

  105. I am really concerned for your mental health.

    Harris did not apologize for lying. He apologized to the so called marine for calling HIM a liar.

    You should go back to school. Try "reading for understanding". I think it is offered at MSJC

  106. Harris, you should spend less time dicking around on the computer and more time being honest with your wife. How come she didn't know you were running for re-election to the Menifee Lakes Board?

    I'm guessing you got some major decisions to make right about now.

    Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy(funny you've haven't learned that by now?!).

    Try being honest with everyone for a change, including yourself.

    Just trying to help.

  107. HI Rick,

    You are as usual uninformed. YOu should not rely on 80 year olds for your information.

    Honesty is the best policy. But I am not sure you understand that yourself. And you know what they say, "people who live in glass houses should not throw stones".

    Your lies stretch back for years Rick. You would not stand a scrutinization of your own conduct.

    By the way, what was the name of that college in Georgia you SAID you graduated from?


  108. Well for once "Rick" signed as rick instead of the phoney names he usually uses...brad, jayme, polly, etc...his gutter language alone in this one gives him away. He needs to refresh himself about what people in glass houses should not do. He's one man who, if he gains the whole world, the price he's paid by his evil doings, he really will have lost everything. His payday is coming.

  109. As I have stated earlier, every comment I have made on this blogsite is signed by me. I am getting quite tired of being accused of posting comments that I have not made here.

    Any attribution to me of any comment not signed by me on this blogsite, is just plain false. I have never made ANY comment here without signing it. Period.

    You can continue to defame, libel and threaten me here, but whomever is making these comments about me, will have a "payday coming". I have a payday every month, but it is because I work hard and earn good money and don't have time to be monitoring and responding to all this BS going on here. This is besides the fact, as I stated earlier, I don't believe this is the proper forum for this as we have litigation and mediation with you, Don Harris, coming up on many of these issues.

  110. As I have stated earlier, every comment I have made on this blogsite is signed by me. I am getting quite tired of being accused of posting comments that I have not made here.

    Any attribution to me of any comment not signed by me on this blogsite, is just plain false. I have never made ANY comment here without signing it. Period.

    You can continue to defame, libel and threaten me here, but whomever is making these comments about me, will have a "payday coming". I have a payday every month, but it is because I work hard and earn good money and don't have time to be monitoring and responding to all this BS going on here. This is besides the fact, as I stated earlier, I don't believe this is the proper forum for this as we have litigation and mediation with you, Don Harris, coming up on many of these issues.

  111. Please name my "evil-doings"? And be specific.

  112. This post is from Don Harris.

    Rick Savard, and 'Rick' I would like to address this to you in particular.

    Apparently both you and I have been credited with many posts to this site that we did not make.

    For those attributed to you that you did not make... I am sorry that you had to endure that. But to attribute them to me is doing exactly the same thing you are complaining about.

    In Fact in re reading this thread and the other one, I find that I, more than you have been 'credited' with posts that I did not make.

    I also find no defamatory remarks about you. I cannot 'hear' malice in any of the emails in which your name appears. I have not seen any 'false' allegations. But then in some cases I would not know whether they are true or false. Only you would know that.

    But irregardless, BOTH of us have had our name bounced around on this website.

    Sure, I would like to know who authored the slanderous remarks about me. But I am not able to get that information because anonymitiy is protected apparently.

    But when and if you are successfull at identifying all of the posts that you think were written by me, I will also be able to have the identies of all the folks who wrote posts about me which were not true.

    So keep me posted on your progress, as my attorney is anxious to know who the parties are who have defamed me.

    If you are successful, you will find that you have not been falsely accused of anything by me.


  113. Having heard the allegations of unethical behavior of Harris, I listened to the Menifee Valley Radio Show Sunday night, hoping to hear how Harris would answer those allegations.

    Just like a "seasoned" politician, Harris refused to answer ANY allegation. Why? According to Harris, his Attorney instructed him NOT to say a word!

    1. Menifee Lakes does NOT need a "politician" on our board, and

    2. taking the "fifth" lacks character, and leaves us all to believe the allegations.

    Harris may have been a smooth talker Sunday night, but what he didn't say has said volumns about his character and swayed this voter against him!

    P.S. Harris should have ignored the horrible legal advice and "maned up"!

  114. What the writer of the above post is NOT telling you is that the show was and is able to be used in a court of law.

    Therefore, even members of the Board "advised" Harris not to speak on the show.

    Mr. Harris apparently elected to speak, but did so under the watchful eye and ear of one of his attorneys.

