Sheriff Cracks Down on Illegal Sign Posting

Illegal sign postingThe Riverside County Sheriff launched a program Wednesday to deal with the problem of illegal sign posting in the unincorporated areas between Scott Road and Rancho California Road (areas near Lake Skinner and French Valley).

The program relies on assistance from the community, and received a boost from Waste Management Inc. with two industrial sized dumpsters.

A total of 14 cubic yards of signs and materials were removed and trashed.

The Sheriff said that the signs are not only an eyesore but a driving hazard because some of them obstruct visibility at intersections.

To prevent illegal sign posting from becoming a regular event, code enforcement officers will be contacting persons and businesses displayed on any future illegal signs and will issue warnings and possible action.


  1. I thought it was all talk and no walk on the signage removal, however, today I saw the County in action, removing plastered paper and cardboard sings from the street poles at the corner of Murietta rd. and Newport. Kudos to the Sheriff... If fines are imposed we will not have to use tax dollars to clean up others trash..