Official Tree of Menifee

City Council Member Darci Kuenzi tells me that the Pechanga Indians will be there at the Cityhood Inauguration event this Wednesday to prese...

City Council Member Darci Kuenzi tells me that the Pechanga Indians will be there at the Cityhood Inauguration event this Wednesday to present the new city with a sapling from their "Great Oak Tree".

This sapling oak will be planted somewhere in Menifee (the location is not yet decided), and will be "born" along with the city.

The Pechangas actually own some land here in Menifee, mostly in the Audie Murphy Ranch tract. And considering how much money they have, and how much power they have over Sacramento, it's probably a good idea to become their new friends.

Besides, us Menifee residents have probably sunk millions of dollars of our hard earned pay into their slot machines; they wouldn't be what they are if not our money. I suppose getting one of their saplings, is like getting a return on our investment, except this one grows very slowly, and pays us in acorns.

How about we name the new sapling, "Jackpot Tree", in honor of the hopes and dreams that escaped us everytime we set foot into their establishment?

All kidding aside, the Pechangas still need us. That's really why they're here. With the new city sure to attract more retail centers, more entertainment centers, more restaurants, the casino will have to compete against all that. Seems like a free flowing I-215 freeway is what the Pechangas need to keep their $30,000 a month checks coming. Does anyone know if they're are doing anything to pay for the I-215 widening?


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  1. I grew up in a town where Oak trees were everywhere. It is illegal to cut one down or even trim one in that city without permission. I am not sure I remember seeing many in Menifee. I love the Oak tree because of my hometown. Where are they growing in Menifee? Is there a historical basis for this tree here?

  2. I loooove the acorn comment that rocks! You know that saying,'give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. teach a man to fish and he'll have food the rest of his life.' (however it goes y'all know i'm talking bout). We havent taught the Indians how to fish, merely we have given them more than a fish, 30,000 expensive koi each month! They arent learning anything from that.
    Kinda reminds me what the Democrats like to do with the lower class.

    My great grandparents came from Ireland and they werent given garbage. they either had to sink or swim. They fought and worked hard for a living with little or no govt assistance in those days. Towards the ends of their lives they had a lot to show for how hard they worked.


  3. Does anyone know if cameras are going to be permitted at the MLCC event? thanx much.

  4. I haven't heard anything against cameras, so take them with you, it's gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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