National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

Shelter DogOctober is generally accepted as "National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month", where pet businesses make an extra effort to encourage Americans to adopt a lonely dog instead of buying a puppy.

(Besides, you can find puppies at shelters also)

Most dogs in shelters are happy healthy animals who were guilty of nothing more than being unloved. Making matters worse, is that they don't have long to live, with many shelters killing dogs in a matter of days.

Animal rights groups like PETA don't help out either, offering to do the killing for shelters, instead of using their money to provide care and love.

If you've been wanting a dog, please visit your local animal shelter and give a four-legged furry friend another chance at life. I adopted two dogs myself, a beagle and a terrier-mix.

I know of two "no-kill" shelters in Menifee and Sun City...

Menifee Valley Humane Society
(951) 246-7960

Sun City K9 Adoptions
(951) 679-6444

Southland Collie Rescue
(562) 697-5815

If there are any other shelters or rescues in the Menifee Valley, contact me, or post a comment, and I'll add it here.

Anna Hill - Wine Consultant

Anna HillAnna Hill, who's name is frequently seen around the Menifee Valley as a Realtor, wants everyone to know that she's started up a new business as a wine consultant for Wine Shop At Home.

She'll set up a "wine tasting party" at your home to introduce you and your friends to a wide variety of red wines, white wines, sparkling wines and dessert wines.

All you have to do to prepare for a wine tasting party is to get some glasses, some appetizers, between 8-14 friends, $59.00, and call Anna at (951) 672-4237.

Ask her about joining the wine club, where you'll receive two to four bottles of wine delivered to your door each month.

Visit her website at:

Menifee Car Crash - 3 Hurt

Three people were hurt in an automobile accident early this morning in Menifee, at the intersection of Menifee Road and McLaughlin Road.

CBS News reports...
One driver suffered from major injuries, another suffered from moderate injuries, and the third suffered from minor injuries, Hagemann said.
The cause of the accident is still unknown.

Source: CBS News

Fresh & Easy Coming to Menifee

Fresh & EasyNext year, as many as two Fresh & Easy stores may open its doors in Menifee.

The Californian reports today that the specialty food chain, which compares itself to Trader Joes, is coming to Southwest County in full force.

This is apparently what Menifee residents want, as they've expressed a lot of demand for Trader Joe's to come to this area. While Fresh & Easy is not Trader Joe's, it's at least something more specialized than Albertsons or Ralphs. And if Fresh & Easy proves successful, it sends a message to Trader Joes.

You can also read the press release from Tesco, the parent company of Fresh & Easy...

Measure G - Valley Health System

Measure G is the voter initiative to decide if Valley Health System should sell its hospitals to Select Healthcare of Del Mar.

Now that the vote is set for November 6, signs are being posted all across the district boundaries, particularly in Hemet where the situation with Hemet Valley Medical Center appears bleak.

Today, the Valley Chronicle reports that Valley Health System board Chairman Patrick Searl warned voters that if they DON'T approve Measure G, the emergency room at Hemet Valley may have to shut down due to dwindling finances...

The same article goes on to report that the Hemet City Council voted unanimously to support Measure G.

The Press Enterprise reported today that a group called "Hospital Defense League" has filed a lawsuit to block the sale. They're concern is that Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri, the guy who runs the company that manages the three district hospitals, is working behind the scenes with Select Healthcare to become its future owner...

A lot of people are, in fact, in agreement with the Hospital Defense League, and is the basis of their opposition to Measure G. They go on to explain that Chaudhuri's company is what created the big financial mess that the three hospitals are in, and that Chaudhuri is the mastermind behind the sale.

Interestingly, Valley Health System itself, is a 50% owner in the same company that Chaudhuri operates. While I'm not putting any support in Chaudhuri, I still find it hard to point all the blame on him. I feel that Valley Health System is also to blame for the mess these hospitals are in.

