Red Robin Opened Today

The Red Robin restaurant in the Countryside Marketplace, opened for the first time today, as a soft-...

Red Robin MenifeeThe Red Robin restaurant in the Countryside Marketplace, opened for the first time today, as a soft-opening, serving only invited guests. The soft opening continues through Sunday, with the grand opening on Monday.

The company sent invitations out to various folks in Menifee. I'm not sure how they chose whom to send invitations to, but mine was addressed to my corporate name "Clear Digital Media".

The place was pretty packed in. Looking at the kitchen area, they must have had 15-20 people working back there. The restaurant has 60 servers hired, broken out into 14 teams, including a bevy of trainers.

As part of the soft opening, food was free. The purpose of the invitations was to give their staff five days of live training. In exchange, customers were advised that there could be delays while trainers gave out instructions, along with the expected mistakes and glitches. But I found that our service went along just fine. And the food was pretty much on par with what I've found at the Red Robin in Temecula. And you still get the bottomless-fries.

Here's some photos...

Red Robin MenifeeTwo girls under the umbrellas were checking for invitations

Red Robin Menifee
Looks pretty much like a standard Red Robin

Red Robin Menifee
Roger Boomer, the restaurant manager, commutes up from Coronado to work here

Red Robin Menifee
It's got a fully stocked bar too

Once you get a chance to try out the new Red Robin, post a comment on what you think.


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  1. You know you live in a small town when...your day has just been MADE with the news of Red Robin opening!! I am not even being sarcastic..this is great news!

  2. I second the last comment. It's great news and I'm even a little jealous.

  3. This is so great...can hardly wait to see the other stores!

  4. That's great!. Does anyone have the opening dates of the various other stores within the marketplace?
    I spoke to the Target manager and they will open the Super Target on October 8.