    I believe I heard Harris to say on a number of questions that he really "wanted" to discuss and address certain issues but was not permitted to do so because the litigation had not been resolved.

    As anyone knows who has any knowledge of legal proceedings will tell you; allegations are just that. One person alleges, or claims, that another has done something to cause them injury or damages. If the other person agrees in whole, then there is no dispute.

    When the parties disagree about the allegations (on either side), a case is drawn up and presented to the court for resolution.

    Just because Savard and Roach make allegations against Harris does not make them true.

    They alleged that the restraining order was to keep Harris off the lake.

    The Court disagreed, and actually modified the order by making it much more lenient, and AFFIRMING Mr. Harris' right to use all amenities and facilities.

    The Executive Committee actually used association money to assign Atty David Peters' law firm to represent an independent contractor and his employee in an attempt to keep Harris from attending Board and Committee meetings and from even exercising his rights and duties as a Board Member.

    THE COURT RULED OTHERWISE !The judge decided that Mr. Harris (despite the restraining order obtained by Petrie and Durante) Had the full right to attend all meetings and actually made the conditions more lenient than they were previously.

    These are just two situations where the board executive committee and the association attorney spent thousands of dollars of your money to harass Mr. Harris and to 'hound' him after boasting of how Mr. Peters would "tear" Mr. Harris a new "A-hole".

    What was accomplished? Mr. Harris WON, that is what happened.

    Now there are efforts by the Executive Committee to keep Harris from even being able to speak about issues pertaining to the lake or beach club or landscape. Why? Because there is a "conflict of interest" claimed by the Executive Committee and their atty.

    Once again thousands of your dollars will be spent trying to keep Mr. Harris from speaking.

    Of course this matter is moot if Mr. Harris is not re elected to the Board. So why not wait and see? Because the executive committee is relentless in its pursuit of Mr. Harris in any and every matter they can do so.

    Apparently telling the truth is no obstacle to any of these folks. Lying is a good way to "get your way" it would seem with all of them.

    Don't fall for the rhetoric of these people. And don't believe for a moment that they are "uninvolved" with their 'website'.

    Whether Savard and Roach and others like it or not, In America, People are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty.

    Those of you who are so quick to side against Mr. Harris BEFORE ANY verdict is in should be ashamed of yourselves. What if it was YOU in the hotseat?

    Time will tell and will most likely answer all questions.

  115. Harris,

    You said "the Board advised you not to speak on the show" Sunday night, yet you did? You're obviously NOT a team player!

    You NEVER said you "wanted to respond to the allegations, but couldn't". There is no law that prohibits your right to speak. It may have been in YOUR best interests to take the "fifth", but that was your choice.

    The results of your "choice" to remain silent is why members are left wondering what you have to hide. Again, your choice.

    You are a candidate in a current election. The allegations have documented support. Don't you think the membership is entitled to know your response now, in order to vote?

    These are serious allegations! Could be criminal. I think we need to hear something other than, "my attorney has instructed me not to respond to that question".

    Didn't the original Restraining Orders for both protected parties state that you could not visit the workplace of either? Don't the job descriptions for both protected parties describe the workplace as the entire lake? For heaven's sake, it goes without saying that the "lake manager" and "Lake Monitor" would "work" on the lake!

    Seriously, where else would the lake manager and lake monitor work?

    These Restraining Orders were issued prior to your participation on the Board. You were encouraged from the "get go", to have them modified to accomadate your participation on the board.

    What exactly did you win Harris? I've checked the Superior Court Website and you still have Court Orders against you. And you DO NOT have the "full right" to attend meetings! Your right to attend meetings is still limited. Remember, you are Ordered by the Court, not to speak to either of the protected parties ( how many other people do you know have their free speech rights limited?)Are you denying this?

    Anyone with half a brain can see there is a conflict if you speak on issues that deal with litigation. Heck, you spent half the show on Sunday dodging questions that dealt with a lawsuit.

    Your absolutely correct that if you are not elected, the association will not be exposed to the costs of having you on the Board. The real question is, why don't you do what is best for the membership now, and just resign until this litigation is over? Someone who places the interests of the membership above their own would certainly do so.

    You hid behind the "advice" of your attorney Sunday night when you would not respond to the allegations. NOT once did you say the allegations were lies. Don't suggest now that the allegations against you are lies without providing something (anything) to support this statement!

    Let me get this straight, people are not allowed to form opinions until a Court determines quilt? I don't think so Mr. Harris. Public opinion is based on an exchange of thoughts. You have chosen not to exchange you thoughts on the allegations against you and that may prove damning to your quest to control the MLMA Board.