I want to also direct your attention to some very insightful comments posted on an earlier article of ours, which highlights the situation with Chaudhuri....
Chaudhuri orchestrated the Valley Health System’s Board to sell the three district hospitals to Select Healthcare that has no track record of operating hospitals. Board of Directors, Darren Magness is Chaudhuri’s henchman and Dr. William Cherry is a full time employee of Dr. Chaudhuri’s related company.
As for each of you voters reading this, I hope I've presented some arguments in favor of, and against Measure G. There seems to be two major issues going on...

  • The three hospitals are NOW providing service at an unacceptable level. Conditions are already bad. Valley Health System failed to operate these hospitals profitably. You can blame this on Chaudhuri's poor management, but I think Valley Health System itself is also to blame, being the 50% owner of Chaudhuri's company.

  • The sale of these hospitals may very well end up becoming owned by Chaudhuri. Since none of us really know if that's true, it's just speculation. But for the sake of argument, let assume it's true. If the sale were to fail, then what's the alternative? Valley Health System cannot operate these hospitals, and many voters like myself are not willing to pay for bonds that will allow fiscal irresponsibility to fester.

For the future, if Chaudhuri were to become the owner of Menifee Valley Medical Center, and if Chaudhuri were to continue running it into the ground, then it simply opens up an opportunity for other companies to build competing hospitals.

The demand for quality healthcare already has Menifee residents flocking to Inland Valley Medical Center. That sends a signal to other companies that there is a demand to exploit. No matter what becomes of Chaudhuri, the approval of Measure G lets all healthcare companies know that Southwest County wants better service.

Arrest At Freedom Crest Elementary

I received an e-mail from a concerned parent concerning an arrest at Freedom Crest Elementary today (Friday, Sep 28)...
Hi Steve,

There was a arrest at Freedom crest elm. school today 9-28-07 man or men with gun walked on school campus during school hours. I can not find any news or info? Parents in my neighborhood want to know what happen Can you report on this incident?
I called the Perris substation, but was closed. Sheriff's press releases don't mention anything, and I don't have access to any other incident reports.

Anyone else have info, please click on "Post a Comment" below, and share with us.

MOMS Club of Menifee Valley West

Below is a message from Janissa Karwin of the MOMS Club of Menifee Valley West...

Do you ever feel like you're the only mom that stays home? We did too, until we found MOMS Club!! We are Moms Offering Moms Support, a non-profit, non-religious, non-political group of at-home moms who love to get our kids together to play and contribute to our community, while we get out and meet other moms. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, come on out to one of our many events and give us a try!! We'd love to meet you. Contact: or 951-801-4488

Earthquake Felt in Menifee

We had another earthquake about an hour ago.

It was centered 9.1 miles north-west of Lake Elsinore, probably near the town of Silverado Canyon, in Orange County.

It registered 3.9 on the Richter scale.

This is the same location that another earthquake struck earlier this month, except that one was larger than today's, at 4.1.

Interestingly, today's earthquake felt like it was stronger.

Menifee's Frecycle

Menifee Freecycle is a great way to give away or get free stuff. It is a Yahoo group so all you have to do is sign up for a yahoo account if you don't already have one. The Menifee Freecycle group currently has 346 menifee members. Check it out today.

Menifee Wildcats Football Raffle

The following message is from "Katie", regarding a raffle to raise money for their football league. You still have time to buy a raffle ticket, as the final drawing is on Thursday, September 27, 2007...

We are having a raffle for some really great prizes. This is for our football league which is a 501 (c) 3.

We are the Menifee Wildcats and we are a feeder program for Paloma High School.
Tickets are $5 and the prizes include:

  • Signed official Charger helmet (Ladainain Tomlinson)

  • 42" LCD HD Television

  • 30 Lap Racing Experience at The California Racing Experience

  • Plus lots of other prizes from local businesses and restaurants

This is a local raffle and the drawing will be Thursday Sept. 27th at Paloma High School.

Anyone interested may call me at 951-301-0591 or email me at

Supervisor Stone to Discuss Cityhood

Supervisor Jeff Stone will host the Fall meeting of the Menifee Valley Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) as it presents a public forum on the issue of cityhood for Menifee Valley.