  116. This is Don Harris here. In response to several posts, (some falsely attributed to me as usual) I will say this.

    I have denied the allegations contained in the ONLY cross complaint filed. If you need to you can read the "answer to the cross complaint filed by my attorney".

    No amended cross complaint has yet been filed. When it is filed, it will be answered. You will be free to read it at that time if you need the particulars.

    As far as "controlling the board" that is not my intent nor goal. It is virtually an impossibility at this point. As only 3 of the four candidates running out of 8 are doing so to oppose the tactics and behavior of the current board.

    My only hope is that someone, whether me, Judy Hyneman, or Phil Spatafora will be elected in order to at least keep the board honest, so that they don't continue to place expedience and power over transparency, forthrightness, and a committment to follow Davis-Stirling, the bylaws, the code of conduct, and all governing documents.

    It does not matter whether or not it is me.

    I hope that answered a couple of questions that have been posted here.

    My phone number is still the same: 951-623-4421. I Remain committed to any who call and I.D. themselves without blocking their phone number, to talk about whatever is on your mind. Just don't ask me to go beyond the boundaries set by my attornies.

    There are lots of other topics that can be discussed such as the lies told (which are not enumerated in the cross complaint)... and there are plenty of them.


    Don Harris

  117. Harris here again,

    I can address the issues of the restraining order modifications since that part is history.

    What happened was that before David Peters and Savard and Roach there were no problems as far as Durante and Petrie were concerned. There has been one incident two years ago, shortly after the restraining order was issued in which I had to call the RSO and have a citation issued to Durante for failing to follow the court order.

    The court transcript clearly quotes the Magistrate as saying to both Durant and myself, AFTER he had authorized me to use the facilities as a homeowner, "You two just have to stay away FROM EACH OTHER" because he realized the potential for incidental contact if I was at the beach club or on the lake.

    One day after receiving a phone call asking me to check into some sludge being pumped into the lake, I went over to the location to find that a company was pumping foul smelling, contaminated, non filtered water from the storm drains into our lake.

    Since this was against our previous policies, I took a couple of photos so that I could demonstrate to the Property Manager and the Board my concerns as a homeowner.

    I was approached by a yelling, screaming, durante in a golf cart, accompanied by Pauline Petrie. Petrie had been specifically told by an RSO in the courtroom as he handed her the signed order, "Remember, you need to stay away from Mr. Harris also". Which she has since admitted to in official court documents.

    I was screamed at, threatened, and ordered off the lake by Durante.

    I retreated from him but did not leave the lake. Eventually he did, while spouting off at me while driving back to his office.

    I called the RSO. A deputy arrived and recommended citing him for violating the court order. It was done.

    Now, I will tell you that the entire incident was watched by the individual who had called me on the phone.

    But other than that there were no incidents.

    By the way, once the election results were in in July of 2007 I attended board meetings without incident until SAVARD and ROACH were elected and seated in October of 2007. And I was at that meeting, and the next couple, until I received a threatening letter from David Peters, telling me that if I showed up he would file a lawsuit against me and made it clear that I would have to pay for it.

    By the way, there was an executive committee prior to them. The association Property Management Company, and the attorney both advised that there was no reason why I could not attend the meetings. And there was no issue of conflict of interest. I was a board member and these were board meeetings. There was no requirement for Durante or Petrie to attend. There WAS a requirement for me to attend.

    Once Savard and Roach and Stamper were elected to the board, an effort was made to keep me from coming to board meetings. Mr. Roach indicated to me that it was his belief that I was not entitled to be on the lake.

    I advised him this was incorrect and urged him to just get a copy of the transcript. He opted not to... but then determined along with Savard to hire David Peters to represent Durante and Petrie in attempting to have the existing order "clarified" and "modified" in order to keep me off the lake path, off the lake, and out of the beach club seven days a week during the summer, and 5 or 6 days during the winter. I am sure someone with your obvious expertise at doing court research can verify this.

    The court DID modify the orders, and common sense will tell you that the Judge was not too concerned about allegations of violation etc.; because she not only did not grant the requested change by Durante, Petrie, and Peters; but she also reduced the requirements of the order.

    That SHOULD tell someone with reasonable intelligence that there was not much credibility in any other charges made by Durante or Petrie.

    Furthermore, a RSO Deputy, his supervising Sergeant, and a Supervising Riverside County District Attorney each and all concurred that there was not enough evidence to charge Durante or me with any crime.( I have stated and filed a complaint that Mr. Durante Assaulted me.. and he likewise) And each of the above law enforcement personnel indicated "no violation of the restraining order" since Both Durante and Petrie had approached me, not the other way around. By the way each has admitted to this.

    So now we have what YOU THINK the restraining order said, or should have said, in comparison with what a Magistrate says it said or should have said.

    As you know the current restraining order DOES give me blanket permission to attend ANY committee meeting, ALL board meetings etc. This has nothing to do with my position as a board member. It further says that I am permitted to engage in any function a board member is entitled to engage in (which would include inspection of facilities etc.).

    The only time I am required to give advance notice to anyone, or have a third party present is IF and WHEN I need to do business with DURANTE personally, or PETRIE personally. I do not envision that EVER happening. Each of them in my opinion is not a person I would want to be close to. They have made up stories, they have lied in declarations, and witness statements, and are not to be trusted at all. If they feel like making something up, they just do. And the facts have and do support this allegation by me.

    Now, THAT my friend is the story on the restraining order. And by the way, the final order came from MY suggestion for modification almost verbatim- and contained none of the language proposed by Assoc. Atty Peters.

    Now regardless of what spin you or others try to put on the facts. (and this is just one example). The facts are what they are. It seems that folks (like you) like to jump to conclusions, repeat half truths, or make them up yourself; and then act all sanctimonious about it.

    And just as sure as I am of the facts as I have here reported them, I am also sure that you won't accept them, and will try to find something else to spin on.

    But to any others who are still reading this thread: Take note of this person. Take note of their approach to fact finding. Take note of their caustic attitude. Take note of their accusations, and 'statements of fact' which are only their opinion.

    Go back to your high school or college logic courses. This person, as well as the whole entourage of Savard and Roach supporters are all guilty of continued and fallacious arguments.

    Do not believe them. Do not believe ANYTHING they say that is not factually substantiated.

    Presuppositional arguing and fallacious logic is what characterizes this group. Put on your thinking caps folks.


  118. Harris, you tell the membership to

    1. "Go back to school",

    2. "put on your thinking caps"!

    Can you be any more insulting?

  119. Harris,

    You tell us "Do not believe ANYTHING they say that is not factually substantiated."

    What more do you want?

    1.There are documents supporting the allegations.

    2. You refuse to answer any questions regarding the allegations.

    3. You say you aren't guilty until the Court says your guilty.

    Talk about putting a "spin" on things!

  120. Actually Don,

    The amended cross-complaint was indeed filed, a week ago, and is available for viewing at the Riverside County Superior Court Website.

  121. ACTUALLY: The First Amended Cross Complaint HAS NOT been filed yet. A motion requesting the court to allow the cross plaintiff TO FILE the amended Cross Complaint was filed.

    The hearing to determine IF the court will allow the cross plaintiff to indeed FILE and SERVE the First Amended Cross Complaint is set for some time in December I believe.

    At that time, the Attorneys for the cross defendant will oppose the motion; and the court will rule on the contested issues.

    The possibility that the judge will not allow the amended cross complaint is real. But we don't want to discuss that here. The hearing on the matter is still pending.



  124. I just visited the Superior Court Website and looked up this Harris v. Menifee Lakes Master Association case.

    Case RIC458659 does show a motion to amend the original cross complaint. It also includes the amended complaint.

    OMG, many of the allegations that were posted and documented on are now part of the Lawsuit against harris.

    Those guys are good!

  125. ACTUALLY.............

  126. Harris what's up with the dating profile?

  127. How many times did the Court allow Don Harris to amend his frivilous Lawsuit againt Menifee Lakes, before the Judge ruled he had nothing??

  128. B I N G O !!!

    So nice of you to point that out.

    Now put on YOUR thinking cap.

  129. It's ok. You don't have to apologize for your presumtious post.

    We know you just let your mouth run ahead of your brain.

    No worries.

    You guys do that all the time.

  130. Gotta go now.

    Take care. Don't forget to put that thinking cap on!

  131. The Court allowed Harris FOUR attempts at extracting money out of the membership before the Judge said "enough!" and dismissed the suit as frivilous.

  132. Harris

    You completely skipped over the "dating profile" post.

    What is up with that?

    I thought you were married? I thought you were born in 1947?

    Are you really looking for a woman, much younger than you?

  133. Whoever this poster (above) is he or she is an idiot.

    Read the case. Moffitt and Vejar demurred. Which means that they may have done exactly what Harris alleged; but owing to a technicality (which could have been reversible error?) the judge could not agree that their action was a sustainable 'cause of action' and therefore granted the demurrer, and the those specific causes were dismissed from the suit.