Featured speakers include representatives from the Riverside County Auditor's office, talking about tax revenues to the new city and from the Assessor's Office of the Assessor to answer questions about property evaluation.

The forum will be held on Wednesday night, October 24 at the Kay Ceniceros Senior Center, 29995 Evans Road at Newport Rd., beginning at 7:00 PM.

Conrad Melton, Presiding Officer of the MAC says "Bring your Questions". The forum is open to all and admission is free.

Making a Come Back Soon

Sorry to have not posted much of anything the past several weeks, but it looks like I'll be able to get back into the swing.

Some of you know that I publish several websites, on a wide variety of topics, of which I write most of the material. I earn a living selling advertising on those sites, and it's those sites that pays my bills and keeps Menifee 24/7 online.

Since I'm the primary employee on all these websites, I can only spend so much time on each site. Often times, I can't spend any time on some sites in order to spend more time on others. That was the case with Menifee 24/7.

Since the inception of Menifee 24/7, I haven't really earned any money from publishing it. It was mostly a community service that I provided through the support of my business. The beginning of this year, I opened up advertising on it, but it's been pretty tough trying convince local businesses here that advertising online is just as effective as advertising on paper.

My other websites are "global", in that they serve audiences all over the world. The advertisers who want to reach global audiences already understand the power of online marketing, and as a result, I've been able to run a profitable business from it.

So, the past few weeks I've been putting some extra time into my other websites in an attempt to increase their profitability, which includes increasing the audience, finding new advertisers, and improving the sites. Since I'm the only guy working on this stuff, I can't spend time on Menifee 24/7.

But I think I've reached a breaking point where I can spread my time to more of my websites. You should start seeing more activity from me on Menifee 24/7.

Remember, that Menifee 24/7 was originally conceived to be a "community-based forum". That is, it was originally my intent to get people in the Menifee Valley to sign up as "bloggers" and post new articles of their own, and get other people to comment. You can see on the left-side of this website, the names of a few people that have signed up and posted an article somewhere.

Eric Madrid has probably been the most active participant, and I want to thank him for stepping up. I also want to thank Holly Kay who has been active with sports and real estate related articles. I had hoped the other names would have been more active in posting articles here.

I welcome others to sign up and share their news, announcements, and opinions. I know we have teachers, business owners, construction workers, county employees, and many other professions, who all know something about our community that most people don't know. Use Menifee 24/7 to increase everyone's awareness of our community.

Menifee Band "Skye" in the News

A Menifee screamo band named Skye was recently interviewed in the Valley News. They have some great music which can be listened to at their myspace page.

Band Members are:

Mikie Perez-guitar/vox
Kyle Carter-bass/vox
Ray Zayas-guitar2/vox
Erik Deandero-is back on drums with vox

"Skye is anything but soft. Their fans know them for their aggressive delivery and onstage daredevilry, but they have a soft side. At their occasional acoustic performances they let their fans hear the more sentimental aspects of their usually thunderous music. Read the rest of the article at or visit them at to listen to their music.

7/11 Robber takes $300

A robbery at the 7/11 on Scott Road and Antelope occured last Wednesday night, it yielded $300. This was recently reported in the Press Enterprise. View for more information.

"Murrieta police describe him as 5 feet 9 inches tall with a thin build. He wore a black- and white-checked baseball cap, a black T-shirt and baggy blue jeans."

Menifee's News Source- has put together a "News Page" at Here you can read the latest local news, including a local weather forecast from Temecula's very own KZSW TV. The page has direct links to the Menifee 24/7 Blog, Californian's Menifee News Stories and Press Enterprise Menifee stories.

Earthquake Felt in Menifee

James, a Menifee 24/7 reader, sent us an e-mail this afternoon claiming to have felt an earthquake at his home om Country Gardens.

I checked the USGS Earthquake website and sure enough, a maginitude 4.7 earthquake struck today at 10:29am, centered 9.1 miles WNW of Lake Elsinore...

I was at home at this time, but I didn't feel a thing.