    The association never successfully demurred as to the entire complaint. They were dropped from the suit between the second and third amended complaint by Harris.

    Their was no use of the word "frivolous" used by the court, or even the attorneys for Moffitt and Vejar.

    And don't forget folks, the plaintiff can also submit a proposed fourth amended complaint, should new evidence surface, or maybe it already has?

    Now quit listening to these idiots. They are full of hot air.

  134. Harris, you are so full of it!

    First you totally ignore the prior posting, asking you what is up with your dating profile; then you try and B.S. the readers with your spin on the dismissal.

    Even you knew you had NO case against Sheriff Bob Doyle, so you filed a "motion to dismiss' against him. Yes, you actually decided on your own to drop Sheriff Bob Doyle.


    Don't try and bamboozle the readers. You are making a mockery of yourself!

  135. Now, is a person who asks Harris about his dating profile an "idiot" or is Harris an idiot for creating a "dating profile"?

  136. When a complaint is amended and a defendant is removed from the causes of action, that can hardly be called a dismissal.

    It is a voluntary decision to drop, not dismiss.

    To the poster who is so sure of himself or herself, please copy and past the 'dismissal' as to the association. It would have to have been motioned and granted; and subsequently a judgement entered in favor of the association, like what was done with Vejar and Moffitt.

    Either produce the 'dismissal' and judgement or we must conclude you are wrong.

  137. OK. Hopefully this will put this continuing BS by Harris to an end.

    Fact: MLMA was named by Harris as a defendant in only two causes of action in his ridiculous 2nd amended complaint -- causes of action #2 and #8.

    His case against MLMA was demurrered (dismissed by the court) on June 19, 2007. Notice the ruling on the only two causes of action where MLMA was named (Causes of Action 2 and 8).

    "Sustained", means the demurrer succeeds and the cause of action is dismissed. "without leave to amend" means that Harris isn't allowed to re-write it and re-submit it to the court -- in other words, it was determined by the court to have no merit and no chance of succeeding --- read: frivolous!

    Here is the ruling by the court on June 19, 2007:

    06/19/2007 - 8:30 AM DEPT. 06


  138. demurrer
    n. (dee-muhr-ur) a written response to a complaint filed in a lawsuit which, in effect, pleads for dismissal on the point that even if the facts alleged in the complaint were true, there is no legal basis for a lawsuit. A hearing before a judge (on the law and motion calendar) will then be held to determine the validity of the demurrer. Dictionary 10/11/08

    The lawsuit filed by Harris against his own community was successfully demurred and the Court dismissed his claims. This ruling can be found on the website for Riverside County Superior Court; it can be found under the following menu item. Just click onto the "camera" icon and you can see the actual ruling that was filed and now a matter of Public Record.


    The ONLY "Motion to Dismiss" was filed for Sheriff Bob Doyle. Below is how it appears on the website:


    The above was indeed filed by Harris. Visit the website and review the case. This will be the only "Motion to Dismiss" any Defendant!

    Harris did NOT "drop" the association! Harris is attempting to spin the facts ( as usual).

    It would be advisable to review exactly why Harris sued the defendants. It is ridiculous, and the Court has agreed that his claims thus far have no merit.

    Additionally, he has exposed two former Board members ( his pals) to personal liability for their participation in his "evidence" which came from Confidential and Privilidged Executive Session Meetings.

    Stay Tuned!

  139. I would hope that the above comments were NOT made by a board member.

    Let's not play with words. I took the above comments to heart and did look up and read the entire case! (whew! it took me a couple of hours)

    It would seem that there is truth to both arguments.

    Here's why.

    A plaintifff in a law suit determines what he or she will allege. Those are called causes of action.

    A defendant demurrs wherein he or she makes no defense for whether or not the allegations are true or false, but states that even if the actions occurred they did not constitute a civil tort.

    Usually the plaintiff is given an opportunity to 'reword' the causes of action under present scrutiny of the court.

    This is called a granting of the demurrer 'with leave to amend'.

    The plaintiff's attorney then goes back to the drawing board and tries to re assert the allegations in a format that would (if found true) consititute a civil tort. That then creates a triable fact and would warrant an overruling of a subsequent demurrer on the same issue.

    In the original complaint Mr. Harris alleged in the
    3rd and 4th causes of action tort liability on the part of the association Each of these causes of action named specifically the Association. (board of directors).

    There were demurrers filed.
    Some were sustained with leave to amend.

    The second amended complaint was issued, in which the 3rd and 4th causes of action were either removed or incorporated into other causes of action. In the second complaint there were still isues which were demurred by some of the defendants.

    The second and 8th causes of action contained in the second amended complaint(which still named the Association board were successfully demurred without leave to amend.)

    Those specific causes of action were then precluded from appearing in the third and current version of the complaint.

    The reason that the Association was included in the lawsuit to begin with, at least according to the complaints is that it was alleged that McFarlane, Moffitt, and Vejar acted in their capacities as board members. And that the board acted to ratify their actions by not opposing them.

    The general membership of the association was never included.

    For the current board or any members of it, or anyone else for that matter to say that Harris sued the entire association membership is like saying that EACH OF THE 58 LAWSUITS filed by the current board were filed by NEIGHBOR AGAINST NEIGHBOR. It would be like saying that YOU (if you are a member of the association) SUED 58 of your neighbors!!

    Did you? Of course not.

    But this is just their way of trying to create a negative spin towards Mr. Harris.

    Don't buy it.

    When the third and current complaint was filed, the Association was not included. This was voluntary.

    Could it have been? Absolutely!! There was no prohibition against including another and new cause of action naming the Association Board of Directors; or attaching the actions of McFarlane to the Board and thereby keeping the Board in the suit.

    But Harris' attorney made a choice not to do that; and in fact inserted language into the third amended complaint which specifically separated McFarlanes actions from the actions of a board member.

    Right now would be a good time to ask yourself, "Then why is the Board still defending Mrs. McFarlane? Her attorney bill is in the tens of thousands of dollars?" If she is not being sued as a board member, why are we picking up the tab?

    It was also interesting to read why Moffitt was successfully demurred from the suit.

    Harris' attorney alleged a violation of government code against Moffitt for hostility in the work place, and harassment (and the rest of the board for not stiffling him when he got out of line).

    You should read the allegations made against Moffitt by Harris. And yet Moffitt never denies a single one!

    His attorney demurrs stating that such conduct by a board member towards a contractor is protected because the contractor is not considered an employee.

    While there is a specific statement in the government code addressing the issue of a contractor who is required to office 'on site' and states that for the purposes of the statute the contractor should be considered an employee.... nevertheless the judge ruled in favor of the Association and granted the demurrer. (read it for yourself)

    This is the way court proceedings go. They are very interesting to say the least.

    The Association is now seeking to amend its cross complaint against Harris. It will be interesting to see if there is further amending of the original complaint by Harris.

    Here is the point. Any decision outside a specific instruction of the court is a voluntary decision by the party.

    For Harris' atty NOT to include the Association in the third amended and current complaint was voluntary, no matter what anyone tells you.

  140. Whoever posted the short Novel above is misinformed or ignorant.

    The "association" IS the membership!

    The membership IS each homeowner!

    When Harris sued the association this was in fact a suit against each member (homeowner)of the association!

    Who would have paid any award to such a lawsuit? You guessed it!
    Every member of the association.

    Harris, the membership is on to you. The reason your 3rd Amended Complaint did not include the association, is because the Court eliminated them after your 2nd Amended Complaint!

    Could it be that you don't know what you have done?

  141. The comment posted at 1:50PM hit it right on the head!

    Harris has no idea what he has done, nor what he is doing. He is completely out of control!

  142. Don Haris:

    Since this thread originally started as a story on "signs", and you signed one your opinions on political signs,

    What is your opinion on your running mate Judy Hyneman's 4ft.X 8ft. banner that is located on her house? (tacky isn't it?!)

    After all, we know the LAW allows political signs and banners that measure less than 15 sq. ft.

    (hint: do the math)

    Do you support her breaking the MLMA Governing Documents and Law in her quest to becoming a Board Member?

  143. first off this is not from harris.

    any judgement in any lawsuit against the association except for punitive awards are paid for by the insurance co.

    don't be ignorant

    the only money spent by the association on any lawsuits is the money they (our money)have spent going after harris- not dime has spent defending

    that is a lie

    and stop lying

  144. OK Don, whatever,

    What about Judy Hyneman's HUGE banner that violates the CC&Rs as well as Law?

  145. When Harris caused a lawsuit against the association in 2005, it cost us deductables and premiun increases for insurance.

    In 2006 when Harris sued the association, we again were out the deductable and you can bet the premiums skyrocketed.

    So, don't try and B.S. us with "it didn't cost a dime" balony!!

  146. HEY!!!


    I know Harris sued us in October of 2006, but what is up with this lawsuit in 2005?

    This is nuts! MLMA was sued in 2005because of Harris?

    Two lawsuits in consecutive years? No wonder there are many who want Harris to "just go away"!

  147. Hey Harris supporter @October 11, 2008 4:24 PM:

    Read the Novel written by another "anonymous" harris supporter (assumed to be harris) October 11, 2008 1:37 PM,

    where Harris asks why the ASSOCIATION IS STILL PICKING UP THE TAB OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to defend a former board member who is still the target of the friviolous suit by Harris.

    Take off your blinders, and open your eyes and mind. Do as Harris has said, "put your thinking cap on".

  148. Lets not forget that past board members as well as one still running AGAIN (AFTER he was recalled): GEORGE MOFFITT! AS WELL AS CHRYSTAL MACFARLAND BOTH SUED THE ASSOCIATION AND LOST THE LAWSUIT...Interesting and is it true that the association won in that suit and was also awarded atty fees to be paid by MacFarland and Moffitt; And is it true that the board at that time REALLY voted to forgive the reimbursement and pay out of homeowner dues, the atty fees incurred by the board for their lawsuit? Can anyone help the homeowners understand WHY its entirely okay for some individuals to sue the association and NOT okay for others? How can they choose to make such a big deal and keep pounding that Harris is suing the association like its an unheard and dastardly thing, when he's only defending himself?
    IF this board of three would let the motto 'live and let live' replace their personal grudges and undaunting egos, this thing would have died out years ago and the community would be in peace! But NO!, they continue to LOOK for ways to finish their vendettas and it is costing ALL homeowners dearly in every way. SHAMEFUL what these three have torn apart in this community. History is a good conscience in how to improve and learn, but not for them. ANYONE listening in to that radio broadcast got a good taste of what these men (whoops,forgot, they like to be called 'the boyz'), are like by their trying to turn it into another lynching. THAT's how they operate and THAT'S why they have only about 10-20 homeowners (if they're lucky and its always the same 'groupies' looking for a night out) out of 1853 homes attending their 'shows'. Did you notice how many PERSONAL questions they tried to get in; People,
    Think about it: Would YOU have answered such as "are you fulltime employed" and other personal questions that are none of their business!? These men wouldn't know how to respect anyone's boundaries as humans. Yet Harris did respond honestly and calmly. There's no such thing as appeasing men of this caliber; it just whets their appetite. Then their insisting to be rude with that stupid duckcall over the air? Harrassment? Yes, I'd say so. Folks, put this garbage all together..does it sound like these people are ones YOU'D want as a board to handle annual budgets in excess of $1M and to have to ask them to authorize all architectural improvements, etc that you want to do to your own property, from what trees you can plant, what colors you can paint, etc. etc. ? NO! FOLKS; WAKE UP, these men can't control their OWN lives, much less be in authority ! NO, I AM NOT HARRIS, as they like to claim all their critics are; BUT I am a HOMEOWNER who is ashamed of them and their harrassing antics thrust on our community! WE ARE ASHAMED OF THEM !

  149. Oh PLEASE!

    Harris decides to do a talk show, and people call in to ask valid questions, which Harris refuses to ask; and you call that "harassment"?

    Give me a break!

    You need to look up the Restraining Orders issued against Harris to realize what true harassment is!

    Why do you have an issue with the Ducks? Those duck calls were hilarious! The only thing funnier than those duck calls was listening to the guest (harris), who was nothing short of an ignorant windbag.

    Is it any wonder why only three members take him seriously?

    Which raises a valid point-With the fact that Harris does have two restraining orders filed against him, and the substantiated allegations made (documents available at why would anyone support this guy?

    Help me out here. Give me one good reason why ANYONE who requires TWO RESTRAINING ORDERS and has SUED their own membership and has DAMAGED the facilities; as Harris has, be trusted to serve those same members?

    Please take your time and give an intelligent answer, one that is to the point and void of deflection and vague B.S.

  150. "this thing would have died out years ago"??!!

    What planet do you live on??!!

    Harris continues to sue innocent members (yes, plural) of this association, The Riverside Sheriff's Department, Riverside County, and the Deputy who gave so much time and effort to start Neighborhood Watch in our neighborhoods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This "thing" could have died months ago had Harris just accepted the advice to just return the property and money owed to MLMA, and move on, no questions asked; BUT Harris chose to stick it to the membership and continues to do just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. re: oct 12 @ 12:14pm,

    I am wondering about your comments about trusting some members of the current board and the 1M dollar budget.

    I actually contacted Avalon and asked for an update on the "business" of this association.

    According to Avalon, things have never been better. In fact, Menifee Lakes may be recognized as "Association of the Year" for the way the Officers of this board have performed.

    1. Menifee Lakes is way under budget.

    2. Menifee Lakes has cash in it's operating accounts every month, after paying expenses.

    3. Facilities look great.

    4. No one is stealing from us.

    5. Unpaid assessments are being collected.

    6. etc., etc.

    Again, the "business" of this association is outstanding.

    Where did you get your information, that formed your opinion that trust was an issue?

    Why are you so intent on damaging the reputation of our community, when the facts tell us, Menifee Lakes is in great shape?

  152. Anyone who thinks that this board is not in bed with avalon need look no further than the FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR DONATION MADE BY AVALON to BOARD PRESIDENT JERRY STAMPER to get the answer.

    Ken it is surprising to see you posting here.

    You don't live here. You should stick to your own business.

  153. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  154. Harris,

    according to RSO Incident Report #PC07281106 you don't live here anymore either!

  155. Must have been another "anger issue".

  156. The poster at 9:25am forgot the most important accomplishment of the current board ( minus harris and hyneman);


    For once, we have some guys who ran on a campaign of keeping the dues down and they delivered!!

    I really don't give a crap about anything else!

    Thanks Jerry, Jim, and Rick!!!!!!!!!!

  157. To the previous poster.... you are an uninformed individual or you are and idiot.

    This board is only $1000000 ahead of budget.

    Now given that they have CUT over 130,000 in security services alone, and they were gifted with a property management company who charged about 80000 less than emmons. The reality is that they ARE wasting money. They are over spending in the categories that require management of resources.

    They ARE guilty of wasteful spending and anyone who looks at the financials can see it.

    Don't fall for their rhetoric.

    I can cut my budget by 25% if I stop having a phone, shut off my electricity, and gas, and stop eating anything but cereal.

    But the association is not in a position where it EVER was in financial difficulty.

    ONLY the smoke and mirros of George Moffitt which was self agrandizing and false.

    Yes our dues are the same. But look at what services were cancelled, and what excess spending took place.

    This is a DANGEROUS BOARD because they lie to us.

    I say get rid of them. SIGN the petition. RECALL THIS BOARD!!!!

  158. This board is ONE MILLION DOLLARS ahead of budget???? Holy cow!! (no, it really is not one million under budget-that's absurd!)

    Seriously, the previous poster has NO IDEA what they are talking about!

    The fact is Menifee Lakes is indeed $80,000.00 UNDER BUDGET.

    Security was not cut as described by the previous poster.

    The fact is that the new Lake Manager who also manages the Beach & Swim Club inheirted a budget based on Don Harris' excessive spending, as the terminated Lake/Beach Club manager.

    The real question is not how we are so far under budget, the REAL question is why did Harris spend so much of our money, when he was in that position. It is now obvious that Harris spent more than what was needed!


    Time will tell where Harris spent our money.

  159. Every check was signed by the CFO. And HE had access to all cash and money on deposit.

    I suggest an investigation into George Moffitt. It has already been proved that the bamboozled the emmons company out of things for free using his position, that all other menifee residens would have to pay for.

    It is on the record for all to see.

    The associaton CFO is RESPONSIBLE for all financial. When he signs a check, it means he not only understood where the money went, but approved of it.

    That is one of the reasons he was RECALLED. "financial irregularities".


  160. No matter how they try to explain it, SAVARD ROACH and STAMPER are DICTATING to this community what THEY think is good for it.

    LIKE SPENDING OVER 60000 dollars pursuing law suits with NO DAMAGES.


    IT is easy to make it look like you are saving money when all you do is cut services.

    Being ahead of budget means nothin when you pad the budget, and George and Rick do.

    The real question is why wer are not 125,000 under budget? They cut security services in the community to ZERO. That was over a hundred thousand. They were budget to spend over 5000 on boats. They did not by closing the boats down for no good reason.

    That is 125000 PLUS we are now told that they got 250000 in past due dues. It does not take a rocket scientist or a ONE YEAR COLLEGE STUDENT FROM GEORGIA to add those numbers. We should be showing a surplus of $375000 and according to Davis Stirling, that means a REFUND to each homeowner.

    Let's see if we get it!

    WE are only told by this board what they want to tell us. Take an interest! Recall this board! Do NOT re elect that scoundrel George Moffitt and his co hort in clandestine secret meetings and lies, Susan Vejar.





  161. Oh contrair Harris!

    The secret checks YOU wrote to yourself were NOT signed by the CFO. (Oops!)

    An investigation into this sham has indeed been initiated.

    I understand you have two Attorneys working on your behalf. It may be wise to bring on a third!

  162. Are you accusing Harris of committing a crime?